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Chapter 3

Mercury was stunned speechless. She could not believe that her Queen dismissed the current attack like that. She had started feeling really funny just moments before the purple-headed woman entered the ballroom. Now she knew, the feeling was the outcry of her planet. The planet was pleading her to help it.

She looked towards her fellow senshi. She hoped that they would be as distressed as she was, but what she saw did go against everything she believed in. Venus was her haughty self, there was no sighs that she was disturbed by what was said. She still seemed to only want to go back to dancing. Mars was like she always was. She only wanted to be in here, near the Queen, because she did not what to be on her own planet. Mercury was disgusted by this, but never did anything about it. Jupiter was calm but her eyes did show something, but she was not sure what it is. 'Maybe just maybe she is as distressed about it as I am.'

She was about to say something when her eyes fell upon the guard that unnerved her so much. He stood there like before, his expression on his face was the same, but his eyes were blazing. 'What the, I have never seen anyone with eyes like that.' She was about to voice it out when she heard her Queen ordering the purple-headed woman to fetch her daughter. She was surprised when she told her to also start preparing for leaving. She watched as the woman neared the doors, but then she felt as the entire castle shake and there was a loud noise.

"What's happening?" demanded the Queen while she tried to maintain her balance.

The purple-headed woman only looked at her and shook her head in dismay and confusion. "I have no idea my Queen, but it sounded like something happened in the courtyard."

"Wasn't my daughter in the courtyard?" demanded the Queen.

"Yes, my Queen." She thought where the Queens daughter might have been and almost went into shock.

"Then check out what happened, don't stand there like a statue," ordered the Queen while she was still not completely sure of her footing.

The purple-headed woman shook herself free from the shock and stormed out of the room. The Queen just stared after her, she seemed not worried about anything. She just turned her head towards the people in the ballroom and smiled. It was enough, everyone in the room relaxed visibly.

"I'm sure nothing is wrong, everything is all right, it is all part of the entertainment." Her voice was not so certain any more but nobody noticed it, except few.

The purple-headed woman stormed into the room and her face was white. "My Queen the courtyard is gone. There was an explosion in the courtyard. It destroyed everything that was in there."

"Yes yes so there was an explosion, but what about my daughter?" asked the Queen wile completely ignoring everything else.

"My Queen I think that she is dead. There was nothing left of the entire courtyard, the place is in flames." She swallowed uncertainly and directed her eyes directly towards her Queen. "My Queen I think the redundancy shield has failed, the explosion was to near to the outer perimeter. I no longer saw the shields shimmer."

"So she is dead?" Her voice was calm and uncaring. It seemed like she really didn't care that her daughter was dead.

The purple-haired woman only nodded.

"Was she with the Prince… ee… Endymion in the courtyard?" she asked, while her mind started to work things out for her.

"Yes my Queen. At least that's who I think she was there with."

The Queen nodded. "I see. I finally see it Beryl, you sent the Prince only to assassinate me, when you attacked. But you failed you got only my daughter. Will see about that, you will pay for attempting to kill me. No one is allowed to rise against me." She started to look around to find something.

"My Queen," came a worried voice.

"What?" came a very annoyed and gruff reply.

"My Queen the shields have failed and the castle defences are not operable. There are many reports about incoming enemy assault and landing crafts."

"What has that to do with me?" asked the Queen confused.

"My Queen they will try to concur this castle by force," replied the purple-headed woman worryingly.

The Queens face became pale she turned towards her senshi. "You will protect my castle with everything you have is that clear."

The senshi nodded. Whilst Mars and Venus ran out of the room to start their defence, Mercury remained standing were she was. Jupiter on the other hand just went to the doors and planted herself there like a statue ready for anything.

The Queen was already dealing with other things. She was looking at the Silver Crystal and she started to concentrate. The crystal started do glow and the glow was silvery bright, but there was little flashes of bluish green in it. The glow started to gather into a sphere. The Queen concentrated harder and there were pearls of sweat on her forehead. Finally the ball came together and it became a bright sphere of energy that revolved around it self. The Queen looked out of the window, were the Earth was visible.

"So you think that you can attack me like that, well see here that's what you get with messing around with a heavenly blessed Queen." With those words she hurdled the sphere towards the Earth.

