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Sailor Pluto was shaking her head it didn't matter what she did, it all lead to the destruction of the Silver Millennium. Any action she would take would only make things worse. She saw how the armies of Beryl overwhelmed each planet and how the Moon Castle was stormed and taken. All the senshi were killed and the Queen would send them into the future. She couldn't understand how things had gone so wrong. She had always been vigilant, but some how things didn't work out. Soon it would begin and soon it all would be over. She didn't have even the option to warn her Queen, because if she did it would be even worse.

She scanned the time stream to find something, and there she found something. A beacon of light 'Crystal Tokyo', were the senshi with the Princess would build a new society similar to the Silver Millennium.

"Yes, this is the only way. It is the only way the light can shine again. If my Queen and the current world dies, it can be resurrected anew. It will take time. It will take so much time, but I will ensure that, that future will happen," mumbled Pluto to her self. Then she looked once again into the time stream to be sure it could happen.

She watched the misery that followed the destruction of the Silver Millennium. She saw how life would die slowly but surely in other planets. Only Earth would remain, the sole world were life were possible. How the humanity would need to begin anew from the beginning. She saw how the Great Freeze would come and ensure that their ideals would be recognized and ensure the creation of the Crystal Tokyo.

"Yes, it is the only way," she repeated. "The only way our way of life would begin anew." She said with a firm voice "I will ensure that the Crystal Tokyo would come to pass. I will do everything in my power to make it happen."

"And that's were you are wrong," said disturbingly familiar voice.

She turned around to see a figure standing in the shadows.

"Who are you and how did you get here?" she demanded. Preparing her Time Staff to attack the figure.

"Did you know that there was always a way out, but it was denied for us to see it? Did you know that Queen Serenity has done things that are to terrible to speak of?" said the figure while ignoring her questions.

"What are you talking about? How dare you to speak so of our beloved Queen? Who are you? Answer now!"

The figure laughed. "Beloved Queen? Beloved Queen? More like bitch that is drunk with power."

After hearing those words Sailor Pluto sent out a Dead Scream to eradicate whom ever this person was, for speaking so of her Queen. To her ultimate shock the figure raised only her hand and deflected her attack without any effort. 'What the… how can some one do that? In my one domain no less.'

"You are probably thinking how can I do that in your own domain now less." With those words the figure stepped into the light and smirked annoyingly.

The Sailor Pluto was in shock and the Time Staff fell to the floor trough her nervous fingers. "You… How… Why…" The person who was in the shadows was her counterpart from the future.

"Yes me. How? That you should know. Why? Now that is a bit longer story."

Recovering a little from the surprise seeing her self from the future she had to ask "Do you understand that with coming in to the past you are sealing your fate."

"Of course. I know that I will die soon. The time stream will remove me soon from existences, if I don't return to the future," said the future Pluto calmly.

The current Pluto had recovered her mental faculties and started to think what her future counterpart had said before she revealed herself. "Why did you say such bad things about our Queen?"

"Why? Because it's true, she is a power hungry bitch. She never cared about her subjects only cared about her precious throne. Anyone who was against her would be eliminated. Do you know why you exist? The real purpose of your being."

"To see the threats from the future," answered Pluto sure of her answer.

"Ha ha, very funny. No. That's what they always said and that's what you believe. That's what I believed, until I discovered the terrible truth. You, I were nothing more then a convenient undo button. Whenever she screwed up you, I had to go into the past to tell her what she should do to correct it. It has been done one time to many. That's why the Gates Of Time will show you no way out. Time no longer tolerates how we played with it. The Silver Millennium and the Silver Crystal have to go. Permanently."

"What?" screamed Pluto. "That is not possible, the Silver Crystal is a powerful holy object. It cannot be destroyed and our Queen would never do something like that."

"That's why I will show you the undeniable proof." The future Pluto goes to the Time Gate and opens part of the gate.

A short time later.

"I never knew it could do that," mumbled Pluto in surprise.

