Well, there you have it! The completion of One Secret! It's taken me a few of years to get there, but it was definitely worth it! I first published this story on on the 15th April 2005 and today, 30th April 2009, I have officially completed my first fanfiction story ever! So it actually took me: 4 years and 15 daysbut I enjoyed every minute of writing this story! I even found myself, at times, completely lost in the plot of the story that I actually started believing it was all real! Weird, I know, lol.

I must post thanks now to all my loyal readers and especially the reviewers! You are the people I write for and it's been great knowing that you love reading what I write! The reviews I received for each chapter only fuelled my drive and imagination to quickly post a new chapter for you guys! Thanks for all the praise and for all the constructive criticism! Thank you so much to everyone and I cannot tell you enough how much this all means to me! This is my first completed fanfic on .net and it feels great!

Now, I'm going to give you all warning that I have a sequel in the making for One Secret and I will be ready to post that very soon! It's entitled My Daughter and follows the lives of Randy, Lita and Heidi 12 years into the future, and as you all know me by now, the happily ever after that Lita and Randy have always wanted - and no doubt deserve - isn't as easy to keep up as you might think. I hope all my readers and reviewers switch over to this sequel and I hope I maintain all interest that I did in One Secret. Once again, thank you so much everyone who has stuck by my story! I couldn't have done it without you! So, until next time, hugs, kisses, and god bless.

Mrs Bridget Orton


PS: Here is the summary for My Daughter just to keep you in anticipation until I post it! Enjoy!

Heidi Maree Orton is now 17 years old and Randy and Lita have the happy family they deserve, but all that starts to change when old enemies return and grudges of the past resurface.