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Drop Dead!

That night was once more, unsettling. There was nothing to worry about: exactly what was buzzing in the back of Shuichi's mind. Eiri was being unusually nice once more except for the few sarcastic comments or "shut-up's." But, something was bound to go wrong: there was still no confession about their relationship on the novelist's side, and that worried the singer. Okay, so that was the source of his uneasy state. Still, nothing had actually gone wrong yet.

But how long would it be until something did happen? (1)

"Mmm... brat, it's time for you to go to work." He woke up with a sudden jolt, hearing his lover's voice rattle in his ear. "I don't want that stupid manager of yours to be shooting anymore holes in the walls." The covers were tossed on the older's side, and Shuichi rose immediately, grabbing some clothes, going through his daily rituals, and leaving. Just as the door clicked shut, a grin glowed ever-so slightly on Eiri's face, and he fell back to sleep.

"Shuichi, you're finally here! Look what the magical lyric fairy brought us!" The gleeful guitarist waved several pages in the air, grabbing and holding the pink-head's attention.

"Let me see!" He ran and snatched the pages, eyes widening. Someone had written lyrics to the song they'd been having trouble with! But, who--

It was then he recognized the handwriting. The word structure. The scent. "Yuki?" He said quietly.

"That's our fairy?" Suguru sighed. "Well, no wonder it's genius. Just don't tell me you're going to end up humming it this time..." (2)

"No! That was different!" Shuichi huffed. "Anyway, these are... really... good..." His train of thought melted into the lyrics. Had the cold novelist really written this? It didn't sound like him at all...

The passerbys are all staring
But there's no reason to look back
Don't stop our intertwining fingers
We're finally on the right track

And you can hear the angels
Crying for our sins
And you can hear the devils
Slowly calling us in

I wondered often what is this elevation (elevation!)
That's got me swept off my feet
I wondered often about the creation (creation!)
Of what god made you so pretty
Too perfect for me

I can hear the rumors spreading
They way they gossip and talk (it's just talk)
But whoever said to care?
Continue the way we walk (together we walk)

The rhythm of your heart
Is in the beat of the song
Keep pushing, keep screaming
You've kept it inside too long

I wondered often what is this elevation (elevation!)
That's got me swept off my feet
I wondered often about the creation (creation!)
Of what god made you so pretty
Too perfect for me

Our feet in the clouds
Our heads in the sky
I've never felt so elevated
Never so high... (high, oh high)
(You make me so naturally high)
(Keep screaming, your beat keeps me singing)

I wondered often what is this elevation (elevation!)
That's got me swept off my feet
I wondered often about the creation (creation!)
Of what god made you so pretty
Too perfect
I don't deserve it

I wondered often what is this elevation (elevation!)
That's got me swept off my feet
I wondered often about the creation (creation!)
Of what god made you so pretty
Who had the power to
Make the perfection of you
Too perfect for me

Okay, maybe it did sound somewhat like him. But the ending? Didn't the conclusions always have to be in reality: someone was going to wind up unhappy? But...

Wait. Hold the phone.

"After writing my novel. I began to--"

Began to what? Something was struggling to click. It was there, but it just wouldn't add up! An actual click echoed in his eardrum, K-san holding a gun to his head. "Hello? Mr. Shindou? If you don't mind, we'd like to try out this song, just to see what genius your boyfriend came up with."

"Oh, right!" He jumped, struggling to pull out all the intruments by himself on spot. Maybe singing the song would help it along? It was worth a try. "Fudge! Where's your keyboard?"

"I told you not to call me that!" (3)

"Haha, I think it's funny."

"You're not helping, Hiro!"

"And neither are you... help us get set up, would ya?"

After insisting that they play the song over and over in different variations, the pop singer discovered that this was never going to help him figure out just what was supposed to add up. They practiced and prepared for a concert that was coming up, then they worked on their CD, and Shuichi was out the door and straight to the apartment.

When he got there, he was half-surprised to hear someone in the kitchen. Lately, Eiri hadn't been there when he got home from work, so it was somewhat different: but in a good way. He was grabbing a beer from the fridge, and tossing it into his right hand to open with his more coordinated left. The room was eerily quiet. "I'm home," he said, as if walking into the lion's den. There was an unestablished response, as he took a swig of his alcohol. He stopped, breathed, wiped his mouth, and asked,

"Anything interesting today?"

"Actually... yeah. Yuki, when you were out last night, where you at NG?" he asked.

"Correct." He sighed, walking towards Shuichi. "So, you found them?"

"So you really did write them!" He glomped the writer, sending them both down to meet the tiled floors, beer can clanking and spilling on the side. "I wasn't sure because it was your handwriting but not like your mind and--"

"How do you know what runs through my mind?" he asked, slightly pissed that he had been so unwarningly attacked.

"Well, I mean, it's not what you usually write..." he replied. "You-- wait, Yuki?"


"What were you gonna tell me last night?"


"After you finished your novel. What did you do?"

There was a sigh, and an awkward pause. For a second, Shuichi's heart skipped a beat, and fell on the horrors of something terribly wrong. It quickly rose as Eiri answered, "I began to think... about the way I feel about you."

"About... me?"

"I don't know. I tried to put the word to meaning, but even the dictionary cannot describe the way I feel for you. It's..."

"Indescribable? But Yuki, don't you see? I can't possibly tell you the way you make me feel, how or why. That's what love is-- there's literate ways to explain, but it's just something you have to feel right here," and held his hand over his heart, "to fully understand."

Another few seconds of silence. Had he said the wrong thing? But then... "You... you're right. That's the way... I feel about you too."

"Yuki?" The fear, the frown inside the uke was turned into a smile of disbelief. Was he dreaming? He prayed that if it was, he'd never wake up! "Y-you mean..."

He kissed him softly for a second and half, and then whispered softly in his ear.

"Shuichi... I love you."


(1) I know how Shu feels. ;-; Something is always going wrong in my life. T-T So when nothing bad happens for a while, I know it's the prelude to something bad.

(2) AHAHA! I'm such an idea stealer. ;-; No, Fudge isn't referring to the face off between Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper: I'm doing this off the anime, 'member? I just thought it would be a funny reference for those of you who have read the manga. XD;

(3) "Fudge." I think that's one of the best nicknames I've come up with: ever. After the first time I saw Fujisaki, as I went to reference him, I always forgot his name. So I dubbed him "Fudge," because Fujisaki sorta sounds like Fudge. So, now I always refer to him as Fudge.

A/N: I don't think I've felt this happy at an ending for a long time! Maybe it's just odd overall for Eiri to cave in... (smirk) OOC, maybe, but for the better good! (punches the air)

A few notes before I bust outta here, folks. First of all, I want to point out that the sucky song featured above... yeah, that's mine too. I thought it would be SO stupid to steal lyrics from another song, so I insist on writing my own. I feel like Eiri-kun now! Heehee. By the way, look for the naughty references in the song, if you haven't caught on already.

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