There was a tightness in his neck that no amount of rubbing had been able to relieve. He inhaled deeply, and stretched his neck, hearing the crack of the vertebra. That wasn't a good sign. He returned to his work and muttered with an exhaled sigh, "God in Heaven, I'm turning into Logan."

A voice from the doorway chuckled. "I certainly hope not."

Kurt looked up from the stack of papers on the desk in front of him, and felt his heart beating faster in his chest as Ororo said his name. A smile spread across his face. She held a folder with papers that looked suspiciously like tests close to her chest as she leaned in the door frame with a cat's languid grace.

"Are you finished with your last class?" he asked, already knowing the answer. Unfortunately, it was the only question he could muster in English at the moment. Even after a year of being at Xavier's, and many months of their own cautious relationship, Ororo still had the power to leave him speechless. 'Well, in our common language, at least. I can think of at least a dozen things I could say in my own, none of them for the ears of a lady.' He hastily clamped down on those thoughts in case anyone was listening in his head that should not have been.

"Yes, silly." She held up the folder victoriously. "These are the last of the last. After tomorrow, we'll be done and ready for some well deserved relaxation."

Kurt couldn't help but grin like the love-sick idiot he felt himself to be. "Funny, I heard my students saying the same thing as they wandered out my door this afternoon."

"Well, they may have the right idea. How much longer will you be at those?" she nodded at his pile of essays written in very poor German written by indifferent students of the language.

"Ach, who can say? It may be another hour, it may be three." He put a hand to his heart and sighed with tragic theatricality.

"Maybe after you're done you could come find me for my German lesson?" She kicked the doorstop up and let the door gently swing closed.

That was all the invitation Kurt needed. He dropped his pen to the desk, and was up from his seat and crossing the room to her in just a few short steps. He took her around the waist with his tail and gently wrested the folder of tests from her grasp. He set it down on an empty desk, then pressed her against the chalkboard. His lips hungrily sought hers. When he found them she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, carefully avoiding pointed teeth, and skillfully tantalizing his tongue. Then, as quickly as she was in, she pulled her head away, showing her perfect profile, and gave him a coy glance from the corner of her eye. He fell back, letting her loose from his tail.

"You're beautiful," Ororo breathed.

"Isn't that supposed to be my line?" He made an attempt to grab her around the waist again, but she sidestepped him easily.

"Don't you have exams to grade?" she said innocently as she smoothed her blouse and skirt.

"Nein! No! I mean, I do… That's not fair!" he protested. His lips still tingled from where hers had touched, and he could feel his skin flushing. He didn't want to even think about the other things she had aroused in him. Not yet, at least.

"Who said life was fair? I just wanted to remind you of our date." She grinned and tossed a lock of beautiful, snow white hair over her shoulder as she left.

He called out the door before it closed behind her, "Tease!" Kurt tried to ignore the curious stares of students as they walked past the classroom.
He looked at the clock on the wall, and calculated the hours until their meeting tonight. She was right. After tomorrow, they would certainly be done and ready for a break. He returned to the stack of essays with a renewed vigor borne of tonight's prospects.

A well deserved break, indeed.