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12 weeks later everything was in perfect order for the wedding. Molly and Arthur were using the Burrows backyard yet again. Family and friends were all gathered for a celebration unlike any other. Hermione Sat in Ginny's bedroom chatting openly with Molly.

"Bill's a complete wreck." Molly explained "I don't think I've ever seen him this nervous before."

"He's nervous because this is the final step of his life this is exactly what he's been waiting for." Hermione said "He's scared he's going to screw it up."

"You know him better then anyone Hermione." Ginny smiled walking into the room, "He just said almost those exact words to me."

"I know Bill, when you really love somebody you know them." Hermione smiled

"Harry's all ready to walk you down the isle." Ginny said "He's waiting outside and he wants to talk to you in private."

"Send him on in." Hermione smiled at that moment Harry entered his black hair slicked down the best he could get it.

"You look amazing." Harry smiled at Hermione. "Like an angel."

"You look pretty good yourself." Hermione teased

"Don't kid yourself every eye in the room is on you today." Harry said

"Thanks for saying that." Hermione smiled

"Ron would have loved to be here to see this." Harry explained "To see you this happy, I've never in all the years I've known you seen you so happy."

"Ron is here Harry, he's here because we are." Hermione said grinning. "The three of us are connected forever whether Ron is alive or not."

"I know what you mean, sometimes I feel like I could still just send him an owl or he'll drop in any moment." Harry paused "I know that you loved him, but he'd be thrilled that you are getting married today to Bill."

"I know that, like I told Ginny earlier, when you love someone you know that." Hermione paused "I've been fortunate in my life to kind true love twice, which is something most people hope they find once, Ron is always going to be in my heart, but Bill he's my forever, he's the man I want to wake up with every morning."

"I see that in your eyes." Harry said with a smile. "Look 'Mione you are the best friend I have left in that world and want you to remember no matter what happens we've always got each other."

"You, me, and Ron forever." Hermione said with a grin she leaned in and kissed Harry softly on the cheek.

"Hey everyone we're ready to start." Molly said reentering the room.

"You ready to be walked down the aisle." Harry teased

"I can't think of anyone better for the job." Hermione hooked her arm in Harry's and they headed out, she was about to become Mrs. William Weasley.

Bill stood outside he suddenly understood how Harry had felt only months before when the love of his life was headed down the aisle toward him. His heart stopped as Ginny entered and then took her place the music suddenly changed and everyone stood. Hermione entered in a simple white gown her hair in her favorite knot. She grinned at Bill happily. Charlie sat next to Percy his wife and son on his other side smiling at Bill. For Hermione at that moment everything seemed completely perfect. Harry lead her down the aisle and smiled as he gave her to Bill they took each others hands and quickly steadied each other. The Ceremony began in classic style the minister talked about two people coming together, however both Bill and Hermione were waiting for the moment they got to give their vows.

"William and Hermione would like share with us vows they have written for each other." The minister explained Hermione smiled

"Let me go first because if you go first I'll be too emotional to speak." Hermione said with a smile. Bill nodded his head.

"Whatever you say." He laughed getting a murmur from several other people.

"When you came to stay with me 4 months ago, I never dreamed we'd end up here in such a short time. I was in love with your late brother, but I knew that moment we kissed for the first time, that we belonged together." She paused for a second. "At first this is relationship was met with a lot of skepticism, but eventually we won over even our toughest critics." She smiled at Molly. "Bill falling in love with you has been a journey, it's been so short yet it seems like it's been a lifetime since we fell for each other. I've grown to cherish every moment I spend with you, you have given me a second chance and a reason to be alive again. When I look into your eyes I know that everything is the way it's supposed to be. I've tried my whole life to know everything about everything, but this is one thing I'm unsure of, I don't know where will be in 5 years or 10 or 20, but I know that right now, all I want is you." Hermione paused "With all that said all that's left is I love you."

"William." the minister said after giving the appropriate time to make sure Hermione was done.

"Wow that's hard to follow up." Bill said a smile on his face forming. "First of all I love you Hermione Granger. You are the only person I ever want to be with again for the rest of my life. When I came to Grimmauld place I really had no idea where my life was going, but now I know exactly what I want. I want a family and a life with you. You do it all for me." He stopped for a second then began again. "When I envision my life I can't imagine one moment without you. You are the air I breath, if I lost you my world would never be the same again. You gave a reason to be Hermione and I will cherish you and our life together for as long as I live." Bill finished Hermione heard the sniffles of the audience crying softly she too was crying tears of pure joy.

"Do we have the rings?" The minister said with a smile Charlie quickly handed Bill his.

"William repeat after me." He said "With this ring I thee wed." Bill breathed deeply.

