A scene near the end of Banner of the Stars II is depicted here. I know it jumps around a little.. but bear with me -.-;

Disclaimer: Lafiel and Jinto belong to the author of CotS and BotS. They're awesome characters :)

R a i n

Deep longing to see your smiling face seizes my heart.
Fearing that I'll never see you alive again,
I come running down the road.
All I hear is your voice whispering in my ear.
You told me not to worry,
Yet this is what you do to me now.

Heavy emotion weighs me down.
I want to see you again.
Even in the darkest of days,
You always cheered me.
I knew I could depend on you.
But bound by duty,
I was forced to leave you behind that day.

Anguish filled me deep inside as I watched you from afar.
Your smile was shaky as you tried to reassure me,
But I still sensed that feeling of loneliness.
No matter how much I tried,
There was nothing I could do about it.
Tears are forbidden to me,
Yet I wanted to answer your sadness with my own.

Sitting here where I am now at this place where I left you,
I hear an exuberant shout,
A sonorous cry holding your name.
Leaping up, I begin running.
Rain splashes down all around me,
But I ignore it all.
The only thoughts on my mind belong to you.

Down the stairs I go.
Bursting into this darkened room,
I catch sight of your battered face.
A slight smile lights on your mouth,
But your eyes are dull.
Unable to contain the emotions deep inside,
Hesitatingly I reach out and touch you.
Finally we are reunited.
A single tear slides down my cheek.

Rain continues to patters down around us.
The coldness however is nothing
Compared to the fear that was inside me.
Waiting with such suspense in my heart,
I realized that I want to protect you,
I want to watch over you.
I want to never experience
That feeling of terror again.