I never thought that it would come to this. How long have I lived with this shadow in my heart? Forever? It seems that long.

I know there was a time when I was happy…innocent. But those days are gone. Redemption is a myth. I am the reality.

Once you step over that line, you're gone. Whisked away into the darkness of nothing. You cannot return to those days of freedom. You are a prisoner of your own mind, cursed to live inside those memories for the rest of your days.

I played my part, acted my role like the empty puppet I had become. I showed the world that I was fine, that I had moved on…but inside, my heart was breaking. Being devoured by the shadows of my past.

For I am nothing but a puppet. Moving through the mockery of a life I threw away so long ago. The boy I was died when I first entered the Dark Ocean. Perhaps it is time for the boy I am to die as well.

How long have I been hurting like this? Haunted by the past? My once genius brain has no idea. But I do know I can't do this anymore. I struggle to get through each day…each worthless day.

Ken Ichijoji. Boy Genius. Dutiful Son. Digidestined.

I can't cope with this pain. With this emptiness. All I want to do is fade away. Disappear into the distant past. Maybe I can.

I'm sorry, everyone. I'm so sorry…