No Room Left in Hell

Chapter five: Game Over.

It was silent. A silence that was beginning to seem endless. She was trapped inside the train. Her attempts to stir Raven's friend were futile. Sherry didn't know what else to do. She was too frightened to even think straight.

Ominous silence reigned. What could have happened? Where was Raven? At that moment the girl behind her stirred. Jinx rolled onto her side. Her eyes slowly opened and found the back of Sherry's head.

"What happened?" Jinx thought she said, but when her words hit her own ears it sounded like dribble.

Sherry jumped at the sound of Jinx's voice and rushed to her side.

"Jinx! Jinx! You have to get up!"

"Wha? What's going on?" Jinx asked, trying to make out the blurry image shouting at her.

"Jinx, Raven went outside to fight and hasn't come back!" Sherry said.

"Ok. Hold on," Jinks said, rubbing her eyes and standing. Strangely, she felt a great deal better now than she had in a long time. She moved to the back of the train.

"It's locked," Sherry told her.

"Not for long," Jinx said, stepping back and then kicking the iron door with all her strength. With one hit the door flew off its hinges.

"Damn!" Jinx surprised herself. "I should pass out more often!"

"No! Please-" Sherry panicked at the mere thought.

"Relax! I'm just kidding," Jinx said. "Now stay close to me." Sherry hung to Jinx as they made their way out onto the platform. The signs of battle were all over it. The blood was so thick in places they almost skid in it twice. A huge steel beam blocked them from the lab they could see on the other side.

Jinx hopped onto the beam, then reached down and pulled Sherry up with her. What they saw next stole their collective breath.

"Raven!" Sherry cried and began to sob. Surely, no one in the Titan's current condition could still be alive.

In an instant Jinx was beside Raven. Sherry turned her tear-streaked face away from the sight.

"She's breathing," Jinx huffed with relief. "You scared the hell out of me!" Jinx said, letting Raven's head rest in her lap. Raven's eyes fluttered open.

"I try," Raven said and winced.

"Should I-" Jinx started.

"No. Give me a couple minutes. I'm healing myself."

"Hold it!" Jinx said, catching Sherry with an arm and halting the girl's progress. "We can't hug her until she can fight back. It's more fun that way. Trust me."

"Ah, maybe I should have let that thing kill me," Raven commented.

"Slow down," Jinx demanded.

"I thought I told you to go the other way?" Raven called over her shoulder. They had ditched Sherry in a recreation room they had found. It was lockable and Raven was sure nothing with the IQ of a zombie would be able to penetrate it. She would just have to find William and finish him off before he located Sherry again.

"You did, but I'm not listening," Jinx said.

"I'm in charge here," Raven said, facing her.

"You shouldn't be running around here in your condition." It was true. Raven had only mended enough of her wounds to enable herself to keep moving.

"Every second I waste is another second lost to the people above. I need to find that cure," Raven declared.

"No. I should look. You sho-"

"You can't stop me," Raven said, casting a level glare at Jinx. Jinx returned it with a pleading one of her own, but eventually gave up.

"Stubborn b!t(h! Why do I even waste my breath?" Jinx ranted as she stalked off in a different direction.

Jinx was bombarded by identical rooms no mater where her feet took her.

"Where is everybody? This is worse than shopping in one of those stores where everybody avoids you," Jinx whined as she walked the halls. There wasn't a soul in sight. Jinx walked near a door that retracted into the ceiling. Inside the room was a table littered with manuals and tubes of all shapes and sizes. Jinx found herself wishing Gizmo was on hand.

"Come on! Where's the cure?" Jinx searched the room hoping something would just scream "Zombie Remedy," at her. It was not to be. She looked at some of the papers on the desk.

" spray...Play Boy..." Jinx read. "What the F---? This is a shopping list." Jinx looked around the room again, "This could take a while. 'And this is only one room ... Can't believe I was worried about her...I'm dying too...damn Titan.' Her thoughts began to wonder.

A sound alerted Jinx. It originated from the room's one door. She braced herself for a deadly encounter. In walked one of the last people she would have expected to see.


"Where's Raven?" the Titan's leader asked, closing the distance between them.

"Oh, I'm fine. Haven't grown an extra head or anything. Thanks for asking," Jinx scoffed. Robin held the same no-nonsense glare he had entered the room with. It occurred to Jinx that it probably seemed suspicious to find her acting independently. "We split up to cover more ground. She was trying to call you," Jinx added.

