I really love the idea of Bill and Hermione together so I decided to take a stab a long fanfiction about them, This is chapter one if you like it R&R. I'm sort of just randomly writing and I'm not really sure exactly where this is going at this time, but I hope you like all


Moving On chapter one:

Hermione Granger sat at Grimmauld Place early one Saturday afternoon. She was the only member of order currently staying full time at the house. Her parents had been murdered nearly a year earlier by Lord Voldemort and she hadn't been able to go home. Lord Voldemort had been defeated several months earlier as well, but the members of the order were still trying to round up the remaining death eaters. However it was much lighter duty now, most the time Grimmauld Place was completely empty. Hermione walked to the mantlepiece and smiled excitedly. Sitting there was a glowing picture of Her, Harry and Ron. She smiled remembering Ron's smile. Sometimes she could still see the goofy smile. He'd been another causality of the war killed by Lucius Malfoy, who was still at large. She stared down at her arm which still held a permanent scar that look reminiscent of a vampire bite. It was a relic from Nagini, Voldemort's giant pet snake. She remember walking up and finding Ron cold as Ice. She touched him but he wasn't breathing. There was no mark on his whole body the Avada Kedavra curse never leaves even the smallest. Draco Malfoy, to the surprise of everyone, was avidly trying to help the order locate him. Hermione missed him more everyday. It was in a way like a tiny piece of her would always be missing, she always kind of thought she'd end up with Ron. She was currently sitting front of the fire petting Crookshanks the cat when she heard the door open. She let out an exasperated moan. She'd never get to finish her book now. She stood up and walked toward the doorway. Standing there was Bill Weasley his long Red hair was loose to his shoulders rather then up in his usual ponytail he was still wearing his signature fang earring Hermione couldn't help but admire his shapely body as he entered.

"What are you doing here Bill?" Hermione asked though in her own way she had to admit it was always nice to have company at Grimmauld place.

"Well mum's got the whole world staying at the burrow because of Ginny and Harry's wedding and I there really wasn't room." Bill admitted. "You don't mind do you?"

"I guess not, that's what this place is supposed to be a safe haven for the members of the order." Hermione explained. "I must admit the company would be nice."

"I hear you've been living here for a while?" He questioned.

"Yeah, just me and Crookshanks." Hermione said


"My cat." Hermione smiled Bill gave her a beaming grin in return.

"Strange looking little rascal." Bill said but he walked over and petted Crookshanks ears he purred slightly.

"Ron used to get so mad at him when he'd chase after Scabbers, turned out the cat had good taste." Hermione giggled but it was a dry laugh.

"I miss him too." Bill said "I was thinking the other day that he would want to be there for wedding of his sister and his best mate."

"He will be there in everyone's hearts." Hermione said thinking of Ron again, it made her smile, now, it had once made her cry. "Ron's always with us, he was our best friend.

"He loved you, did you know that?" Bill asked suddenly Hermione gave a funny gasp.

"What?" She choked.

"He told me once that he'd always been in love with you." Bill said "He always kind of thought that someday, you'd end up together."

"I always kind of thought that too." Hermione admitted.

"I'm sorry." Bill said he was a guy that clearly didn't cry but if he had this would have been one of those moments. Hermione decided it was time to change the subject.

"I can fix you something in the kitchen." She said suddenly "Anything you'd like."

"I'm fine thanks." Bill said. "I'm going to head upstairs and pick out a room, if you need me for anything, I'll be here."

"I get along by myself all the time." Hermione said but she was secretly glad that Bill would be staying in the house for a few days she really enjoyed his company. Bill was also a bookworm and he would respect if Hermione would rather sit and read then talk. She sat down reading her book again Crookshanks in her lap Bill emerged again, sitting in a chair across from Hermione he too was reading but it was piece of Parchment and looked more and more frustrated by the minute. Hermione finally got up and looked over his shoulder, something about the confused look on his face reminded her of Ron. This made her smile just a little.

"What is this?" She asked it was a funny code.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out, it's a code I got from a tomb we just excavated in Egypt, it's not like anything I've ever seen before and it's the code to open the inside door, it's sealed with magic and won't open until the code is broken.

"Let me have a look at it." Hermione said Bill handed her the parchment she stared for a few minutes before pulling out a piece of Parchment of her own.

"What on earth are you doing?" Bill asked watching her copying the message and crossing out the words.

"I think I can figure this out." She explained "Come here it's much more simply then you think."

"No one every told you were good a code-breaking." Bill said given Hermione and mystified look.

"You see Weasley there's more to me then meets the eye." Hermione admitted giving Bill another grin before setting down her parchment

"I can see that." He smiled. Hermione gave a few more frustrated growns.

"It's just inverted." She explained "Like az"

"I never thought of that." Bill said Hermione laughed as his ears turned the same shade of red Ron's always did when he was embarrassed.

"The simplest solution is always the right one." Hermione said with a satisfied grin. "I don't exactly understand Egyptian, I know the characters, but that's all."

"I can read it now thanks." Bill teased Hermione heard his stomach give what sounded like faint growl.

"I thought you weren't hungry." She said with a slightly sarcastic smile.

"I didn't want you have to cook me anything, you looked so peaceful sitting there reading I hated to make you stop."

"As long as you don't mind a grill-cheese sandwich I'm all for it." Hermione said

"I thought you said I could have anything I liked?" Bill teased

"Absolutely anything as long as the only three ingredients are butter, cheese, and bread." Hermione explained

"Grilled Cheese it is then." Bill said and got a large smile as they headed into the kitchen.