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A/N: Okay, so, personally I like the simplistic ending of the first ending, but this one also provides a similar quiet ending, and reflects my personal aspirations for House and Cameron-- although I perceive the greatest enjoyment in their "relationship" is the lack of said relationship. The tension between them is what I hope to represent, rather than have them falling into each other's embrace. Maybe someday, should the show go that way.

Anyway, please tell me which ending you prefer. Myself, I think I'm partal to the first ending.

Everyone here, I'm sure, understands the significance of the rose and chocolates? ;)

The following Monday:

Cameron, Chase and Foreman are seated around the conference table sipping coffee as House explains a recent referral coming in later that day.

"And let us welcome back Dr. Cameron" House concluded emphatically, raising his coffee cup in her direction, "who was sadly ill last week, but rejoins us. Healthy?" he questioned, a vague smile playing at his lips but divulging nothing.

"Yes. Healthy" Cameron smiled.

"Good. Alright you three—Go, be doctors and all that".

The three doctors rose from the table to exit the room. As Cameron passes House, her eyes are forward, her heart is calm. He never spoke of what had come between them, nor she to him. Things would continue as usual.

Upon entrance into his office, House stopped, gazing at his desk where a single red rose and box of chocolates sits waiting for him.

Dropping casually into his desk chair, House lifted the lid and selected a chocolate. He gazed at it a moment, as if contemplating it's purpose in life, before popping it into his mouth and selecting Queen's "Somebody to Love" on his MP3 player, flooding the room with sound.

Cameron had remained behind that evening. The hospital was silent, as if sunset had brought with it a cloud of obscure peace and tranquility.

She had stayed to review any missed work from her absent days the previous week.

Opening the wooden cabinet door at the far end of the conference room adjoining Houses' office, she shed her white lab coat and reached into the closet for her jacket. Standing upright, protruding from here left jacket pocket as it hung in the cabinet, was a slightly wilted red rose.

Plucking the rose from its resting place, she brought it to her face and inhaled the musky fragrance. Gathering her belongings, Cameron left the silent room, flower in hand.