Robin reached for his communicator. Electricity danced around a crack in the top of it. In all the excitement it must have been damaged.

"The one day I decide not to carry a spare..." Robin cursed his luck. "Did you find anything?"

"Nooooo..." Jinx started, and then had to consider what 'anything' meant to the detective. "Wait. We fought Slade again!" Jinx said. "I should start from the beginning. I mean, from last time Raven called you."

Robin waited for her to begin. Jinx found it strange sharing information with the Titan's so freely but times were strange.

Jinx related to Robin how they had found Sherry, lost her and met her mother, Annette Birkin. She told him how between Annette, her husband and Umbrella the city came to be a city of the walking dead.

"Then Slade showed up and killed her. On our way down to the lab her husband attacked Raven. Sherry doesn't know what happened to her dad though."

"William, huh?" Robin said, remembering his own encounter with the monster. The Titan began to analyze the wealth of information Jinx had just given him. The Titans had been out done of thier own city by rats? Rats had carried the virus to the citizens right under his nose. Robin pushed his disappointment aside.

"I still don't understand Slade's part in this."

"Why Robin. Why don't you try going to the source," his voice entered the room before him.

"Slade!" Robin roared.

"Calm down Robin. I'm merely here to thank you. We did it!"

"Enough riddles!" Jinx spat at him.

"I agree. You've done so much better than I anticipated," Slade said.

"So just what did we accomplish together?" Robin asked with his bo staff trained on Slade's movements.

"Brought down this evil empire of course. A small portion of it anyway. You see, they were moving into my territory and I couldn't take them down myself," Slade stated.

"And the chip Gizmo stole form the Umbrella lab?" Robin asked.

"A red haring."

"You set us up?" Jinx was outraged. "One of those jerks injected me with something because of you!"

"Sacrifices were made on both sides," Slade said. Jinx paled.

"You're saying...but there's a cure right?" Jinx said despairingly.

"There… cure..." Slade said slowly, mockingly. Jinx felt her heart fall. "Don't let that trouble you though, my ethically challenged sylph. You don't need a cure because you don't have the disease."

"What?" Jinx couldn't believe her ears. He had to be pulling her chain. "But in the lab..."

"You were also a red haring dear. To keep bird-boy guessing until it was too late for him to slam the prison doors on the castoffs Umbrella would have sacrificed to him. That's what they would have done. Blamed it on a few of their less useful employees and continued with their underhanded activities the next day. You see, I had to blow their activities wide open. The city had to fall. It should have run its course with you by now."

"! You had no right to play with the lives of people like that!" Robin cried, charging Slade blindly. A fight broke out.

Jinx was dazed. She was dazed by this revelation. She felt horribly used, but the sense of relief all but buried this. Robin continued to assault Slade. The two moved around the lab fighting. Jinx had nothing more to gain from any off this. She watched for a moment, not knowing what to do with herself.

The battled ended when Slade delivered a critical blow to Robin's chest that sent him across the room. Robin sprung to his feet but the pain brought him back to his knees before he could do anything else.

"Sllllaaaade..." Robin hissed out, before coughing up his own blood.

"I have a very long to-do-list to attend to. Another time Robin," Slade said. "Fair warning: this place is rigged to blow sky high."

Jinx looked from Robin to Slade's retreating and back to Robin. Briefly she wondered if she could take Slade. She dismissed the idea as quickly as it had come. If she couldn't beat Robin how the hell was she going to stop the super-criminal and more importantly, what was in it for her?

"You alright bird-boy?" Jinx asked him.

"We...have to get out of here."

"Ok. I'll get Raven. Can you get Sherry?" Jinx asked.

"How can I trust you? You could just escape and not tell her..."

Jinx frowned.

"Then I guess you'll just have to try to find both of them before this blows up then, won't you?" Jinx challenged. Robin looked her in the eyes. She wanted to help Raven at least. He could tell this but what he couldn't understand was why.

"I'm counting on you," Robin said as Jinx helped him to his feet.

Raven peered down the other end the large room overlooking a train station and found nothing but a computer terminal. Bus sized pipes stretched from one end of the room to other above, below and beside her. A simple scaffold and elevator were apparently put in place for maintenance. Raven turned to try her luck with another room when a large silhouette stopped her. It stalked out from the shadow of a pipe and into the light. It was the giant from the police station.

