I feel as though my heart is dying

I cannot bare the pain of another day

For I know that I must keep lying

Whenever I see you're face

His arms around you're waist

Hands intermingled, followed

By a soft embrace

Betrayal does not stab me in the back

It waits for me when I'm in despair

And devours my heart,

Of which I lack

To be the kiss on you're lips

To be the breath on you're mouth

It would be like a gift from the gods

Still, I am the one that will never be

I am too stubborn to let my eyes see

That happiness goes by you're name

Betrayal is his, the one you love

I want you, but he is there

Whispering sweet nothings into you're ear

While I wonder as to why the gods made

Such a holy and divine being

I want you

I need you

I love you Botan