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Monday morning came quickly.

Cameron's aching body had almost fully recovered, and she had noticed some slight bruising around her rib cage.

She had spent Sunday sleeping, watching "Dateline", and sleeping some more.

By 8am Monday, when House entered the conference room to find her seated there, Cameron had already forced herself to walk through the parkade. Underneath her car she had found her keys and hospital ID tag.

House seemed unsurprised to see her seated there, coffee in hand, flipping through pages of a recent referral, exchanging banter with Chase regarding the events of her weekend—he was curious, she was unhelpful.

After the usual pleasantries, House dismissed the three, stopping Cameron at the door and letting it close behind Forman and Chase who looked back briefly, curious.

"Get some rest?" he asked, casually, pouring himself a fresh cup of coffee.

"Yes" Cameron answered, smiling.

House looked at her a moment before nodding.

"Good. Stop by the clinic later and I'll change that dressing" he said, taking a sip.

Cameron nodded and turned to leave.

"Oh, and if you need a bodyguard this evening, I'll be leave promptly at five" he teased.

Cameron laughed softly and smiled back before forcing herself to appear serious.

"That won't be necessary, thanks" she said before exiting into the hallway.

House smiled and downed his coffee.

As House approached his desk, a package caught his eye—a black gift bag, slightly worn, with a tiny envelope visible just about the edge.

Frowning slightly, House grabbed at the envelope and dropped into his office chair, withdrawing a plain, white card.

"Thank you" it read simply in a woman's fine, curling script.

House gazed at the card a moment before setting it aside.

He reached into the bag and pulled out his faded "Rolling Stones" t-shirt.

The neat folds fell as he lifted it, knitting his brow faintly in contemplation.

Bringing the garment to his nose he inhaled the scent of laundry detergent and the faint aroma of Jasmine perfume.