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Chapter 29: My Only Thought….

"NO!" Noa shouted, as he struggled to get out of the doctors' grips. "I don't need to go to a hospital! Tea does! Please! Get her there quickly!"

"Young man, we want to check you over just in case!" one of the doctors grunted, "The faster you get in the, the faster we'll be able to save the girl here-"

"ALRIGHT!" Noa gave in, letting them put him in the back of the ambulance, next to a few doctors, who were busing themselves around Tea.

Noa sighed and looked at the floor, downcast, as the doors shut. The siren went off and Noa felt the ambulance lurch as it sped off.

He felt terrible. This had been all his fault! If he hadn't been so worried over tiny things, then Tea wouldn't have gotten hurt! She had put herself in danger to save him!

Tears rolled down Noa's cheeks. He had immediately called the hospital –pulling out his cell-phone- but he still felt awful.

Seto was going to murder him.

Noa ground his teeth as he sat in the waiting area of the hospital. As he had thought, he was just fine: a few scratches here and there, but nothing awful! He had known that from the beginning! They could have taken off with Tea faster if they hadn't bothered with him!

Afterwards, he had been sent to the lobby to call his brother to tell him where he was.

He also had to be the bearer of bad tidings to Seto…

"Seto?" Noa asked as he heard the phone pick up.

"Noa? Where are you!" Seto sounded frantic, "Where have you been?"

"Seto…I…went for a walk…and um…I'm at the hospital now-"

"WHAT HAPPENED!" Seto shouted. "Are you-?"

"I'M FINE!" Noa shouted, angrily. Nobody should be paying attention to him now. It was Tea who needed the help! "Seto…I'm fine. But…Tea isn't."

He waited for the reaction. What would his brother do?

Seto's voice came out shakily, "I'm coming over there immediately." Seto then hung up before Noa could get out another word.

He had been waiting for ten minutes –his heart beating rapidly and anxiously. This was not a good day.

The hospital doors whooshed open, and Noa looked up, seeing Seto bound in, with Mokuba on his tail.

"Noa," Seto came to his brother and knelt before him, putting his hands on Noa's shoulders, "What happened? Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine!" Noa started, "But…I…I was walking…and I wasn't really looking where I was going, and I walked into the street…and then a car started coming, and I couldn't get away in time…but Tea suddenly appeared and pushed me away-"

"Thank God you're alright!" Seto suddenly pulled his brother in to hug him.

Noa appreciated the affection which had caused him to go out in the first place, but pushed back almost immediately.

"Seto, stop! You can't waste time! Tea was hit by the car when she saved me! You have to go and see her! I don't know what's happening-" he broke into a wave of tears, completely upset with himself.

Seto set his face, "I'll be right back." Seto stood up and rant to he receptionist's desk.

Mokuba sat down next to his brother. Noa had a hand over his eyes and was bent over so that his elbow was on his knee.

Mokuba wrapped an arm over his shoulder, tears welling up in his own eyes, "It'd be okay, Noa. Tea will be alright…."

Noa mumbled something.

"What?" Mokuba asked.

Noa took his hand away from his eyes, and looked down at the floor, "Not if it reflects what happened last time."

Mokuba blinked, confused, "What happened last time? When did this happen before?"

Noa screwed up his own eyebrows in confusion. He sat up and looked at Mokuba, "What the…. Does it feel like this has happened before?"

Mokuba cocked his head slowly, "Now that you mention it…it does seem sort of familiar…."

"Seto was really angry last time it happened," Noa stated.

"And he blamed Yugi-"

"Are you sure it was Yugi?"

"Well that was who it looked like, wasn't it?" Mokuba asked.

"I guess, Mokou," Noa suddenly shook his head, "I mean, Mokuba."

"What did you just call me?" Mokuba leaned forward.

"I have no idea where that just came from," Noa answered.

Mokuba looked around the hospital room in a suspicious manner, "Something's coming to me…."


"A revolt-"



"I don't remember anymore," Noa looked back at Mokuba.

"Yeah…neither do I. It's like…it all just…ended."

"A lost civilization," Noa murmured.

Mokuba was just about to question this statement when a group entered the building. Mokuba looked around and saw that it was Yugi and the gang.

"Noa!" Yugi called out running over to him, "What happened?" Mokuba figured Noa must have called them too. After all, they were Tea's friends.