"You? What are you after?" Raven asked as she backed away.

The behemoth was no more talkative now than before. His face was as hard as pale stone.

"Guess the cat has your tongue. That just leaves me with the rest of you!" Raven said, reaching for the waist high crates scattered about the room with her powers and tossing them at him. He brought up a fist and reduced them to oversized splinters. Raven took to the air to gain some distance when he snatched her by the leg and slammed her face first into the wire mesh floor of the scaffolding. The fall caused various wounds from her last battle to ache anew.

"I can't die yet. Jinx will have been right," Raven thought as she rolled on her back. Her body didn't stay their long. She was lifted off the ground by the neck. Raven squirmed as tremendous pressure force was exerted on her throat. She couldn't even cry out for help. She felt like her head would explode.

"Let her go!" Raven was sure this demand was a figment of her imagination. Maybe even her own thoughts but soon after she was weightless, falling, and then landing roughly on the scaffolding again. She sat up quickly, looking for the giant. He was being battered by bright pink projectiles. Hex bolts. The ill luck caused crates to fall from the railing Jinx was standing onto the trench coat garbed assailant. They had no more effect then when Raven had used them. Jinx blasted at one of the large pipes. Bolts sprang from it and it fell, crushing her advisory.

Jinx leaped from the platform like a diver spreading her arms wide, did a vertical flip, then a 360 and landed on her feet.

"Guess that's all for-" before she finished the pipe split in two and out stepped Mr. X. He attempted to backhand Jinx, but she back flipped out of range of the attack. He threw up both hands interlacing his fingers to make a club and tried to bring it down in Jinx's head. He was foiled by pipes that were now as black as night and alive. They wrapped him up like a snakes.

"I can't hold him long," Raven said.

"I got an idea!" Jinx said, dashing for Mr. X. She began pounding on his metal ensnared form with fists and karate kicks.

"What the hell are you-" Raven began.

"See if you can push him over the edge!" Jinx shouted. Raven tried to urge the metal towards the railing with her powers. The man-like creature fought back. He tossed his arms up and freed himself. His massive fist caught Jinx and sent her flying across the room. She slammed into the computer terminal, but not before casting one last Hex Bolt. It caught X in the face and sent him over the rail. He plunged into a fiery chemical vat. Raven walked to the edge and watched him try to escape before finally going under. She turned her attention to Jinx.

"Are you alright?"

"Ahhhh F---! That hurts!" Jinx said, peeling herself off a damaged terminal and falling on her side. Pain was blazing up and down her back.

"What are you doing here?" Raven asked Jinx as she began to heal her back.

"Currently withering in pain before you..." Jinx said without really thinking about it. She had probably hit streets softer than that oversized PC behind her.

"No. I mean why aren't you searching the other side of the lab like I told you too?"

"You complaining again?" Jinx asked.

"No. I just need to know," Raven said.

"There's nothing to find Rae. Turns out I'm not sick and there is no cure for our zombie friends. I ran into your fearless leader. He said we needed to get out of here. Slade's going to blow this place up."

"How can you be so sure," Raven said, her brow furrowing with disappointment.

"The jerk who infected me told me himself. Slade used me to get to you and the other Titans," Jinx told her.

"Hey, I've got something," Beast Boy said. He stood with Starfire in a room that was taller than wide and filled with screens showing the rest of the lab. They had been in the lab only ten minutes before happening upon the room.

"It is Raven," Starfire cheered. Watching the black and white screen they could see her making her way from one room to another with Jinx in toe. "What room is this?" Starfire asked Beast Boy.

"I have no idea," Beast boy. "Maybe we should wait until they enter a room we can recognize and meet them there," his eyes trailed over the equipment, "unless there's a speaker phone we can use to call 'em." There was, but he soon found it wasn't working.

Starfire located a map.

"Great. But it's not much help if we don't know where they are," Beast Boy pointed out.

"Behold," Starfire said, pointing to area on the map. "Notice they are in a room with train. A train would need long tracks, yes? They should be in the longest room on the map.

Beast Boy blinked at Starfire's brilliance and looked at the map. Sure enough, one room was exceedingly longer than all the others.

"Alright Star! Let's go then!" Beast Boy yelled.

