"I am glad you have visited us from Lórien, Lord Glorfindel. It has been a while since you have seen these walls," Elrond said as he and Lord Glorfindel walked down the open air hall.

"It has been a long while. I have been hearing some interesting stories of what your sons have been up to, though," Glorfindel said as they walked into the courtyard.

"Really? What stories-"

"Legolas! Aragorn! Both of you will die!"

Glorfindel started as two blurs streaked past him and two more dark blurs followed soon after. He recognized Elladan and Elrohir but the first two blurs were harder to place. They circled the fountain and stopped on the opposite side as Elladan and Elrohir stopped on the other side. Glorfindel's eyes widened slightly when he saw the condition the twins were in. Both dark haired elves were covered in flour, water and…honey? Both were glaring furiously at Aragorn and Legolas as they tried to calm the twins down.

"Now Elladan, you are overreacting! We did not expect you to have a maiden with you when you went into your sleeping quarters! That was purely an accident," Aragorn said while holding out his hands to fend off the twins if they attacked.

"And we certainly did not expect Elrohir to come running through the connecting door upon her shriek. Her shriek was slightly…uh…loud," Legolas said and finished lamely.

"You are not helping, mellon nin," Aragorn warned and watched as the twins parted and started to slowly circle the fountain.

"Oh Valar," Legolas muttered and eyed Elrohir warily.

"Go!" Aragorn yelled and they both leapt over the edge of the fountain and splashed through the knee deep water.

Glorfindel watched as the twins charged after them and the four ran around a corner and out of sight. He looked to Elrond and saw the elf lord sigh deeply.

"What were we talking about?" Elrond asked and they started walking again.


Aragorn and Legolas sat silently on the roof staring out at the dark forest. The twins had given up on hunting them down for a time; at least until after they got cleaned up.

"How long do you think it will take them to exact their revenge?" Legolas asked to break the silence.

"Knowing them…no idea. Also depends on how long Father lectures Elladan on bringing a maiden into his sleeping quarters," Aragorn replied with a chuckle.

Legolas nodded and loosely wrapped his arms around his knees. "It was rather funny."

"How does your ankle feel?"

"Still stiff occasionally but it loosens every day."

Aragorn nodded and laid back to stare at the night sky. Their friendship had steadily grown since arriving at Rivendell and often paired against Elladan and Elrohir over pranks. Legolas was learning that Aragorn was a man to respect and was honorable.

"I understand. A prince's work is never complete," Aragorn said quietly.

"If you would like to accompany me to Mirkwood, it would be an honor," Legolas said and glanced over at the human.


"Aye, I believe you would enjoy Mirkwood. I have extended the offer if you wish to accept it."

Aragorn thought silently before smiling. "I will come to Mirkwood with you."

"Excellent; we will have one big adventure."