"Tea…" Noa hesitated, looking away from all of their concerned eyes –Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Mai, Serenity, Ryou, and Duke- "Tea was hit by a car," he spoke very quickly.

"WHAT!" Joey shouted. A nurse shushed him from the receptionist desk.

"How did that happen?" Serenity said, tears welling up in her eyes.

Noa hesitated as much as he dared. He didn't know if Seto had been successful in getting into Tea's room or not, and he wanted the two to have some privacy first. After all, he was sure Seto had much to apologize for.

"She…uh…she," he stuttered as much as possible.

Seto approached the desk and demanded, "Which room is Tea Gardner's!"

"I'm sorry sir; no one is to see her yet. She is still being checked over, and is in critical condition."


"I'm sorry, Mr. Kaiba-"

"What will it take for you to let me in there!"

"I cannot allow that sir-"

"Is something wrong, nurse?" a doctor suddenly appeared.

"Mr. Kaiba here is demanding to see Miss Gardner. But she is not permitted to see anyone-"

"She may see someone now. We have her stabilized, though she is not in her best condition. It may be that you receive no response from her, sir. She seems to be out of it-"

"I don't care! Just get me to her!" Seto turned on him.

"Very well, come with me," the doctor turned. He began walking. Seto followed him.

"Can't you go any faster?" he snapped.

"Patience, sir, we're here," he opened a door next to them. "Be sure to tell us if something happens. I trust you know the signs," he narrowed his eyes. "I'll leave you to your privacy." Seto nodded, grateful, and stepped in, the door closing behind him.

Seto looked at the bed in the middle of the room. His eyes widened. Tea was breathing slowly. He saw that parts of her clothes were bloodstained and parts of her arms, legs and abdomen wrapped in bandages. There were several cuts across her face –thank God it was only scars, and nothing more serious, so it seemed.

Seto ran to her bedside and knelt down, looking over her. She had a device connected to her that showed her heartbeat, which was steady, if a little uneven.

Seto slowly took her hand in his, gently. He didn't want to hurt her anymore than she already was.

She had to make it through this.

He had to tell her how he really did feel about her. He had to tell her that he was sorry – about everything! He wanted to tell her how much he loved her.

And suddenly, it just came spilling out.

"Tea…I'm so sorry! I didn't mean anything I said those six years ago! I didn't mean it! I truly didn't! Please…don't leave me, Tea. Don't leave…I have to tell you! I must! Tea, I'm so sorry!" A tear leaked from his eye, as he looked down at the floor, unconsciously squeezing her hand a little tighter.

The beeping from the device slowed a bit.

Lying beside you, here in the dark-

Feeling your heart beat with mine.

Tea looked around her. She was in a green meadow. How did she get here? The last thing she remembered seeing was Noa's frantic face…. And then nothing.

She had dived for him…yet nothing hurt. How was that? Tea looked down at herself. Not a scratch….

She looked up. There was a door not too far off. She smiled. It vaguely reminded her of the time they had all been trapped in Noa's Virtual World, and doors kept popping up.

But still…where was she? What was she doing here?

But there was something about that door…something that made her want to open it…. And the feeling wasn't that of curiosity.

Tea edged forward slightly, surprising herself by walking. She smiled as she neared closer. There was an aura radiating from that door: one that made her happy.

She was closer now: very close.

Something stopped her. She looked down at her hand. Another hand held it. Tea turned around and gazed back into Seto's eyes.

"Seto!" she cried happily. She was happy to see him! Right now, it didn't matter what had happened between them. All she knew was that she was very glad to see him.

"Tea, don't leave…."

Softly you whisper, you're so sincere

How could our love be so blind?

We sailed on together

Tea furrowed her brows in confusion. Leave where? Tea looked back at the door. It seemed to be pulling her towards it: like some magnetic attraction. She tried loosely prying Seto's hand off, "Seto…I have to go. It's calling me."

"Don't leave me Tea," Seto replied. Tea swore she saw a tear in his eye.

We drifted apart

And here you are by my side

So now I come to you, with open arms

Nothing to hide, believe what I say

So here I am, with open arms

Hoping you'll see what you love means to me...

Open arms

Seto looked up. She had not moved. He stood up a little straighter. With one hand still grabbing hers, he used to other to finger her hair. Even in this state, it was still silky.

He couldn't let her go. He would do everything he could to keep her there, with him. She had come back into his life and made it all the happier. He couldn't let her go….