"With this ring I thee wed." Bill said sliding the ring onto Hermione's hand gently. She then turned To Ginny who smiled back handing her the ring. This time around everything seemed peacefully Percy was sitting next to his father on the end of the front row smiling with Penelope. They all seemed to finally be getting it all back. They all seemed to finally be letting the past go and moving forward with the future. Hermione found it amazingly heart-warming.

"With this ring I thee wed." Hermione said slipping the ring onto Bill's finger.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your bride." He said Bill didn't wait even a second he grabbed Hermione and kissed her firmly the best kiss she'd ever gotten. She pulled away gently then allowed him to kiss her again.

"Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you Mr. And Mrs. William Weasley." The minister screamed Hermione kissed Bill again before they made their way back out of the church. They smiled at each other and they knew that no matter what came next they would always have each other. Hermione caught herself reaching gently down at her stomach. Thinking of the miracle that was now growing inside of her. A Miracle she and Bill had created together. The thought of it made her smile.

A little while later as they all gathered around the table at the Weasley's home excitedly talking about the future, Molly suddenly stopped everyone.

"Can I please have everyone's attention." Molly said loudly every eye was suddenly upon her. "I have a few things I'd like to say."

"When this whole thing started between Bill and Hermione I was the biggest skeptic in the world I believe that Hermione only loved Bill because he reminded her of someone else. I thought that Bill reminded Hermione of Ron. Everyone here knows that I always thought my son Ron would marry Hermione, sometimes things don't exactly work out the way you expect. I realize now however that Hermione and Bill are the true gem they belong together in ways no one ever expected they understand each other and love each other no matter what. I think it's refreshing really. Time may pass and no one know what the future holds but I believe as long as Hermione and Bill have each other they will get threw everything." Molly paused "I love both of you very much I wish you both the best of everything."

"Thank you." Hermione said the tears were back now and she placed her head on her husbands shoulder.

"In that case I have something to say as well." Hermione said softly, everyone turned instantly toward her.

"I basically lost everything last year, my parents, my lover, everything. I had nothing really keeping me going. I was just living by day to day but my life was meaningless. Then somehow I was sent a miracle. The Miracle of this however isn't just Bill, not that he's not a miracle to me, but it's all of you. I love everyone of you and though I'm not blood related to any of you, you are all my family. I just really wanted to say thank you for supporting me and being there for me when I thought I had nothing left to live for, and most of all thank you Bill for bringing all of this to be, because without you I have nothing at all, and finally thanks to the late Ron Weasley for helping bring us all together." Hermione stopped. "So will everyone please raise their glasses to Ron."

"To Ron." Everyone followed toasting along with Hermione. Harry smiled at Hermione Molly was weeping and the whole room seemed to be in awe of Hermione's gesture.

With those words the music began and Bill and Hermione stood to share the first dance everyone smiled as they danced slowly and perfectly anticipating each others every move. They spent the rest of the day exchanging smiles and pleasantries. Toward the end of the day as Bill stood dancing with Molly. Hermione sat in at the table she was greeted by an unlikely visitor. Draco Malfoy approached her candidly.

"Is this seat taken?" He asked

"As long as my husband is dancing then no." She said not fully understanding this strange gesture.

"I just wanted to say thanks for that speech." Draco said. "You are I were alike in the respect that I too have lost everything, and you gave me the hope to know that maybe someday I'll have my life back." Draco said "so thanks Granger."

"You're welcome." Hermione said at the moment Bill approached standing behind Hermione

"Is Malfoy harrassing you Mrs. Weasley?" He teased.

"Thanking her actually I also wanted to say I wish you both the best of luck on everything." Malfoy explained

"You too Draco." Bill said the two of them awkwardly hugged. Then finally Bill sat down next to Hermione as he walked away.

"Well we did it." Bill smiled at Hermione kissing her again softly.

"Did you ever doubt we'd do it?" Hermione asked with a grin. Slipping deeper into his grip.

"No." He paused for a second hiding her lips again. "We were meant to be and I've never doubted for a second that somehow someway it would always be you and me.

"I love you Bill Weasley." Hermione said gently.

"I love you too Hermione Weasley." Bill said with a smile and they silently promised to make their love last forever.


8 months later...

"Hermione's really early isn't she Arthur?" Molly asked thinking back in her mind. Bill still hadn't arrived at St. Mungo's and they were all taking turns the delivery room with Hermione until he arrived.

"It doesn't matter Molly dear, what Matter's is that we are about to be grandparents." Arthur said.

"Am I too late!" Bill screamed out of breath entering the waiting room.

