A/N: This was originally going to be comedy, but it somehow changed slightly angsty.

This actually takes place sometime after the anime ends. But I stole the idea of it from the manga in Volume 10. Shuichi asks Eiri about what he means to him and such, and Eiri says that he'll say that he loves him for five million yen. Shu runs to Hiro for twenty million yen, but refuses and gives Shuichi some advice (he dyed his hair and some other shtuff...) Eiri still doesn't say it, and it leads to a dramatic scene.

The title is also after one of the lines that Eiri says.

Shuichi: Do you love me now? .o.o.

Eiri: Drop dead.

I might continue, I might not. Sadly, since this is after the anime, Yoshiki, Rage, Judy, Bill, etc aren't in this. ;-; Oh well, makes things easier. (It's hard to write when all the volumes aren't released yet.)

Which reminds me... ONLY ONE MORE YET! Volume 11 came out recently, and Volume 12 is being released July 12. (Yay resources!) I gotta get someone to buy me #11. :shifty eyes: I can't wait! (squeeee!)

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Drop Dead!

"Okay, I'm going to get him to say it this time!" The singer was determined to get Eiri to say "it"' this time. He had asked Eiri once why he wouldn't say it unless he got five million yen. And Hiro still wouldn't lend the twenty million yen he asked for, and his own advice on the matter had sucked. Speaking of which...

"This again? Look, I told you, I'm not getting involved anymore with your romance drama," Hiro said dully.

"I'm not asking you to do anything with my 'romance drama!'"Shuichi retorted. "I'm just asking which would be better: chocolate or white!"

"Whatever he likes," the guitarist replied. "You know him best," he finished, before walking away.

"H-hiro! Where are you going? I still didn't ask you what kind of frosting!" Silence. "Okay, I'll improvise. What does Yuki like most?..."

A few hours later, Eiri could be found at his laptop in the apartment, tapping away on the keyboard. For the first time in a while, he was in a hyperspeed mood: the storyline was perfectly plotted out. Of course, Eiri hadn't had the will to write down anything, which became unfortunate right before he got to the ending.

"Yuki!" The keys were silenced as he looked towards the door. He hadn't been sure why he'd done such a thing: he already knew who it was. "Look what I brought you!"

Eiri stood up and walked towards his raven-haired lover. The cake was clearly homebaked, poorly iced with chocolate icing and strawberries scattered on top. In the center was something inscribed in red frosting. "So, Yuki, what do you say?"

"No." Walking back to his chair, Eiri took a few moments to sit and wonder what he had been doing before. It was then that it occured to him that he'd lost his place in his masterpiece... "Augh! Damn brat, now I can't remember where I was!"

"Meep, I'm sorry Yuki!"

"Just go!"

Shuichi quickly set the cake down and ran out the door. Sighing, Eiri leaned back in his seat. "'Do you love me now?'... stupid brat."

"WAHH! HIRO!" Shuichi sobbed as he clung on his sleeve. "YUKI REALLY DOES HATE ME!"

"He doesn't hate you... he's just... not as open to it as you are." Hiro tried to console the singer, but it was times like these that Shuichi didn't exactly think straight.

"But can't he at least tell me that he loves me?" he replied, starting to calm down. "What can I possibly do to make him say it?"

"...Haven't we gone over this before?" Quickly changing mood, the red-head pried his friend off. "I'm not getting involved in this," he stated rather clearly, leaving the room.

Shuichi sighed. How was he going to get him to say it? Maybe he really did still love Kitazawa. Or maybe not. Whatever the case, Shuichi was determined to make him say it, with meaning, even if that meant making him fall in love with him. But how?

"La li ho!" Shuichi greeted, as Eiri sat at his desk, reading over a draft on his finished novel. He had managed to remember what he had planned. Even more luckily, he was in a moderately good mood. At least as a good of a mood that the cold novelist could have. "Hey, you finished it!"

"Not until I'm done with this draft, which means be quiet." Shuichi was silenced for a few moments, but remained standing where he was. Slightly curious and mildly annoyed, the blonde set down the packet of papers. "What do you want, brat?"

"You can talk now. As long as you don't say something stupid."

"What can I possibly do to make you love me?"

There was a pause. "I told you not to say something stupid."

"But it's not stupid!" The uke leaned down and across the desk, inches away from his lover's face, which was looking down at his papers. "I've tried endless times to make you say you love me, but what is it that you want?"

Eiri seemed to think before replying, "I want you to shut-up so I can finish reading this."

"Yuuuuki!" Shuichi started to get upset. "Can't you just be serious for once?"

"I am serious." His good vibes were slowly ebbing away every second that the conversation carried on. "Just shut-up." He looked up, but was slightly taken aback by the other's face: Shuichi had started to cry. "Look. If you let me read this, we can have some intimate time later. All right?" That hadn't been what Shuichi had wanted, but he nodded silently. The world wasn't going to end tomorrow, there was still time for Eiri to say something. But Shuichi felt like he was going to burst if he didn't hear it soon, anytime soon...

A/N: So it's short. SUE ME. X.O I think the reason why it got sad is because I started writing it while listening to slow songs by Mae. (Awakening, Giving it Away, Sun, etc.)

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