The sphere went right trough the window shattering it and the glass was sprayed everywhere. The dumbstruck guests tried to protect themselves from the flying glass but not very successfully. The sphere of energy continued towards the Earth, everything in its path was shattered, incinerated or was simply destroyed. Within moments the sphere reached the Earth. It plummeted trough the atmosphere and crashed into the eight continent chattering it completely. From the explosion resulted a shock wave that circled around the globe several times destroying everything in its path.

The Queen watched the resulting devastation and smiled. She turned around and locked her eyes with the purple-headed woman. "It is time that we get ourselves out of here."

The woman only shook her head and replied: "It is to late my Queen, they have already landed and they are advancing towards the castle."

"Well let's see about that. I'm sure that the senshi and the Amazons will be victorious and cast them out of my Moon," said the Queen, but her eyes were darting around the place.

In the mean time Mercury was in complete shock. She could not understand how her Queen could do such a thing. She looked around the ballroom, there were many people that were hurt really badly by the flying glass, but the Queen did not even pay any attention towards them. She looked out of the window were Earth stood in the sky. A planet, that was once beautiful blue and green world, but now it was covered in black smoke that was coming out of the global fires. One of its continents was shattered and destroyed.

Mercury tried to understand what could it mean. Why was her Queen acting the way she did. She tried to rationalise it. It was necessary to do the things she did. But her actions and words that she preached did not add together.

The purple-headed woman was looking around uncertain. She noticed that Jupiter was standing in front of the doors and grinned. "My Queen we should evacuate, it is preferable to go now and be certain to escape then stay here." She looked around herself and put up a very confident face. "My Queen, I'm certain that the senshi will win this skirmish but it is for the best if our Queen is safe. If we go through the secret door to the emergency hangar we could get out fast."

The Queen nodded. "Yes, it is a wise move. We should prepare for the worst, it is unlikely that they will win but we must prepare. Signal to the others to start moving out, then we can go to." Her eyes darted towards her throne. She looked at it and then breathed out in relief.

"Yes, my Queen." The purple-headed woman was grinning madly when she rushed towards the console in the corner. She pushed several buttons, then turned towards the Queen and opened her mouth to say something. But before she was able to say anything there was a loud explosion coming from the back of the Queen throne. The throne toppled and a section of the wall collapsed.

The Queen was looking at it in shock. It was the entrance to her personal emergency hangar, were her escape ship was. An explosion powerful enough to rip trough the door from her secret entrance and topple over her massive throne was certainly powerful enough to cripple or most likely destroy her ship. She looked towards her amazon and it was clearly written in her face that she was near panic. She looked towards the ballroom doors and prepared to give the other to protect her while they were heading towards the launch site. She never got the chance as through the doors ran in a very shaken amazon.

"My Queen, the enemy troops have taken the main entrance to the castle. The remaining exits are either inaccessible or the enemy is controlling them. Our sisters that were outside of the castle are trying to get several shuttles into their control to leave. I don't know if or when they will succeed. I lost all contact with them."

The purple-headed woman was almost panicking. In her eyes it was clearly written that she did not believe that some one could defeat them or out think their Queen.

The Queens face on the other hand hardened. She looked between her amazons and was certain that they believed that they were trapped and destined to die. She looked around the room; she noticed that all the guests were huddling together and many of them were bleeding quite badly. She dismissed it as not important for her they were only entertainment. She looked at the well-muscled guards that were still standing were they were, they were exactly what she wanted, well muscled and no brains or will like all the others. She turned her attention towards the two remaining senshi in the room. She saw as Jupiter was ready to protect the ballroom to her last breath, but when she eyed Mercury she was taken aback. 'Crap, she has that expression on her face again. She doubts me again, she is to smart for the mind control to work all the time, but now it is no longer of consequence. If and I have no doubt my amazons are correct we will die here I have to make certain that my kind will rule once again. Pluto you bastard why were you not here and why did you not warn me.' She looks at her Silver Crystal and nods.

