An aged Noah considers his unusual 'happily ever after' with Allie. Spoilers for the end of the movie. Reviews are greatly appreciated since this is my first story involving The Notebook. 150 word drabble.

'Happily ever after'… to anyone else those words are the exact equivalent to pure bliss. Moments of wide smiles and eyes full of love.

To anyone else, 'happily ever after' would mean running to each other in the pouring rain, getting married in the prettiest chapel, having 2.3 wonderful children, and growing old together, hand in hand, however gnarled and twisted they be may from the weary years of the past.

And to some extent, the 'happily ever after' residing in the minds of most people was the same one for Allie and Noah. But Noah, knows now that though he and Allie may hold hands in their old age for one moment, the next moment has Allie's torn from his tender squeeze as she retreats into the room's corner, panicked and frightened.

And Noah, can only wonder, once more, what kind of sadistic 'happily ever after' this really is…