Pleasure before business


Warnings/notes: Otogi/Honda, Kaiba/Joey, slightly silly/ooc, might contain incorrect monetary details, three-shot.

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written at 18th march 2005, by Misura, in reply to a meme-challenge made in my livejournal by Bardicsidhe which offered the pairing Otogi/Honda and the line: "This isn't what I ordered!"


(!) Please note that this chapter starts on 'the morning after'


"You know, I always tell my dates that I never make out on a first date," Otogi remarked, staring at the ceiling. Honda pondered the matter for a moment or two, before he decided that even -if- he'd be insulted that Otogi wasn't looking at him, he'd lack the energy to do anything about it.

"You know, I'm not one of your dates," Honda replied, not quite managing to keep a slight snarl out of his voice. "And we did quite a bit more than 'making out'."

"True and true." Otogi turned and studied Honda's expression. "But we did go for a walk on the beach, and we had a candle-lit dinner. All things ordinary people would consider to be part of a romantic date."

"Am I expected to say now that we, and especially -you-, are in no way ordinary?" Honda inquired, not quite sure if he liked Otogi making light of what happened yesterday.

"Not if you don't think so." Otogi shrugged. "To me, you're an extraordinary person, and I care for you in a way I haven't cared about anyone for a while. If you'd rather just stay friends, well, that's fine with me, too. It's ... interesting to hang out with someone who seems to be immune to my superior skills of seduction."

"What - never mind." Honda found himself grinning in spite of himself. "I definitely want for us to remain friends."

Otogi nodded, raising himself to a sitting position. "Like I said: fine with me. We can simply forget - "

"And I think friends can sleep together as well, if they happen to both want that," Honda added.

Otogi looked at him, then grinned. "Only sleep? To tell you the truth, I've had plenty of sleep already. I think I'd rather do something else now, for a change."

Any clever reply Honda might have come up with was prevented from being voiced by Otogi sealing Honda's lips with his own.


"You and Joey are kind of best friends, aren't you?" Otogi began, some while later.

Honda's stomach insisted on letting it be known that it considered this an unfit time for talking, and an excellent time for breakfast, but it was pointedly ignored by its owner.

"I guess so," Honda murmured. He'd been pretty comfortable, just lying there and listening to his and Otogi's breathing, yet he supposed it'd be rather rude not to answer.

"And Joey and Kaiba are getting pretty cozy together nowadays." Otogi sounded pensive. Pensive and, in Honda's opinion, disgustingly awake.

"Could you get to the point?" Honda grumbled.

"Well, it so happens that I have an appointment with Kaiba this afternoon. A rather important appointment, that could mean a great deal for Dungeon Dice Monsters, -if- Kaiba goes along a bit with my wishes." Otogi absently toyed with a pair of dice that apparently had been lying on the nightstand. "Joey might help to put Kaiba in the proper kind of mood to be ... shall we say, a bit more generous and lenient than he usually is in matters like this. More inclined to let me have things -my- way. Now, Joey'd -never- consent to do anything to help me, no matter how politely I asked him, but maybe if -you- ... "

"You're very lucky that you're my friend," Honda sighed, grabbing a pillow.

Otogi raised one eyebrow. "Is that a 'yes'?"

Honda hit him over the head with the pillow. "No, that's an 'I'd beat you to a bloody pulp for suggesting that, if you weren't somewhat important to me'."

"Ah." Otogi reached out for another pillow. "Well, it was just an idea."

Somehow, Honda found he possessed more than enough energy for a pillow-fight at eight in the morning, on a Saturday, no less.



"Did you two have a good night?" Mokuba asked over breakfast, after having scoffed at Seto's comment on the amount of healthy vitamins that his chosen dish contained -which wasn't very much, if any.

"I slept quite well, thank you," Seto replied, slightly absent-mindedly, obviously contemplating to further pursue the matter of Mokuba's lack of healthy breakfast-foods.

"You weren't supposed to sleep!" Mokuba glared at Joey. "What did I tell you? You were to make big brother feel better, not let him sleep the night away!"

"Huh?" Joey said. Both Kaiba-brothers had begun to suspect that Joey was only -acting- like he was fuzzy and barely one-quarter awake during breakfast, to avoid having to answer the kind of questions Mokuba tended to ask him about his and Seto's relationship, and they'd both attempted to lure him into giving himself away -Seto, because he felt it was unfair that he bore the brunt of Mokuba's 'innocent curiosity' on his own, and Mokuba, because it annoyed him to be played for a fool. Thus far, neither of them had succeeded.

"Sleep is very important to one's health." Seto risked a lot by -that- particular remark, but he felt discussing his sleeping-patterns was preferrable to discussing the details of how he and Joey had spent the night. He knew that Mokuba mainly brought the subject up out of some weird desire to see Seto squirm, and that if he were to inform Mokuba that yes, he and Joey had had sex last night, Mokuba'd most likely freak out and go 'ewwww!', but ... Seto couldn't bring himself to do that.

And Mokuba knew so, and shamelessly exploited the fact. He'd make a great C.E.O. one day.

"Is that so? Then why are you always working so late, and getting up real early to go on working?" Mokuba demanded, viciously stabbing the one piece of fruit Seto had managed to force him to add to his plate.

"Coffee?" Joey muttered, holding out a mug.

"Go get it yourself," Seto growled.

"See? Big brother has got a morning temper! That's all your fault! Why didn't you listen to me when I said you should - " Mokuba rambled, closing his mouth as Seto raised his hand.

"Mokuba, why don't you go pour Joey a nice cup of coffee? I have to prepare myself for today's negotiations with Otogi."

"Bah." Mokuba pouted. "I'm a teenager, you know. I have the right to get some Sexual Education from my legal guardians."

All in all, it was just another morning in the Kaiba-household.

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