She raised the crystal to only stop. 'No I must make certain that my dream will come true. If I use only my daughter she might deviate from the path as unlikely as it is. But I must make it certain.' She directs her eyes to wards the advisory couple. 'Yes they will do nicely. Luna is fiercely loyal to my daughter, which is good, but she is also a dreamer of perfect order which is bad. She is young and has not yet fully accepted my way. Artemis is perfect little boy; he does everything I tell him to do. He was after all the personal advisor for Venus. That might become a problem, but it also is of no consequence. The only big problem that might come out of this is that they are married. But that can be changed, after all several centuries in the Gate of Time to be physically and mentally modified, their feelings changed to what I want, will take care about that. But I must make certain that their memories are not readily accessible, even if they are modified to my needs. They cannot have any romantic feelings towards each other, not before my daughter is well in her way to become my successor. It would be for the best if they newer became a couple again, but this is sadly one of the areas that is so chaotic, that it is impossible to predict nor plan it. I think the remaining time in the Gates of Time will make certain that their mind is like swish cheese and they will remember next to nothing about the Silver Millennium and them selves. The only things they will remember is only an idealised version of it.' The Queen nods again and smiles. 'Yes that's perfect.'

"Luna, Artemis come forward, I have a special mission for you." She gave them both a big warm dazzling smile.

Luna and Artemis came forward and bowed down. "My Queen, what can we do for you?" they asked in unison.

"In the of chance that the castle should fall, I'm going to send you into the Gates of Time were you will be preserved to be awakened, when you are needed again to serve." 'And been sufficiently modified to suit my needs.' She gave them another dazzling smile.

"Yes, my Queen," they both said at the same time.

The Queen smiled and waved the Silver Crystal in front of them and mumbled a complicated spell. When the crystal flared to bright light so did the two figures. Luna and Artemis were glowing, but at the same time were losing their focus. After a little while they became transparent and soon after that they were only energy. The Queen focused the Silver Crystal one more time and the energy that was Luna and Artemis disappeared.

Done with that the Queen raised her crystal one more time only to stop once again. 'If I send my daughters soul into the future she will be alone and easy pray for any other power. I must protect her, but how?' She directed her eyes to Mercury. 'Yes, I will send the inner senshi with her. But if I do that, they will never serve her like they are serving me.' She ponders on that problem. 'Of course, I will rip their souls out of their body and imprint the needed loyalty into their souls and then send their souls into the future with my daughters soul.' She frowned. 'That spell will kill me for certain.' She steadied her self and once more she looked towards Mercury and Jupiter and nodded. 'Then again if I'm dead I have no future use for them and they are certain to serve my daughter this way. More importantly they will not try to go against me now.' She looked trough the window towards the Earth. 'I also have to make certain that she will get the control of Earth.' She ponders on that little problem. 'Heh that's simple I send the princes soul also into the future.' She smiles to her self. 'But I will make certain that he will never go against my daughter and that he will always follow her like a love sick puppy.'

She frowned. 'The outers. Well Pluto is simple, the Gates of Time will make certain that she stays alive and loyal towards our family. Neptune and Uranus were before and are now only interested about them selves. I need to do nothing about that. Saturn now that is a problem. I can't rip out her soul she is far to strong for me to do that and for that matter her soul is protected against tampering. Darn that life and death power. Well I place certain trigger into the Gates of Time to make certain that Pluto immediately kills her if she should reincarnate. If that should fail, well I can only implant a fear of her into the senshi and hope that if she awakes they kill her or they can get her into their power before she figures out the truth.'

Nodding once again she raised her Silver Crystal and started mumbling an extremely difficult spell. The crystal flared bright silvery light and started to pulsate. In every pulse there was a distinctly different under colour. Those colours were blue, yellow, red and green, they were weak but they were there. You could not see them if you did not pay a close attention to it. The pulses started to grow sorter and stronger soon it would only be glowing. The Queen started to smile; it was all going according to her plan.

Suddenly the crystal flashed dark blue and the Queen screamed out in pain. Her eyes were big and distressed. The crystal no longer had any colors it was now only glowing in bright white light. The energy what was collecting out of nowhere before was now coming out of the Queen, but some of the energy also was returning to her.

After the scream there was an eerie silence in the ballroom. Everyone had turned their eyes towards the Queen and wondered why she screamed. Through that silence came a voice, a distinctly strong male voice. A voice that was so certain in it self that it left no room for second guessing it or arguing with it.

"I don't think so. Your plan will not work, now or ever."