Light blasted the darkness and revealed to Raven's waiting eyes the train that would lead her and her friends to freedom. The girls began to descend the stairwell. A mob of zombies waited for them.

"Well...for old times sake," Jinx said, cracking her knuckles. She launched for them, flipping with her feet together and slammed them down on top of the nearest zombie's head. The next got a kick in the face and his knee kicked from under him. Hand's reached for her. She spun towards them but ducked and slammed her fists into the mid section of their owner.

Other zombies fell prey to parts of the stairwell that had been ripped into rods and used like arrows by Raven. They rained down on the zombies pinning them to the ground.

"Wicked..." Jinx said admiring the mess she and Raven made. Raven shook her head.

"This should not be happening. We...I have failed them," Raven said with a hint of remorse.

Jinx looked at the bodies and tried to follow Raven's line of thought.

"But these were those b$trd scientists that started this whole mess in the first place," Jinx pointed out, noticing he lab coats many of them wore. She knew Raven's response.

"I meant the ones in the city," Raven said.

Jinx looked back at the massacre. Disturbingly, some were still twitching and moaning. She watched Raven make her way to the train, wishing she could say something to make her feel better. Jinx, herself, couldn't summon any feeling for these people. She didn't even know them. She thought it was probably for the best. Crying for the enemy now wouldn't make escaping them any easier.

Jinx entered the train. It was spacious. It was more than likely meant for carrying food and lab equipment. Raven was trying the command terminal.

"It's not working. It seems to need more power," Raven told her.

"Great. You want me to get out and push?" Jinx quipped.

She could have sworn Raven smirked before shoving her out the train.

"Let's get this thing running," Raven said. She lifted into the air and surveyed the station. "There," she said once something caught her eyes. She led Jinx to a gate. Raven floated over it. Jinx hopped over it in a single bound.

In the far corner of the little area of the station, Raven puzzled over components vital to the train's operation. Jinx didn't understand any of it and decided to blame her Hive Academy training for allowing her into the field with skills inferior to a Titan. At least when it came to hot-wiring trains.

After a couple moments of Raven's meddling all the lights in their area shut off.

"I thought you knew what you were doing!" Jinx complained.

"I do. I had to reroute some power from the lab to the train," Raven explained.

Their banter was disturbed by a peculiar sound. In the direction it came from, they could make out the figure to be a large man climbing out of a flaming chemical vat. Upon further inspection they realized it was the same vat their seven-foot stalker had fell into.

The creature dropped to their level, landing in a squatting position. It no longer wore the trench coat. It's chest and arms were not only covered in fleshy black armor much like William and tipped with nine-inch claws for fingers, but they were also on fire. His massive legs were as white as his stone face. He stood throwing his arms aside in a challenge like gesture.

"T-this guy kn-nows his horror movies," Jinx said, backing into Raven. Panic was in her voice. Not a good sign, Raven thought. Now that she thought about it, Jinx had nothing to gain by staying. This was the part where her type usually made themselves scarce.

"I still don't understand why he's after us," Raven said, more to herself than to Jinx.

"Please allow me," Slade said. He stood on the platform the girls originally fought Mr. X on.

"Look. It's our friggin' guardian angel," Jinx spat.

"He's a bio weapon, much like William, sent by Umbrella to retrieve the G-Virus sample and likely silence any witnesses."

"But we don't have any samples," Raven stated.

"No. But Sherry does," Slade informed them.

"Wha?" Raven started but was cut short. Mr. X charged and to her dismay, he was twice as fast as before. She fell more than avoided the uppercut slash that ended with him standing over her vulnerable form. She only had enough time to look up as he prepared to end her life.

Jinx dived at Raven and rolled with her. It was enough to save Raven, but Jinx didn't get off so easy. Mr. X's claws skinned her thigh. The pain was immeasurable.

"Come on Titan," Slade boasted sounding outright disappointed, "I expected a better show than this."

"You...saved me..." Raven said, slight disbelief in her voice.

"It's not the first time if you care to remember, but who's counting right?"

Without another word Raven used her power to shove Jinx across the floor. X was slaking towards them again. Raven stood, hoping she'd have enough time and started ripping the poles off the gate with her power. She fired three at him and he cut them all in half. Raven took those pieces and fired them again. More followed. Each time he cut them in half, he made more for her to use. Soon he was unable to deflect them all and they plunged into his arms, chest and legs. He tensed and seemed to be silently battling immense pain, and then he shifted a couple muscles and continued his advance.

