Began: 4/14/05


Rating: R/NC-17

Characters: All original + OFC and OMC, as well as various other OC's that are important to the plot of this story.

Pairings: Tri-Klops/OFC and Skeletor/Evil-lyn; non-con between an OMC and other OC's in later chapters

Title: Thrice Charmed

Summary: Things have been going slow at Snake Mountain. So slow, that even Skeletor doesn't feel like doing anything! What happens when a young girl shows up, claiming to need the help of Eternia's most evil sorcerer? What is it that she wants, and will Skeletor and his minions help her? Rated for violence, blood, gore, language, and sex.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything that belongs to the creators of He-man, but I do own anything that you don't recognize.

Chapter One

Foul Encounters

Evil-lyn yawned. This was, without a doubt, the most boring week in the history of Snake Mountain. Not only had there been no attacks by the Defenders, but Skeletor had been unusually lackadaisical in his scheming. Not that she cared. It was nice, just being able to relax for a change. Even though she found her present company somewhat lacking in the conversational department, it was still nice.

Her "present company" happened to be Beast Man, who was currently grooming his fur. How utterly, stupidly typical of him, Evil-lyn thought, turning an uninterested gaze towards her fuzzy companion. She watched him for a few minutes, long enough to witness the capture of an annoying flea that had nestled into his skin. I am in desperate need of a hobby, she thought as Beast Man triumphantly squished the miniscule pest between his thumb and forefinger.

Deciding that anything was better than observing Beast Man's cleaning habits, Evil-lyn glided out of the room. She wandered the halls for some time, casually peeking into some of the unoccupied rooms to see if any of the other lackeys were doing anything worth while. Unfortunately, the only other cohort she was able to locate was Stinkor, and being in the same vicinity as him was the last thing that Evil-lyn wanted to do right now.

After making a mad dash for the nearest hallway with a breathable atmosphere, she leaned against the cold, stone wall in contemplation. There was nothing to do. That was the dilemma. So, the easiest solution would be to create something to do. That was easy. The hard part was actually deciding what to do, for there were numerous ways for a girl to amuse herself, and they were all equally entertaining.

I wonder what Skeletor is doing………. And just like that, Evil-lyn had an answer to her problem. Skeletor……….he was so much fun. It was so easy to ruffle his feathers, something that Evil-lyn was exceptionally good at. The mere thought of irritating Skeletor brought a mischievous smirk to her face.

Making her way to the throne room (or the pouting room, or the brooding place, or the ranting zone…), Evil-lyn let her mind wander over all the methods that she had used in the past to rile Skeletor up. There were a lot of them. Some had failed miserably while others had been fantastically successful. What to do, what to do, wondered the sorceress as she neared her destination.

Upon reaching the gigantic, iron doors that blocked her way into Skeletor's throne room, Evil-lyn took a moment to smooth her ruffled skirt and adjust her helmet. After all, a lackey had to look good when antagonizing her Lord. Her spine tingling with anticipation, Evil-lyn flung open the doors with her staff and dramatically trounced into the presence of Skeletor……….plus one other.

It was unbelievable. Of all the days to be discussing protocol with the minions, today just had to be it. Tri-Klops was standing at the foot of the throne speaking urgently with Skeletor. Cursing silently, Evil-lyn ducked behind a column of stone before she was spotted. As stealthily as possible she made her way closer and closer, until she could hear snippets of the conversation being held.

"Shouldn't we……….doing……….I mean……….sitting………." That had to be Tri-Klops; his voice, although deep, was much raspier than those of the others. There was a short, uncomfortable (at least, it felt uncomfortable to Evil-lyn) silence before he received an answer.

"If you're………. damn………. go……….worth while!" Skeletor's voice; Evil-lyn would recognize it anywhere. It sounded gravelly and strangely high-pitched, but having their face burnt off will have that effect on a person.

Curious as to what they were saying, Evil-lyn crawled a little closer, finally managing to make it behind the throne. "All I'm saying is that we should at least be thinking of a plan to capture Eternos!" Tri-Klops again. This time, Skeletor was quick to answer.

"What gives you the idea that we're not thinking, O Noble One?" His voice, although thick with mockery, sent chills down Evil-lyn's spine.

She peeked around the stone platform that she was hiding behind, attempting to get a visual. Damn! she thought, as she could only get a glimpse of Tri-Klops. His stance was defensive, with his arms crossed over his broad chest and his muscular legs apart, but his head was held high and his shoulders were set back; a sign of defiance.

"Look at us!" Tri-Klops nearly bellowed, throwing his arms out to emphasize his point. "We're just sitting around! Shouldn't we be plotting, or attacking, or something?!"

Evil-lyn was positive that if Skeletor had had eyebrows they would be arched in surprise; her own were already creeping up her forehead in disbelief. Nobody ever, ever shouts at the Overlord of Snake Mountain, not unless they have a death wish. Evil-lyn waited with baited breath, wondering what was going to happen. The two men looked at each other and no more words passed between them. They almost seemed to be sizing each other up.

Skeletor was sitting a little straighter and his head was slightly tilted to one side in contemplation; Tri-Klops's outburst had clearly surprised him. He hadn't expected one of his most loyal followers to exhibit such insubordination, and even if he had, it certainly wouldn't have been Tri-Klops that he had pictured.

Finally, Skeletor let out a derisive snort and motioned his Havoc staff at the cavernous opening at the other side of the chamber. "If you're so hot to do something, then go do it yourself; I've no patience to be bothered by the likes of you." Tri-Klops looked as if he was about to speak, but swallowed his words as Skeletor's empty eye sockets blazed with a furious red spark.

Turning around, head slightly lowered in defeat, Tri-Klops made his way out of the room. Halfway across the threshold, Skeletor spoke up. "Oh, and Tri-Klops………." There was a faint sizzling sound, and as he turned around to face his superior, Tri-Klops was hit by a small ball of energy. The blast, although small, was powerful enough to send him crashing backwards into one of the stone pillars that were scattered throughout the room.

"Never," Skeletor hissed venomously, "ever speak to me like that again." With a slight chuckle, the evil sorcerer slumped back into his seat. Tri-Klops, as far as Evil-lyn could see, staggered to his feet and limped outside.

More bewildered than ever, she attempted to creep back to the iron clad doorway undetected, but………."Evil-lyn, might I ask why you're scurrying about like a rat?" Evil-lyn flinched. His voice had an amused undertone to it, which wasn't necessarily a good thing.

"N-nothing, my lord," she said, abashed at having been caught lurking about, "I was just………."

But she couldn't think of an excuse to give him. Skeletor sighed impatiently and beckoned her to his side. "How much of our conversation did you overhear?" he asked. She swallowed, but answered.

"Not much, my lord. I just came in, about a minute or two before you sent him away." It was the truth, but that didn't mean that Skeletor would accept it.

"Good, very good," Skeletor whispered.

Silently, he reached up and grabbed a hold of Evil-lyn's wrist; before she knew what was happening, she was sitting in his lap. She gasped and tried to pull away, but it was no use; Skeletor was just too strong. "Because, " he asked as she struggled to get loose, "you do know what will happen to you if I find out that you're lying, am I right?" Evil-lyn nodded furiously, flinching as her master's clawed fingers ran over her exposed shoulders.

"Good," he muttered darkly.

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