It started out as a normal day in the life of Athena Jade...well as normal as it was for her. She wasn't your typical seventeen –year-old. While many of her classmates were out running the around town, she was either in her room writing with music blaring in the background, her nose stuck in a book or at the Archives in Alexandria, Virginia. She had friends but just a select few. One, Misty Ann, really wasn't just her best friend; she was more like her sister.

It was two days before school was starting at T.C.Williams. Jade was where she normally the Archives with Misty Ann. "Why do you like it here so much?" All the dust and the smell. Why?" Misty asked, looking up at Athena from her stool.

Who could explain Athena's love for old things, she couldn't quite understand it herself. "I don't know, there's just something about the past that intrigues me and the smell, well, with you it's apple pie right? Well, that what it is like for me. Why do you like guys so much?" she said making her way down the ladder with a file, but her foot missed a rung. The last thing she heard was Misty yelling her name.