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Author's Note: Basically the idea for this story came from a story I wrote back in 1999 after seeing Episode I. Then when I started to write 'Destiny's Hand', I took most of the ideas from this same story. So from a simply story I wrote in 1999, I've managed to get two stories out of it….make sense? I hope so. Anyways, this story is completely AU – for once I'm not going by the books. So there is no Yuuzhan Vong Invasion and stuff like that. So enjoy! Please review, flame, or whatever you'd like to do.

SETTING: Roughly 30 years after Episode IV. Leia and Han were married eight years after the end of the war. Then Luke and Mara Jade ended up getting married about 2 years later….that was after she tried to kill him. The Solo twins are 22 years old and Anakin is 20. Then Ben Skywalker is 20 and his sister Hailey is 19.

So here we go….

Chapter One:

Hailey Amidala Skywalker had never been one for adventures. She didn't mind going to a planet to help her father settle a dispute there or even help out her Aunt Leia with diplomacy. But when she was offered the chance to leave home and find her place in the galaxy, she didn't want to.

Her cousins had all left home. And so had her brother. But she hadn't. And that worried her parents a great deal. Sure Hailey was a Jedi Knight, but that was about all. Yet that was to be expected when you are a Skywalker.

"Luke do you ever think she will leave home?" Mara asked her husband one night.

"Eventually I think she will. Right now I think she is just trying to figure out who she is and what path she wants to take."

"I think you are encouraging her to stay home. You can't bare to let your little girl leave."

Luke laughed a little and hugged his wife. "And can you bare to let her leave?"

Mara shook her head no. "I guess not. But I'm worried."

"I am too Mara. But at least she has agreed to train the young ones at the academy. So maybe that will help."

Mara sighed. She hoped her daughter would soon discover her path in life. Even if it meant becoming a Senator or something like that.

Hailey turned over in bed and curled up in a little ball. She knew her parents were talking about her again. They always talked about her. And it was always in a bad way and never in a good way like they talked about Ben. It was always 'we're worried about Hailey', while it was 'oh we're so proud of Ben.'

But it wasn't her fault. She knew that she had a destiny, but it just hadn't revealed itself to her. And she felt that going and exploring the galaxy wasn't the way to find it. There was one thing that she did know for a fact. Her destiny was intertwined with someone else.

"You found them where?" Luke asked.

"In a hidden chamber, deep below the Senate Building. If we hadn't of needed a new sewer system, then we would have never found them," Chief of State Cal Omas said.

Luke, Mara, and Hailey had been woken up bright and early by Leia who told them that the Chief of State wanted to meet with them about something that had been found the day before.

As they walked through the medical building on Courscant, Hailey had the weirdest feeling about something. It wasn't that she was getting sick or anything; it was something through the Force. And it was being directed right at her and no one else.

The small group entered a clean room, where two carbonite slabs lay on a table. "How long do you think that they have been frozen, Doctor?" Omas asked the Calmarian doctor that was in the room.

"I would say about 65 years."

"That would make it that they had to be frozen around the time that grandfather began training at the Jedi temple." Hailey said.

"And long before the Emperor came to power," Luke added.

"Do you think that they survived this long doctor?" Mara asked.

"Who knows? The only way to be certain is to reverse the freezing process."

Hailey looked at the two faces that were imbedded in carbonite. Then it dawned on her who it was.

"Um dad?" Hailey asked.

"Yes?" Luke said turning to his daughter.

"I would say that these men survived."

"What makes you think that?" he asked.

"That's Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi."