You Get Used To Somebody

Summary: AU. Slash. Ginny and Hermione.

Whispers erupted like those of a volcano the minute pretty Ginny Weasley walked out of campus in tears. Everywhere Hermione go she could hear rumors about the break up of the most famous couple.

It spread like wild fire, she swore that she even heard two of her professors exchanging their own thoughts about the reason of their break up.

"I heard that Harry got her pregnant and when he found out, he didn't believe that it was his and called her a slut!" She heard someone say.

She rolled her eyes at the absurdity of it. 'Rumors' she thought. She was trying to walk fast so that she could get away from all of the petty people who delights in gossiping about the lives of other people.

That was until she bumped on a certain someone on the way out.

She faced the person and mumbled a quick "sorry". She realized that it was the popular Ronald Weasley and walked away again when she saw him staring at her.

He was trying to catch up to her, but she quickly grabbed the door and marched out campus in fear that he might blow up at her. She was sure that he was clearly not in a good mood because of his sister. Weasley's are pretty much known for their temper.

Grabbing her keys from her pockets, she got into her car and was beginning to start the engine when she heard a soft knock at her windowpane. Startled by the intrusion, she dropped her keys. She closed her eyes for a moment and begged the heavens and the stars to 'Please not let it be Ronald Weasley.'

Slowly she turned sideways and saw a Ginny Weasley outside. She got out.

"Hey" she heard her say.

She had to look up because this girl is a good 3 inches taller than her, and she's a year older than her!

"What can I do for you?" she asked softly, remembering the break up earlier.

"I, uh, I -" she paused for a while and smiled shyly at Hermione, "I kinda need a ride, badly... if that's okay with you?" she asked

shifting her weight uncomfortably.

Hermione watched her for a while, trying to figure her out. Her first thought was that she was really pretty, even with her tear-drenched face. This was actually the first time that she had seen her up close because she was always being accompanied by a swarm of people. 'No wonder she's so popular' She have a really great body too.

"Is it... not okay with you?" the redhead placed a hand on Hermione's shoulder making her return to reality. She literally jump at the touch and Hermione blushed at the thought of being caught. Ginny softly chuckled at her "Sorry"

She have a nice laugh too. And she decided that there would be no harm done to help a schoolmate in need. She smiled at Ginny and opened the door of her car to let her in. "Hop in"

Ginny looked at her with disbelief. She didn't really think that she would agree. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah..." Hermione furrowed her eyebrows, not understanding the hesitation of the girl "Don't worry no cockroaches there. And I surely wouldn't bite you... I think" She gave her a grin and received one too from the redhead.

"Thanks" Ginny said as she got in. Hermione closed the door and was about to go in when she remembered something.

She fished for the keys in her pocket but frowned when she hadn't found it.

"Are you ok?" Ginny inquired.

She looked over at the windowpane and saw the shiny keys below Ginny's feet. 'Just as I suspected'

"Yeah..." she replied and got inside. She bent down to reach over for the keys and had to swallow hard as she found herself face to face with the killer legs of Ginny Weasley.

She had a hard time reaching for them as her nose and forehead occasionally bump with Ginny's 'killer' legs.

"What are you doing?"

'I am so dead' Hermione thought to herself.

"Just..." pause "Trying to get the keys... I wont bite, ok?" she said trying to lighten the air around them while nervously grasping the key.

Ginny looked down at her "Hey, that tickles" she pointed out failing to suppress her giggle.

Hermione got up and straightened herself out holding the keys firmly in her shaking hand. "Sorry" she replied with a shy smile, finding herself incapable of looking at the girl beside her. She decided that it was best to start the engine now.

'What should I say? Come on Granger, think!'

"Make yourself at home, okay? " Hermione started, offering Ginny a nervous smile.

Ginny laughed softly at this, she was really starting to like this girl already. 'It was a pity we didn't met earlier' she thought. She decided to turn on the radio to make herself at home and gave the brunette a wide grin which the girl happily returned.

"Sorry if I had been a bother, Ron had practice so he can't really drive me home and I haven't got my license yet and well Harry's..." she paused "Harry's... out of the picture..." She finished with a sad smile. Hermione could feel the sadness she was emitting.

'I won't cry, it can wait till later'

Ginny sighed "You're really nice, thank you" she said with genuine gratitude. "So, uh, what was your name again?"

Hermione's grin drop a little. 'Of course she didn't know my name, what was I expecting?' She tried to reason with herself that maybe it was because the Weasley's moved here in just a year ago, but still...

'But she seems like a really great person, totally not what I was expecting from popular people'

"Hermione Granger" She said glancing at Ginny to find the redhead looking at her.

"Ginny Weasley" Ginny offered her hand and Hermione although a little hesitant, took the offer hand "Pleased to meet you, Hermione" She squeezed the soft hands of the brunette and smiled.

Ginny turned away with a smile on her face and focused on listening at the radio, which she quickly turned off when she realized that it might play some of those pretty sad songs that might remind her of Harry.

She saw Hermione glance at her and felt that the brunette understand her somehow.

They rest of the ride was spent in silence, both of them just enjoying the company of one another. Finally, they reached the Weasley's residence and Hermione pulled over.

Ginny turned to Hermione and gave her a quick peck on the cheek "Thank you Hermione, I really appreciate what you did for me"

Hermione watched Ginny walk away to her house, a small smile gracing her features as her hand caressed the skin that Ginny just kissed.

Ginny walked away from the car to their house feeling much happier. She really like Hermione. She might have just found herself a friend.

They can both feel that this is the start of something good... or bad... whichever way you want to look at it. Lol.