Platform 9 ¾ was nearly deserted as the train was making ready to leave the station. Ginny Weasley was running as fast as she could behind her mother, dragging her trunk with her. "I don't know what has gotten into you!" her mother repeated for the 12th time that morning. Ginny sighed and kept her eyes on the train ahead of her, willing it to start moving before she could climb aboard. Unfortunately her will was not powerful enough and her mom all but threw her onto the train. Ginny immediately turned and started walking down the steps again. Her mother grabbed her by the arm and forced her up the steps. "Really Ginevra! I don't know what has gotten into you!" she scolded, holding her daughter into place on the train. Mrs. Weasley leaned up even further and kissed her daughter on the cheek. "Have a good year!" she said, quickly leaning out of the train and slamming the door so Ginny could not attempt to escape again. Almost on cue, the train started to roll out of the yard.

Ginny sat down on the steps and blankly looked out the window. After a few minutes Hermione appeared and noticed Ginny sitting there. "Ginny! There you are!" she rushed over to her. "We thought you wouldn't make it! What happened?" she inquired, kneeling down next to the red head. Ginny slowly turned to look at Hermione with her calm brown eyes. Hermione started to fidget when Ginny didn't say anything. She waited for a second and then stood up. "Well maybe you can tell us later, but right now I have to patrol the train and you have to get into a compartment before a Slytherin head boy or girl catches you." Ginny got up and smiled at Hermione before she wandered down the train's aisle looking for somewhere to sit. Hermione gaped at Ginny's retreating figure and then shook her head before walking in the opposite direction.

Every compartment she passed was full. If only she could find her brother, then she would have a place. He would be sitting with Harry and there would be room because Hermione was on head girl duty. She almost laughed when she looked into a compartment to see Harry and Ron looking awkward as they talked to some Ravenclaw sixth years. Hadn't she learned by now? Hadn't she told herself over and over again – No one will ever have a place for you. Ginny just shook her head and moved on. She wished she were a Slytherin so she could just hate them all, but instead she longed for acceptance.

She finally found a compartment with only one other person – Pansy Parkinson. This is curious… Ginny thought as she entered the little room. Pansy was always the most popular girl in her own house and was constantly surrounded by a flock of other girls and boys from all different houses. Hadn't Ron even had a crush on her at one point? Ginny sat down hopefully- maybe Pansy was just as alone as she was.

Pansy continued to look out the window even when Ginny was fairly sure she had heard her sit down. After a few moments of silence Pansy said, "I'm not talking to you." Ginny saw the girl's muscles tense as if expecting an answer. When none came she turned slowly and her eyes widened to see Ginny sitting there. "What are you doing in here?" her voice immediately raised.

Ginny stood up in alarm, wondering what was wrong with this girl. "I thought you were someone else!" Pansy yelled, her lower lip trembling like she was going to cry. Ginny just stared at the girl, not knowing what to say. Pansy didn't wait for her to think. "GET OUT! GET OUT!" she nearly screamed. Ginny immediately obeyed and ran out of the compartment just as someone was running in. She heard a loud "oof!" as they both fell to the ground.

"Jesus Christ Weasley!" A boy grumbled as he sat on the floor of the aisle, rubbing his chest where she had bulldozed into him. She quickly got to her feet and stepped back from the boy. Everyone knew when Draco Malfoy got hurt, someone had to pay. Ginny wanted to help him up so then maybe he wouldn't be angry with her and make her life more miserable, but she was too frightened and continued to stand there gaping. Draco stopped rubbing his chest and let out a loud wheezing sound as he layed down where he was. Everyone also knew that Draco Malfoy had a dramatic flair.

As he lay there stretched out and staring at the ceiling of the train, Ginny thought maybe she would have a chance to escape. She realized she had to get around him and started to edge around his feet warily, wondering whether he was dazed enough not to notice. Looking down she felt a rush of relief as she saw his eyes were closed. Maybe he had passed out. Slightly worried, she leaned over him to see his face better. A drop of red appeared on his cheek under his left eye and she leaned closer, confused. It wasn't until the third drop had landed on his face that she realized her nose was bleeding. Her hand flew up to her face and felt blood just beginning to gush out of her nose. Quickly flinging her head back to slow the bleeding, she stumbled backwards and almost fainted when she felt herself step on something. In the next second she felt a hard pull on her robes and toppled downwards, hearing another loud "oof!" as landed across Draco's chest, knocking the wind out of him for the second time.

Her nose only began to bleed more as she struggled to get off him and as he tried to capture whoever had run him over. After a brief wrestling match Draco had her pinned and was blinking down at her as if to focus his eyes. Ginny could feel the blood everywhere- all over her face and hands and even into her ears and hair. She looked up at

her tormenter and knew she was in big trouble. Draco was absolutely smudged with red all over. His hair that had been gelled back was now sticking out at odd angles with bloody clumps here and there. The drops of blood on his face had smeared and even gotten into one of his eyes, making it water. There were smudges all down his white shirt and even on his neck. How in the world did the blood spread so completely?

Draco still looked slightly dazed and Ginny tried to ease him off of her so she could get away before he registered what just happened. When his eyes began to clear, Ginny heard a shout and a screech at the same time. Draco's eyes widened and he flipped off of her to see what happened. Ron was standing further down the hall, mouth wide open and eyes burning with fury. Pansy was standing at the door to her compartment with a similar expression to Ron's. "What did you do?" They yelled at the same time, rushing forward. Pansy grabbed Draco and Ron grabbed Ginny, pulling the pair apart. Ginny saw Draco shake his head a few times and push Pansy away before she blacked out entirely.