Jen of the Future

chapter one: I didn't know…

Author's Note: okay… so this Fic picks up from the episode "Neander- PhiL" just after Phil and Keely's dance…

when the music ended, the two stopped and sat down…

They weren't talking, and it seemed awkward so Keely broke the silence…

"I didn't know you can dance, Phil"

"well, my mom made me take lessons back then...or will make me take dance lessons… anyway... you get the point"

The mood started to lighten…

"you're a really good dancer, Phil" Keely said looking into his eyes

"thanks Keely, you too"

Phil stares into Keely's eyes too


Keely looked down, blushing

"Keely I…" Phil was cut off when Keely stood up at said "oh my gosh! I gotta get to work!"

Phil stood up... "Guess I'll see you later then…" Phil said with a little regret in his voice..

"Yeah… I'll see you…" Keely watched as Phil walked out of the room

"that was close… if only he knew…"

while Keely was cleaning up she thought to herself.. "I didn't know that he…that we…"