Raven began to remove the rods she had stabbed him with, intent on reusing them, when he rushed her. She was sent skidding across the hard concrete. Somehow she had avoided the claws. Raven sprung to her feet as he preformed a familiar animation of throwing his hands above his head for an axe handle like attack.

Jinx watched nearby helplessly. She refused to even look at her wounded leg.

"It won't end like this! I won't let you kill the Titan!" Jinx said summoning her Hex. The pain in her leg was amplified twofold: a warning from her body not to exert herself while in such a state. She blocked logic out.

"Fascinating development for a selfish criminal. Almost gives me goose bumps," Slade said, "I think I've seen my fill." He leaned down to get what he considered a great equalizer.

The Umbrella engineered mutant pounded furiously on Raven's shield. She was losing strength rapidly.

"Catch!" Slade shouted to her. He tossed something that looked like a stick with a rocket on one end.

"An R.P.G." Jinx exclaimed. Raven could have her degree in stealing trains, but Jinx knew her weapons. She crawled towards it, abandoning her attempts to summon a Hex bolt. She snatched it and found standing to be a difficult task. Once she was part way up, ignoring blinding waves of pain she struggled to aim. Her arms were shaking. Everything was shaking.

Raven's shield died and she fell to her knees. Her eyes trailed to Jinx as X prepared the deathblow. With one last ounce of strength Raven covered Jinx's body with black energy to keep her still. Now steady, Jinx fired. The Rocket hit it's mark and blew the creature to bits of flesh and smoke. Jinx promptly collapsed afterward. Raven scrambled, not even getting back on her feet, but rather crawling on all fours, to Jinx's side. She began to heal the girl.

"We should stop meeting like this," Raven told her.

"I agree. Need to save you without getting killed in the process," Jinx smirked.

"Why did you stay?" Raven asked, not being able to even begin to fathom an explanation herself.

"I donno. Still don't think I can change?" Jinx countered. She knew the real answer now. And it made her heart pound. Not a good thing when you're bleeding profusely.

Raven smirked. "You did all this just to spite me?"

"Damn Titan! You think I nearly killed myself for that?" Jinx regretted her out burst. It made her feel lightheaded. Raven had a full-blown smile now. First one Jinx had ever seen on her face. 'Or maybe it was worth it,' Jinx thought.

"Come now children," Slade said, "time is of the essence." He dropped down beside them and started marching in the direction of the train.

"Who said you could come," Jinx hissed. She had an arm over Raven's shoulder and was being helped along. Raven was only able to close the wound. She couldn't do anything for the blood loss.

"I don't need the approval of those who don't have the strength to force me off," Slade said. "But this should give you and your friends the incentive to put some pep in their step," he turned and showed them a remote. He pressed it and an alarm was sounded.


"How thoughtful of you Slade," Raven grumbled at him.

Raven and Jinx reclined in the control room while Slade got the train running. Soon they were joined by Starfire and Beast Boy. It wasn't much later that Robin appeared with Sherry.

"Slade!" Robin was shocked and equally outraged to see the man again so soon.

"Raven!" Sherry cried, diving on the female titan. For Starfire and Beast Boy, seeing Raven return the gesture was only second on the list of all things strange to finding Slade controlling their escape vessel.

"Now is neither the time nor the place, Robin." Slade said calmly. "Besides...I still owe you."


With a little more argument the Titans were convinced that taking on Slade was not in the best interest of anyone at the moment. The train started up and they were well on their way out of the lab. The Titans sat in complete silence. It lasted only until a loud metallic clang echoed through the other end of the rail carts.

"Seems we have stowaways. Check on that would you?" Slade instructed.

"Titan's Go!" Robin ordered.

"Jinx, could you watch Sherry?" Raven asked. A slight softness rounded her words that until now, Jinx had only heard when she talked to Sherry.

"Sure. Leave me with the hard part," Jinx scoffed, throwing an arm around Sherry. The blonde giggled.

Starfire used a Starbolt to illuminate the dark passage as they journeyed to the back of the train. Then, he found them.

"Sick...of the never say die routine," Raven said as a familiar giant stalked out of the darkness. It was the ultimate bio weapon. It was William.

