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Chpt6: The Storm

Simba sighed and looked out of the window, not paying attention to the lesson.

She couldn't quite shake the feeling that something bad was coming. Some sort of storm and now was the calm before the storm.

Joseph sat half listening to the lesson, half worrying about Simba.

Ever since Simba had got a letter back from her father a month ago, Simba had suddenly all closed up and all they got from her were nods and shakes of her head in answer to stuff and nothing more. She had been avoiding them as much as possible, keeping her distance and barely speaking. This certainly wasn't the Simba they knew…not by a long shot. Instead this was the quieter, broodier model that they were experiencing. Joseph didn't like it.

The bell rang and the class packed up.

Simba did so in a daze. Dad. You can't trick me that easily! Something's up isn't it? Be careful Dad! I don't want to lose you just like I've lost Mum already. I miss her and I'll miss you too if you leave m alone in this world! Just be safe Dad.

She started walking, heading for their dormitory. Hopefully, she may be able to sort her thoughts out in silence.

Simba closed the dorm door, tossed her bag onto her bed and flopped onto it as well, her skirt flapping a little.

Hearing a knock on the door, Simba sat up and scowled. "Who is it?"

"Simmy, it's me and LeAnne!" Joseph voice replied.

"GO AWAY!" Simba turned onto her side and curled up sadly.

"Oh come on Simba!"

Angrily, Simba threw a ball of magic at the door in warning. She heard a satisfying yelp of fear and Joseph bouncing back.

She heard LeAnne murmur something to Joseph (which met a grumble of annoyance) then LeAnne asked, "Simba, please! We're friends aren't we? Just tell us what's wrong."

"LeAnne," Simba began, paused then said, "come in…just you LeAnne."

The brown-haired girl walked in slowly, closing the door softly. "Simba, what's wrong?" she stood to wait for Simba's answer.

Simba looked away from her to think for a few minutes then said, "It's my Dad LeAnne. I'm worried."


"Something is coming…a storm or some kind of battle, Le, and it is not going to pretty." Looking at her friend, she carried on. "Some ancient evils trying to comeback for sure and it has something to do with me…and I'm scared Le. My own father isn't telling me anything. He seems to think this can wait until the holidays and the truth is that it can't. What am I suppose to do? Just carry on like normal and let my life get endangered? You remember what I told you about Hélène, Kristi and Jeremiah? About their scheming on Sunday? They mentioned a Dark Lord and they've made a threat against me and my father and…I don't know what to do!

"I can't tell the teachers. That know nothing of my race! NOTHING! They can't do anything! They can't protect me and…" Simba finally stopped, breathing heavily. "And the reason I've been distancing myself from you and Jo…is to protect you. I've already lost my mother…I know my Father is in danger and I know I'm in danger too…I don't want to lose my best friends."

Simba put up her hands in defence as LeAnne started to walk towards Simba, scared. "Please, Le, just stay away from me! I'm too dangerous to be around."

LeAnne sighed then said, "You really believe me and Jo are just going to stay away from you because of this?"

Simba stood dumbfounded. "I…"

LeAnne shook her head at Simba in disbelief. Suddenly, LeAnne shouted angrily. "You are really letting this get to you! You are such an idiot! Simba, we will never leave you when you are in danger…unless it is imperative for us to go! You are such fool! SIMBA HOLMES! PULL YOUR MIND FROM WITHIN YOURSELF AND FOCUS! WE WILL NEVER LET GO OF YOU! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? GET USE TO IT! WHERE YOU GO, WE GO!"

Simba looked at LeAnne, her mouth hanging open.

LeAnne never yelled without a good reason…a really good reason.

"LeAnne," Simba said, finding her voice, "I'm sorry. I didn't realise how much of a jerk I was acting like." She looked at her feet. "You really mean it? You and Jo would follow me into this storm without hesitation?" Simba looked up as she realised that not only LeAnne but Joseph were hugging her.

"Yeah, we would," Joseph said, unlike herself.

Joseph must really care for me if she is saying that. This is no light commitment. She is the first to shy away from danger…despite all her words and mocking.

Simba looked to LeAnne and smiled seeing the look on her face.

"I want to help you, Simba. Just don't make me shout at you again for having your head buried too deep in the sand."

Simba nodded, tears coming to her eyes. "Thank you, both of you. I owe you so much!" she sobbed.

As they released each other from the hug, Simba smiled then felt faint then collapsed.

Merlock sat up gently from his nap on the couch and was confused to find Bindi no where in sight.

"Bindi?" he called.

Getting no reply, Merlock stood up swiftly, grabbing his cane. "Bindi? This isn't funny!"

He crept forward, his Time Detective training taking over, keeping his senses open and alert. Going to his bedroom, he slowly opened the door but found no-one inside.

He checked in the kitchen, the study, Bindi's own room then his daughter's room. Nothing.

Returning to the living room, he rapidly became aware of someone nearby and turned, twirling his cane.

No-one there.

He could his own breathing in his ears, his heart pounding, and the adrenaline running through his body like a poison.

His ruby eyes swept front of him and, just as he was about to turn, a shadow fell over him and enveloped him in black shroud.


Merlock thrashed around, trying to find who ever it was but found only air and shadows.

"Bindi-Master! Help!"

As his air supply dwindled, so did his consciousness and he was only vaguely aware of falling throw the floor and into darkness.

Bindi felt her bounds finally break and she floated up, scared. She had seen everything and she knew right there and then that Simba was in danger.

"Merlie," she whispered. I've got to tell Simba!

Bindi rushed out of the house and started for Simba's school without a second thought for her safety or even travelling previsions.

Simba slowly came around, aware of LeAnne repetative screeches of, "get it away from me!" and Joseph's laughter at her friends terrified cries.

Opening her eyes, she saw something pink on the floor and Joseph prodding it.

The pink thing give a little cry and Joseph jumped back. "It's alive! It's alive!" she yelled like Frankenstein when his Monster had just moved for the first time.

Simba giggled and sat up.

Joseph grinned. "Hey! She's awake!"

LeAnne, who was appeared to be stood on her trunk, frightened. "Who c-c-c-cares? THERES A PINK THING IN THE ROOM! ITS ALIVE AND MOVING! GET IT OUT OF HERE!"

Joseph and Simba squealed with laughter, doubling over in hysterics. They laughter for ages and LeAnne just stood there scared stiff.

Simba finally calmed down, wiping her watery eyes.

Looking to the "pink thing" in question, her breath caught in throat in terror. "Bindi!" Simba ran forward, knelt and carefully picked Bindi up like a new born baby.

"You are t-t-t-touching it, Simmy? And you know IT?" LeAnne said in incredulity.

"Le, it's not a thing! It's a time shifter…My friend and my father's friend too." Simba warily came to sit on her bed then started shaking Bindi watchfully.

Joseph and LeAnne looked at one another, remembering Simba telling them about Bindi.

LeAnne got down little by little and joined Joseph at Simba's bed. They stood watching Simba performing a waking spell on Bindi, unsure what to make of the situation.

"Bindi, wake up!" Simba shook her cautiously. She smiled when she saw Bindi slowly look up at her sadly. "Bindi, why are you here?"

"Simba, your father…" she gasped.

"What about my father?" Simba looked seriously worried.

"Someone or something took him."

Simba's face fell as the realisation hit her: the storm was coming faster than could ever have been anticipated…and she was now stuck right in the middle of it!

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