"No Harry's in there with her now, Ginny's at Home, she's barely given birth herself you know and Baby Lily has been screaming like a banshee all night according to Harry." Molly explained

"Thanks for giving me so much to look forward to Mum." Bill said hurrying to the desk before heading for the delivery room.

"How we doing 'Mione?" Bill asked with a faint grin.

"Fine, healer says it's still going to be a little while." She grinned "I was afraid you weren't going to make it, seems our little guy thought it was a good Idea to wait for his dad."

"Thanks for waiting buddy." Bill said touching Hermione's now very large stomach. Just as a contraction hit. Hermione screamed

"She's a bloody nightmare when they hit." Harry said. "Ginny wasn't nearly this bad."

"They hurt like HELL!" Hermione screamed

"Breath Hermione just breath." Bill said but as Hermione squeezed his hand he knew it was going to be a long day.

"I'll leave you two alone now, I just didn't want her to be alone for the delivery." Harry said ducking out the room. Bill and Hermione talked casually for several minutes then another contraction hit.

"I HATE YOU!" Hermione screamed nearly breaking Bill's hand.

"I love you too." Bill said rubbing his hand as it passed.

"I'm sorry you know I don't hate you." Hermione said "I just never dreamed it would hurt this much." at that moment the healer entered.

"The contractions are getting closer Hermione, we think it's about time." The man explained Hermione smiled

"I'm definitely ready to get this baby out of me." Hermione explained "I feel like a beached wail."

"You look amazing." Bill kissed her forehead patiently.

"Bill it's great to see you made it." The healer said "you guys ready?" He asked

"Let's do this." Hermione said with a smile then took the Bill's uninjured hand as the doctor led wheeled Hermione into Delivery.

1 hour later Molly and Arthur Weasley paced up and down the hall of the waiting room. Harry sat in a chair next to Ginny who had decided to come after all as there newborn daughter Lily was fast asleep in her carrier. Sitting next to them were Fred and George. Fred had nodded off and it looked as if George was about to do the same.

"I wonder what's taking so long?" Ginny said with a smile trying her best to not wake Lily.

"Who knows."

Meanwhile in the delivery Room Bill had officially given up ever having feeling in his hand again, Hermione had been properly dilated for over and hour and still nothing.

"Alright Hermione dear, it's finally time to push!" The healer said excitedly Hermione tried to muster some energy she finally managed to push as hard as she could.

"We have a head." The man said "I just need one more." Bill held tight to Hermione not sure what to think she looked into his eyes squeezed tightly again and pushed. Bill's heart leap out of his chest as he heard the baby cry.

"It's a boy." The healer said waving his wand the baby was suddenly detached and clean he handed the tiny boy to his mother. The baby had loads of red hair. Hermione couldn't help but think how beautiful he was.

"Hi." Bill said sitting next to his wife and staring down at the baby. "Hello Ronald." he said with a grin.

"We hadn't even talked about that." Hermione said "but I was thinking..."

"We understand each other Hermione." He paused "From the moment we found out it was a boy his name was Ron." Bill reminded.

"Yeah I guess you're right." She kissed his gently.

"I'm going to go outside and let everyone know." Bill stopped "He's so perfect."

As Bill stepped into the waiting room Molly smiled, Fred and George both jerked awake as did Lily who fussed for a second then managed to stop crying.

"It's a boy." Bill smiled "We named him Ronald." Bill explained. Molly looked like she couldn't decided whether to laugh or cry.

"Can we see him?" She finally managed

"Sure thing he's in with Hermione right now." Bill paused as everyone started to follow with the exception of Harry and Ginny. "Sorry guys two at a time."

"Ok." Fred said George just shrugged.

Molly and Arthur entered the delivery room. Molly stared down at the tiny red haired little boy with an expression of pure love surprisingly Hermione was fast asleep with him in her arms.

"He's so pretty." Molly said "A classic Weasley, loads of bright red hair unlike our darling Lily with all that thick black."

"He's beautiful isn't him." Bill said smiling at his son.

"He looks like you did." Arthur managed.

"I was hoping he'd look something like Hermione at least." Bill said "Oh well we can always try for a girl right?" Hermione stirred slightly.

"Not right now we can't, I'm much too tired from this one." She tried to tease.

"Go back to sleep baby." Bill whispered. "I'll wake you when they want you to try feeding." Bill said

"Alright." Hermione mumbled sort of curling up.

"She's tired, we'll take everyone to see the baby in the nursery later." Molly said right now you guys need your alone time.

"You're probably right." Bill said "I'm awfully tired myself." Bill admitted he then took his son from his mother and set him in the nearby crib Molly and Arthur left. Bill smiled at his sleeping son before sliding next to Hermione and falling asleep himself it was a portrait of the perfect family. Bill knew this was the way it was supposed to be.