"Titans. Projectiles!" Robin said, taking several birder-rangs from his utility belt. Starfire started tossing Starbolts like a machine gun. Beast Boy turned into a Kangaroo and began kicking crates at the abomination.

William dashed into the oncoming fire of all shapes and sizes. He jumped, snatched Starfire out of the air and slammed her against the transport floor. When Beast Boy came to her rescue he was receive a slash of his chest for his trouble. Robin flew in recklessly with a flying kick. He meant to pull away after seeing it had little effect but Willam was too fast. Willam grabbed Robin by his head and made ready to fire an embryo much like he had done with Brian Irons.

"I've had enough!" Raven said. Her friends were tore from Williams grasp by black energy. They were then tossed neatly back into the control room. Willam turned his attention to the single remaining Titan. He just stood there as she charged up her power. He had plans of his own. His form began to decompose before her very eyes. He became a large puddle of black and purple. Tentacles fired out from it. It was as big as half the rail cart they were in. He retained the exceptionally large red eye that was shaking a bell. In the center of the mutant was a trail of teeth in a chainsaw like position.

Raven dashed back in mid air while the creature propelled itself along to the floor with its tentacles. Meanwhile, the cart was turning pitch black with Raven's influence. Once it was completely hers she dashed out of the room. One of the tentacles caught her shin and tripped her. She severed it by closing the door to the cart housing William. Raven then used every ounce of strength to crush the rail cart with her foe inside.

The train broke out into the sunlight then. Raven's powers continued to grind and compress the rail cart. Dozens of tentacles were slipping out from it. Reaching for her. Raven continued to crush it until it was nearly half it's original size, then with a tremendous level of effort the dark mage shoved half the train off the tracks and pushed it back into the tunnel they were escaping. She passed out before the explosions did the rest.

"What are you talking about?"

"They can't do that!"

"They can and they will. Don't believe me? Wait and see."

"I don't believe this!"

"I don't care whether you do or not. It's your government. Time to move on Titans."

"What about our friend Cyborg!"

"Where is he?"

"He had to...recharge. He should be in the tower..."

"I'm going back."

"You'll never make it."

"I... have to try!"

Raven hopped this was a dream. The nature of this conversation was most unsettling. Slowly, her eyes fluttered open and the worst was confirmed.

"I should go. I can fly,"


"Can the dramatics. Robin, I still owe you,"

They were in the wilderness. The sound of a helicopter hit Raven's ears. All the Titans watched as it landed. Out stepped two Sladebots. Two more followed with a familiar cybernetically enhanced Titan.

"Cyborg!" The sense of elation and relief was so strong that even Raven wanted to join in and she still didn't know what was going on. She sat up taking in the sights. Sherry was sleeping on the grass beside her. Starfire, Beast Boy and Robin were retrieving Cyborg from Sladebots that weren't even putting up a fight. Her friends seemed insanely happy.

Slade stepped into his chopper and his machines followed.

"We'll be in touch," Slade said. Robin glared at him, but didn't say a word as the chopper took off.

"Sorry to worry 'yall," Cyborg said. "When they showed up to get me I...destroyed nearly all of them before they took me down."

"Understandable dude," Beast Boy said.

"Ready for someone to tell me what the hell's going on now," Raven said. They all turned noticing she was awake for the first time.

"Raven..." Robin started, choking back regret. "The Pentagon has ordered the complete annihilation of Jump City in order to protect the rest of the country. They've already launched a missile that will wipe it off the face of the earth,"

They were all silent for the longest time. Robin was next to speak. He filled Cyborg in about Umbrella's involvement.

"Where's Jinx?" Raven asked them. By their reaction it was clear the minx had chosen to make herself scarce. While surprise did not come to Raven she still felt a odd tinge of disappointment though she couldn't pinpoint why. Escaping was actually the most logical thing Jinx had done since this madness began.

Raven was struck with inspiration as she replayed many of the events of the nightmare over and over again in her head. She reached for Sherry's pendant and fiddled with it. It opened and inside was a small purple vial.

"How did you know?" Robin asked her.

"I donno," Raven said, not taking her eyes off the vial. "Guess when you work with these unstable individials long enough you end up thinking like them."


For those that forgot(and those that want to kill me now) look out for the spinoff that will focus on Jinx and Raven and, yes! conclude the parring.