Hey everyone, I just thought that I'd add this first chapter of a story I'll be writing in the future. I won't be adding more chapters of this story until I finish one of my other stories first (don't worry as it won't be too long! lol!). Anyway I hope you like the start of it.

Chapter 1

"Oh god Josie." Mark panted as he rolled off his fiancé' after their incredible encounter.

Josie smiled and layed her head down on his chest listening to his heart beating fast. "Marcus dear, aren't you suppose to meet your mother for a public gathering?" Josie said sitting up.

"Oh shit, yes what time is it?" Mark said jumping out of his bed and started putting his clothes back on.

"It's a quarter after three." Josie said looking at the huge grandfather clock near one of the corners of his bedroom.

"I was meant to be there fifteen minutes ago!" Mark said walking towards the door.

"Mark!" Josie called out wrapping the blankets around her naked body.

"Yes?" He said stopping and turning around and walking back over to her.

"Wait a minute, you can't go yet." She said.

"And why not?" Mark asked sitting down on the end of his bed.

Josie licked her finger and wiped away the smudge of her lipstick on his chin. "That's why." She giggled.

Mark chuckled back. "Thank you."

"That's ok; I hope I conceived this time." She said quietly.

"I hope so too, and hopefully a male too." Mark said standing up.

"I love you." He smiled kissing her gently on the lips.

"Love you too." She replied.

Mark walked out of his room shutting the door to give his fiancé some privacy.

"Marcus why are you late!" Queen Bernadette said standing up from her throne on the balcony outside their palace as she saw her son walk up to her.

"I was busy mother." He said sitting down next to her in his own throne.

"I hope for a good reason too, your brothers Phillip and Nigel were able to get here on time." She said pointing to her other sons that were sitting as well.

"People of England." She called out down below to the crowd.

They all stopped talking to listen to Bernadette.

"As you all know, my son Marcus and his fiancée Jocelyn…" She started then looked at Mark indicating as to were his fiancé where about's were.

Mark shrugged his shoulders.

Bernadette shook her head. "Who isn't present at this moment, will be crowned the new King and Queen of England after their wedding in a few months. I will step down as Queen and let my son here and his new bride make a list of new laws that you people will agree to and obey."

Mark sighed as he listened to his mother yak on and on about him become King. He was annoyed as everything was happening so fast. Straight after his wedding he was being crowned as King. He wanted a honeymoon first and to have a son. He wanted a family before any of this. But as he already knew, royalty comes before family in any situation.

"Did you hear how Prince Marcus and he's fiancée Jocelyn are becoming King and Queen in less then six months." Tegan said to her friend Ellie as she plated her long red hair, sitting under a shady willow tree.

"Yes I did hear about that, not to long ago they became engaged." Ellie replied.

"Yes, mind you I reckon she's using him for the money." Tegan said as she finished plating Ellie's hair.

"Tegan, she comes from a wealthy family, and second I'm sure she loves him very much." Ellie said.

"Well then she's using him for his royalty then." Tegan replied.

"Oh my lord Tegan, we're acting like two little jealous school girls." Ellie chuckled.

"Well think about it Ellie, his rich, powerful, future King and most of all, he's very handsome." Tegan laughed.

"Well I guess right on that one." Ellie chuckled back.

"Have you got your acceptance letter for University in the mail yet?" Tegan asked.

"No, I'm beginning to worry though." Ellie said.

"Don't worry Ellie, you'll get accepted." Tegan said.

"It's easy for you to say as you've gotten your letter." Ellie said.

"Ellie you'll get it don't worry." Tegan said.

"I hope so." Ellie sighed.