Perfect Oblivion Chapter 1

The guys from our favorite team called the Blade Breakers were now sitting in Mr. Dickenson's office waiting to hear what he had to say to them. It was obviously important because he had told them to come down right away because it was about the tournament.

"So what's up Mr. D? What did you need to see us for?" Tyson asked the old man who sat behind his desk near a large window overlooking the whole city. It was a spectacular view that he had from his office which was on the fourth floor of the BBA building.

"I have called you here to tell you all about your new team mate. Since you need another blader to qualify for the tournament. Her name is Kirsten, she's eighteen and she is also a qualified blader. It would not be the best decision to underestimate her. Her skills you could say rival Tyson's. Kirsten will meet you at Tyson's Dojo in time to go to the tournament."

"Why do we need another blader?" Max asked Mr. Dickenson was about to answer when Tyson cut in exclaiming

"Wait it's gonna be a girl!" Tyson exclaimed.

"Yes will it be a problem?" Mr. Dickenson asked.

"No it won't be a problem." Kai said with a glare to Tyson's direction that left no room for argument. Kai obviously didn't want to be in Mr. Dickenson's office at the moment. Now they all looked to Tyson.

"No, no problem" Tyson replied

"Good and to answer your question Max it is because we noticed that there have been a rising amount in girl bladers and now we require each team to have a female player and those with one already have to have another." Happy with the answers that they got they all left Mr. Dickenson's office.

"What do you think you're doing?" an older man said who just so happened to be drunk.

"Leaving this hell hole and not coming back." Kirsten replied

"Who said you could leave I know I didn't" The man had obviously been drinking because of the way he was acting and the way he smelled.

"I did and I'm not coming back ever again."

"Right. You've said that before and always came crawling back what makes this time so different?" Kirsten got up to leave but the man grabbed her arm and threw her into the wall. She cried out in pain.

"Shut up you little bitch. You will do just as I tell you do understand ?" No answer.

"DO YOU HERE ME!" He yelled.

"Never again will I listen to you. Never again will I be you little toy. You won't use me like you used my mother." The man took a step closer about to continue to abuse her until she yelled out to her companion and best friend since the day her only friend left.

"OBLIVION!" Kirsten called for her bit beast and in a burst of black flames a red eyed black Pegasus appeared.

/Are you ok Kirsten/

/I'm fine. / Then Oblivion shifted for and turned into a woman that was about 5' 10" in height. She had long black hair, red eyes, and a black silk robe that covered her whole body down to her feet.

"I never want to catch you with your grimy hands on her again."

"I thought I got rid of you. Don't interfere" The man growled out.

"Oblivion use your obliteration attack." Kirsten commanded.

"How would like to die John?" Oblivion asked as she held a swirling ball of darkness in the palm of her hand. The man took a step back from Oblivion and Kirsten.

"W…What i…is that?" He nervously asked.

"Oh this? It's a sphere of endless darkness. One touch and you will be sent to the never ending depths of darkness and most likely never return again. You have five seconds." Oblivion let loose the ball but missed her target.

"Hmm I missed that's unusual." She formed another ball within seconds and counted down to one from five.

"Stop playing Oblivion." Kirsten commanded her bitbeast.

"Oh fine. You're no fun you know. Five…. Four…. Three… Two…" Before she reached one the man was gone and Oblivion and Kirsten were left alone. Oblivion turned to her master who was now sitting up against the wall of the room.

"Are you sure that you're ok?"

"I'm fine you can return to your blade and thanks for everything you've done my friend." Kirsten said to Oblivion before she returned to her blade. Kirsten winced in pain as she stood up. She cleaned what wounds she had gotten and continued to gather her things for the tournament. After she was done Kirsten got read for bed to get what little sleep she could before having to get up soon.

/What will they think of me if they find out about this… if they find out about this. / Kirsten thought as sleep took over her body.

Her alarm went off at 6:00 AM the next morning. Kirsten had gone to take a shower and get dressed in some black flare jeans, an ocean blue tank top (Thin straps) and had light eye make up just so it brought out her blue eyes and her long brown hair was pulled up into a bun with a few strands of hair hanging loose from its binding. Kirsten tried her best to cover up the bruises on her arms and legs from the previous night. She quickly grabbed her things and went down stairs. Outside there was the BBA's bus waiting for her. Kirsten got onto the bus and went to the back right hand corner seat and just listened to her CD player the whole way to Tyson's. They reached Tyson's within the hour of when the bus had picked up Kirsten. All you heard was someone yelling that the bus was there and that they better hurry up.

/Hmm… Sounds like something Kai would say when he would train us way back then. / Kirsten thought to herself.

"Let's go the bus is here!" Someone yelled from inside.

"Come on lets go win another tournament!" Another person exclaimed. Soon Tyson, Max, Ray, Kenny, Hilary, and Kai came onto the bus.

"Who's that?" Ray asked

"That's Kirsten your new team mate." The driver said to them.

"Kind of scary isn't she?" Max said.

"Be nice Max." Hilary said giving him a light hit on the back of his head.

/Why are they all staring at me/ Kirsten thought. /Do I have a bruise showing/ Tyson was the first one to walk up to her and to introduce the team to her.

"Hi I'm Tyson and this is the team. That's Ray, Max, Kenny, Hilary, and the grouchy one is Kai." Kai sent him a glare at that comment. (Figures that Tyson would first introduce himself and then insult Kai in the process.)

"Hi" was all she said to them. They all took there seats Tyson was next to Max, Ray next to Hilary, Kenny by himself typing away on Dizzi, and Kai was next to Kirsten but on the other side of the bus.

/You changed so much Kai. But you have the same look with those blood red eyes of yours that give away your every emotion even though you act tough. But you seem so different then when we were younger a lot has changed hasn't it. And it's his entire fault. All his fault. /

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