No Room Left in Hell...

A.N.: First off. This is a fem/slash story pairing up Raven and Jinx. Sorry if that's not your thing. You may want to leave now.

You don't have to know anything about Resident Evil, or even like the series to enjoy this fic (I hope). The main characters from the game will not appear in this story. I will be using mostly the story, the enemies and some minor characters from Resident Evil 2 with lots of tweaking. Call it an unconventional crossover if you want, though I've seen plenty done this way. If you haven't played and beaten Resident Evil 2, reading this may spoil your enjoyment of the game.

And finally, the matter of Jinx. At present, her character isn't too defined in the cartoon so I'm going to expand on what little of her we've seen so far. I did the same in a previous fic, Pitch and Pink. Behold! Shameless plug

I have a beta-reader you should now about. Credit goes to my pal Wabbit.

Expect a lot of lag between updates. I'm busy.

There. I think that's all the notes. Ready?

You're about to enter the world of survival horror...Good luck.


Before the alarms sounded and shots were echoing off the walls, the man had thought that it had been a quiet day like any other in Sungate County. Far north of Jump city, the winds had swept at the dry grass as he had tended to his garden before his shift. The rural community had been as blissful as always. Now it would never be the same again.

The color of the room was trading red for black as the spinning light tried to warn him of danger while announcements buzzed through the speakers in the ceiling. The lab had been infiltrated by hostile individuals. He listened intently, his back to his prized chemicals. People were screaming. He could hear something that sounded heavy and metallic moving swiftly through the halls. A crash and glass exploded, shards passing through the blinds of his window. The monitor before it came toppling down. The man grabbed his wooden rack of flasks and huddled, back to the large sinks.

"Don't see nothin' but hardware. Snot! What's the deal?" A voice whined amongst the shouts and screams of his panicked colleagues. Was it a child's?

"Mammoth, you check that room. get that one," the same voice ordered. "You losers…can't remember you're names, start looking on the next floor."

Shots were heard. Apparently the security guards had located them. There were sounds of struggle but they ended in under a minute. The man risked looking through the broken window and between the tattered blinds. He saw a bald child in a green outfit and goggles propelling himself down the hall with four large metallic spider-like legs.

A heartbeat later the door to his room was nearly kicked off its hinges. The offender stepped into the room. She was a sylphlike demon, hair up like horns and her dark outfit flashing black then crimson with the security alarm's persistence.

"Evening doctor," she said with a widening, ignoble grin, "My friends and I were just in the neighborhood and were looking for anything pretty we can sell on the black market or E-bay. Got anything we might be interested in?"

The level of fear in his eyes made her smirk. Was she really that scary? No, it was probably just the entrance that had him rattled, she realized.

"W-who are you people?" he uttered.

"We're the Hive. Remember the name. We'll own the world someday," Jinx said, stalking up to the man like a tiger.

"I won't let you have it!" he shouted at her, shooting to his feet and taking a rack of flasks to the sink. He began to pour them all down the drain. The doctor was struck by what he thought was a steal beam at forty miles-per-hour. It sent him half way across the room as a result. Looking back at the girl he realized she had merely kicked him.

Jinx looked at the sink. The overturned wooden rack was only full of empty glasses. She shrugged and looked down at the man.

"That wasn't very smart for a science geek," Jinx tsked. "Guess that goop was pretty important, huh? Damn, Gizmo's going to be b+(hing all night unless you have some more around here!" she concluded. She grabbed the man by his collar and easily lifted him to his feet. "You have any more? I better like your answer old man," Jinx warned him with a cruel grin. Her eyes began to flare a bright unnatural hue of pink.

"You want it so bad?" he said, the man asked looking mentally unstable at this point. She must have rattled his cage more than she thought. He chuckled and suddenly clouted Jinx on the back of the neck. Retaliating, she slammed him into the sink counter and watched him fall the ground with a thud. A blood puddle had developed where his head had made impact. The man rolled onto his back a grinned at her. Jinx was puzzled by his change in nature and it was at about this time that she felt something sharp in her flesh where he had struck her. She reached for it and her hand returned with an injection needle. And empty injection needle. She glared murderously at the doctor.

"What did you do?" she hissed at him in the most vicious tone she had ever used in her young life. The man gave a gurgled laugh. This only fueled her fury. It was against her policy to kill, no need to give judges any ideas about electric chairs after all, but he was seriously challenging her code right at this moment.

"Titans! Go!" Jinx's head darted to the direction of the familiar command, 'They got here awfully fast.' Jinx glared at the man one last time before heading off to help her team fight the would-be-heroes.

"No darling," The man moaned, looking drunkenly at the spinning red light, "It is Umbrella that will own the world."