Simba Holmes story

By alphacadet0520

A.N. Okay you curious lot! This is on the assumption that if Merlock had a daughter, this probably (in my mind) what would happen if her father was lost in action. If it doesn't really flow at first, that's because I'm working from 3 versions of the same story and I may be adding, taking away and changing parts of the story as I write anyhow so I'll apologise for that here.

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Another A.N. I know Merlock can't seriously sing but in this fan fiction he does sing well. Also, this is my first fanfiction on the site so please be gentle.

Chapter 1: The Dream

"Who are you?"

Simba stepped forward onto the edge of the building, watching.

"What do you want from me?"

The figures hair flew out behind them and their features weren't very clear. One thing Simba defiantly knew was that the wind was cutting through her like a knife.

"Merlock, Merlock, Merlock," came the ghostly reply that echoed through the wind.

Simba eyes suddenly gazed over and she lent into the wind. It was as if a magical force was pulling her towards the person and the wind was carrying her towards them. But the scene dissolved into a tornado of colour; Simbas feet hit the ground. Her eyes unglazed over and she saw that she was in a dimly lit church hall.

The person still stood ahead cloaked in darkness and held a limp figure in their arms. The figure looked like it had been badly thrashed and was now hovering between life and death.

Simba then noticed that the person held a dagger in one hand.

All of a sudden, she-


Simba shrieked as she awoke with a start.

She snapped her head to look outside, expecting to see the women but was only met by the city skyline. She clutched the cloth of her nightshirt as cold sweat fell down her face and back, her breathing ragged and heavy. She pulled her legs in and wrapped her arms around her legs and put her head in her knees. She started sobbing into her knees.


Merlock came rushing in, flicking on the light.

He hurried to her side and tried to hug her but Simba tried fighting him off, terrified and swinging blindly.

"Simba! Please! Calm down! You're awake and you're in your fathers company. Why do you fight me? There's nothing that can hurt you here. You are safe now," he said, comfortingly.

Simba pulled away and only looked up with her eyes open once she was a couple of meters away.

Simba started crying harder and curled up in Merlocks arms. She held onto him as though he was about to disappear.

"What happened, Simba?" he said, softly.

"I don't know if it was a premonition or not," wept Simba. Divination was Simbas special ability but her dreams were often the ones that Simba puzzled over more than others.

"What happened, Simba?" asked Merlock, more seriously.

In between sobs, Simba recounted every little detail, everything exactly as she had seen them, from beginning to end.

She was scared stiff and had finished crying now; her father sighed.

Sure she was clever and in most cases knew better than to concern herself with her father (generally, because she often asked Bindi to keep an eye on her father), there was sometimes she had to concern herself with him and this was one of them.

She sat in her father's arms, her head resting on her father's chest and wondered:

Is this just a passing dream or was it a premonition?

"Dad," said Simba, not daring to look up.

"Yes, Simba?" Asked Merlock.

Simba looked up at him and said, "Don't do anything reckless or unnecessary."

"What?" asked Merlock, confused.

"Please, Dad," begged Simba, "Please. Do it for me, Dad, PLEASE!"

She looked up at him, her eyes begging him.

"All right, I won't," he smiled.

Simba smiled back gratefully.

"Okay, come on! Get back to sleep," Merlock told her.

"I will."

Simba layed back down to go back to sleep.

Merlock began to sing:

"Hush, said the angel,

Don't be lonely anymore,

I'm here, right beside you,

Like so many times before.

Time and again,

I've been her to fill your dreams,

But now I'm going to show you,

We're never far apart.

And just like before,

When you don't want to talk anymore,

Let me, carry you,

Oh, let me be the one to,

Oh, carry you,

Oh, let me be the one.

Let me, care for you,

Let me be the one you love,

My love,

Let me carry you, so you can carry on."

The song was her favourite and reminded her of her mother (who uses to sing all the time).

A soft purring noise told Merlock she had fallen asleep whilst he had been staring into space.

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