by Chaoseternus

The Truth Is Out At Last, Are You Ready For It?


"Negotiations commenced today with the fledgling People's Liberation Army, Space formed by China in an attempt to bring the force, which so far has just one cruiser built using American designs, into the co-operation treaty which governs both the Royal Space Service and Stargate Command and their operations.

Reports suggest that at this time, the Chinese may be listening but their attitude is hostile. Whether this is a reaction to the initial secrecy by the Americans regarding the Stargate or to the refusal by the Royal Space Service to share technologies with a nation not a part of the treaty is unknown.

It is rumoured however that the Chinese government has demanded reparations from the Americans for bringing the Earth into an interstellar war without consulting the other nations of the Earth.

If true, then this is likely to be a major sticking point as the Americans will, perhaps rightly, claim they had no way of knowing the consequences of reopening the Stargate. Nor will the three nations of Stargate Command be quick to pay such reparations even if forced, America is reeling not just from the aftershocks of massive civil unrest within her cities, but the effects of a major attack upon the nations defences, the mass deployment of troops abroad to deal with the Goa'uld threats in France, Africa and England, troops which have yet to be retrieved and are known to have taken substantial casualties, but also with the continuing cost of the Stargate Program.

America is the strongest supporter of Stargate Command, paying nearly forty billion dollars a year towards Earth's defences, this is the largest contribution of any nation, tripling that of the British who are the next largest contributors to our defence"

"Japan confirmed its intention to join the combined space defence force, tentatively titled the Tau'ri Star Service when that force is inaugurated with the merging of the Royal Space Service and Stargate Command sometime early in the new year.

Controversy has already risen regarding the name of the service however, Stargate Command pushed for this name primarily because Tau'ri is what most of the other nations know us by, but the Royal Space Service has been quick to point out that Tau'ri is a name primarily used by the Goa'uld who are enemies of Earth.

The Royal Space Service has been pushing for Earthforce, a name that perhaps speaks more of us then what the other races see us as"

"Explosions have today rocked the city of London as army engineers demolish buildings in the path of the fire, intending to create a hasty firebreak to slow the path of the fire, perhaps, if they are lucky, to contain its spread.

Whether this desperate plan will work is unknown, fires on the sheer scale enveloping the city are rare, techniques for fighting them mostly untested theory. Indeed, the last time such fires occurred was the Second World War and fire fighting techniques have changed greatly since then

The only true blessing the firefighters have is that this is England, the buildings, even the houses are all brick and brick will not burn.

In America, many of these buildings, indeed, most of the homes, would have been wood, and as such, would have just been more fuel for the fire"

"The St Athan Memorial, the site which triggered our first real hint that something was going on, that perhaps we had come under attack from space, has today been reopened.

Moved by volunteers, mostly walking wounded military personnel, this monument stands as mute testimony to those who have lost their lives defending our planet from attack.

It is a large monument, equal in size to that of the cenotaph in London, but not large enough. Every available inch has already been covered with the names of the fallen, not just from Britain, but from every nation that has fought as a part of our space services since the reopening of the Stargate.

That mute testimony to loss is perhaps not the most moving part of the memorial, nor is the determined effort by those who should still be under Doctors orders to move it into full view, no, the most moving, most mute testimony is the list of complete ships, complete units lost in our defence. That list, which includes over thirty complete stargate teams, covers the base of the monument."

"We ring in 2013 with confirmation from the Royal Space Service of a mass launch of new and refitted warships. Today, four minor warships of the MTB and MGB classes were relaunched after major repairs, as well as four Sentinel class vessels, refits of Colonial Military hulls and the RSS Britannica, first of the new Battlecruiser class, is expected to launch tomorrow, an auspicious beginning perhaps to a new year that is already darkened, tainted by the events of the previous year.

London still burns, Exeter literally glows in the dark, France is occupied, allied forces still control a significant area of Africa, almost every city in the western world and beyond is severely damaged by fighting, rioting and looting, repairs which are going to cost untold billions to repair and the lost of human life is incalculable.

There is no question that we have been dealt a major blow, there is no question that many people are very angry about this, however there are far too many who are angry not at the cylons who launched the nukes or the Goa'uld who actions caused so much chaos, death and destruction but at the government, and at our valiant but beleaguered defenders, whom are being, indeed, are be sued for everything from incompetence to collaboration"

Continued in 12: Battlegroup