"Nether did I, until recently. When I found it, it was almost to late. I almost caused the extinction of life in the Solar system. All that for the grater glory and power for the self-righteous bitch. Like mother like daughter. Both are exactly the same." Looking towards the surprised Pluto she winked towards the Gate and said "Well there are all your memories that were erased from you. Take a good look and tell me then that the Queen is not a royal bitch."

Taking a step closer to the Gate she looked to the undiscovered part of it and wondered what she should do. She saw a crystal that called and beckoned her to touch it. She studied it closer and finally gave in and put her hand on top of the crystal. What she was not prepared of was the rush of memories and images that rushed into her being.

The future Pluto only watched it from the sidelines and prepared for the inevitable collapse of her counterpart.

With a scream, the present Pluto collapsed into the arms of her future counterpart, where she shook uncontrollably. It took her some time before she collected herself enough to be able talk.

"It can't be, it just can't be. She wouldn't … but she did … she really is a … no …" The current Pluto was sobbing into the shoulder of he future counterpart.

Future Pluto just held her and waited. Finally the current Pluto stood up and started walking around. When she had calmed herself down she looked at her future counterpart and asked "Are you the Pluto from the Crystal Tokyo?"


"Did my Queens daughter do the same things?"

"Yes, and she even did things that made the current Queen seem tame."

"Can it be avoided?"

"Yes, and before you ask I have already made the necessary change."

"What was it?"

The future Pluto directed her eyes to the floor and blushed. "I brought back a being that can change it all for the better. When I die my memories will go to the Gate and you will see the only being that can change it all. But when that happens the Gates will became relatively useless." Then she smirks and says: "After all my Master is the nexus of chaos and change."


"Yes Master, just like he is my Master he will become your Master and you will be an obedient little slave. Just like I was. And like all the surviving senshi will become his slaves."


"Yes slaves. We have done so much cruelty to him that he has all the right to demand it."

"Is he also from the Crystal Tokyo?"

"Yes. My Master the Dragon Lord. And he is like us, an immortal."

"What did we do to him?"

"What did we didn't do to him? We killed his loved ones, turned his life into hell, made sure he had no friends to depend on, made sure he had to make decisions that would surely destroy his soul, made curses appear in his life at every turn. Shall I continue?"

The current Pluto only shook her head.

"And you know what, through all that he prevailed. He turned out to be someone who is a great and true leader."

"When will he come to this time?"

"He is already here. He has been here the past ten years; studding how the current order is functioning and preparing to take control as soon as Beryl attacks. He will do a good job I'm sure of it."

Current Pluto watched as her counterpart talked about him and saw how her eyes shined with certainty, undemanding awe and loyalty. She saw and was certain that the future Pluto was not controlled by anything like she was. 'Will I be as free in my slavery as she is?' She took another look and nodded. 'Probably.'

Suddenly the Time Gate groaned and flared.

"It is time. The Gate will absorb me now." She looked at her younger self and said, "Serve him as good as I did." Then she started to glow and lose focus and slowly the Gate sucked her into to itself.

When the glow faded and the Time Gate turned back to its original self she saw how the new part of the Gate started to glow softly. She now knew that her future counterparts memories were there. She slowly neared to the Gate and once again she touched the crystal and once again her mind and soul was flooded with memories and images. But this time the images were more terrible and unsettling. But in the end she saw him. Her future Master and Lord.

Like before she collapsed after the memories were transferred, but the image of her Lord calmed her this time. The image was strangely familiar. She focused on it and then remembered. A young palace guard that came into the Queens service a year ago. A young man with deep grey blue eyes and black hair in a pigtail.

Before her mind and body demanded that she slept she whispered her new Masters name, "Ranma." And she knew what she must do when she next saw him. She had no qualms and no hesitation to do it. Then she fell into a deep sleep, right next to the Time Gate, that no longer showed a fixed rigid time line, but a time stream that no longer was controlled. It was flowing ever changing its directions it was chaotic.