Title: One Last Moment
Game: Seima no Kouseki, spoilers for Chapter 14 Eirik
Character focus, pairings etc:
Disclaimer: Fire Emblem: Seima no Kouseki is owned by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo.
Word Count: 553

She lies on the stone floor where the Prince of Grad and his lackey had left her. She hears footsteps coming from upstairs, downstairs, to the right, to the left, but always too far from the room where she is struggling for her life.

She will die today. She knows this. But still she fights against the inevitable, for a hope, a dream she has held for a decade.

Surely whatever force that drove the universe would now see it fit to carry him home…surely now her son will return to her. He promised that he would one day, in that letter she has kept and read over and over again, to the point where she now has its every word memorised. Yes, she is certain he will come; didn't she raise him to be a man who kept his promises?

This one hope fuels her to carry out her last duty. She stands, despite the searing pain in her side, and fumbles for a section of the wall. Her white hands, stained in her own blood, find the bump she is searching for and press against it. A panel on the wall slides open to reveal a chest. There they lie, the weapons her husband once held, the weapons she promised to protect, the weapons she would deliver to her son. She opens the chest and tries to carry them in her arms. Their weight is too much for her weakened body to bear and she drops them on the floor with a loud clang. The last of her strength leaves her and she collapses on the carpet.

The sound of the weapons falling to the floor seems to bring the distant footsteps closer to her. She hears a shout. The footsteps suddenly sound more urgent. Her heart leaps. Perhaps her son had brought some troops to find her.

She wonders what her son will look like, what kind of man he has become, what to say to him after all this time. How sorry she was. What a fool she had been. To forgive her neglect. That she loved him. Even though their cherished time together grew less when she became queen, even though they had begun to drift apart when he left so unexpectedly, she always loved him.

There are people surrounding her now. The Princess of Renais is calling her name; the Prince of Frelia is trying to deliver a message. But her son is not here. Fear creeps in. What was keeping him from her? Was he injured? Was he dead? Her hope fading, she cries out for him.

Surely the gods would not let her die without seeing him again? Would they deny her one last moment with her son?

In her fear and panic, the words- slowed by the pain wreaking through her body- come to her, the words she has longed to say to him for ten years.

How sorry she was.

What a fool she had been.

Forgive me, my child…

There is another person kneeling by her side. A slender young man with long red hair, dressed in the gear of a mercenary. She looks at his face, at the eyes half-covered by his black hat. The sight of him leaves her wordless. She knows.

Her son has returned to her at last.