He's always there, all the time

He's the face stuck in my mind

I wanted everything to be okay

But it wasn't, it wasn't

The face haunts me night and day

Always, always, always

Making me feel so ashamed

No word must be heard before I fall,

On my knees and cry

For seeing he is the worst image of all

A face that never dies

I walk around the streets

Night and day, I pray

To make this burden leave me

To make it all go away…

But my prayer is never heard

He will not listen, he will not listen

The face that haunts me, will not listen

He wishes to haunt me, till I die

He'll be there by my side

Torturing me forever,

Forever until I die.

The face of many that I see

All have his face

It drives me crazy

They have his smell

They have his voice

They have his eyes

They have his nose,

It was my choice!

To keep it secretive

From all that I know

To allow this burden

To become a burden

To become a lie

Kept from all that I love

To let them know

That I see his face

To let them know

That I feel this guilt

This tormenting pain,

It would be like having them rescue me

And that is something that I do not want

At all, at all

I'd rather have the face, haunt me

Forever, forever