Living without you, living alone

This empty house seems so cold

Wanting to hold you, wanting you near

How much I wanted you home

But now that you've come back

Turned night into day

I - need you to stay

Tea watched as he began caressing her hair and holding her closer, wrapping his arm around her waist.

"Don't leave Tea…I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry…" rang in the air around them.

"Seto, I have to…. Why don't you come with me?"

"I can't, Tea…. I can't come with you…. But you can come with me…."

"But Seto," she looked back towards the door, "Seto, please," she slid herself out of his grip. His hand still held hers though, as if they were glued together. Tea could not pry it off.

"Seto, please…I must go. It's calling to me," Tea pleaded, giving him her most sincere eyes.

Seto noticed her heart beat slowing. Something inside him began to panic. No! he couldn't lose her!

"Tea! Tea, please!" Seto begged, "Don't…don't die," he whispered. He had experienced too many deaths in his life already. He couldn't bear hers as well. "Tea…I love you."

"Do you really want to go there?" Seto asked, his gaze bearing down into hers, "Do you know what lies beyond that door?"

"…Happiness, what else? That's all that it radiates," Tea replied, "Can't you feel it?" she asked.

Seto shook his head. Tea inclined her head. That was strange. Seto had always been able to feel everything; to sense everything. Something had to be wrong if Seto couldn't feel the happiness.

"Seto…what's wrong?" she came closer to him.

"Tea…I'm sorry," he voice drifted.

"You already said-"

"I love you."

Tea blinked slowly. "You…you love me? But I thought-"

"I love you Tea, and that's all that matters now," Seto replied, earnestly.

Tea looked up at him, "Oh…Seto!" she cried, running into his arms.

So now I come to you, with open arms

Nothing to hide, believe what I say

So here I am, with open arms

Hoping you'll see what you love means to me...

Open arms

Now Tea knew she couldn't leave. That was all that she had wanted to hear from him. Whatever happiness lies beyond that door…

It was nothing compared to this.

"Take me back, Seto. Take me back…."

Seto laid his forehead on the edge of her bed, letting his tears drip down onto the floor, as the beating began slowing.

He knew he should be getting a doctor, be he couldn't bring himself to.

He knew he could save her. He just had to!

He kept repeated, "I love you, Tea…I love you…."

Something about the atmosphere changed. The monotonous beep in the background hastened. Seto felt movement under his hand.


He looked up and saw Tea looking back warmly at him.

"Tea," he breathed.

She smiled, "I'm not leaving, Seto…don't worry."

"My God…it's a miracle," he whispered. "T-Tea! Oh, Tea, I'm so, so-"

"Sorry, yes, I know," she smiled, laying her head back down. "You told me…."

"You heard?" he asked.

"Somewhere, I did," she sighed, laughing ever so quietly. "Seto?"

"Yes?" he asked, standing up and walking closer to her.

"…Do you really love me?"

Seto blinked slowly, at the question, and then answered:

"More than you know." He slowly bent down and gently touched her lips with his, not wanting to hurt her too much from any sort of pressure.

To his surprise, Tea snaked her hand up to his neck and pulled him closer to her, so that there was indeed a little more pressure upon the kiss. Tea felt tears coming on.

Finally: after so many long years…after painful memories and countless hours of waiting: they were together again…and more than just friends.

When they pulled apart, Tea said back to him, "I love you too, Seto."

Those were the only five words Seto had wanted…or even needed to here in the past few months.

So now I come to you, with open arms

Nothing to hide, believe what I say

So here I am, with open arms

Hoping you'll see what you love means to me...

Open arms

Tea smiled up at him and shifted, "You know…you were the first…and last…well really, the only person I thought of when that car hit me…and I thought I was going to die. I thought of you, Seto."

"And I'm glad I mean so much to you," he replied.

"Could you help me sit up, Seto?" she suddenly asked, after a moment's silence.

"Are you sure you're fit to?" he asked, concerned.

"I'll be the judge of that," she replied, still smiling. There was a touch of humor in her voice. Seto couldn't help but to smile as he helped her sit up. Her heartbeat was regular now, and everything seemed fine.

"I had best go tell the others how you are," Seto told her.

"They can wait one more minute," she replied, pulling him down to kiss him again.

Seto wholeheartedly agreed.

After their brief kiss, Seto clasped her hand extra tight for a second, and then let it go, rather reluctantly, as if he was her lifeline: the person that would keep her attached to the living world.

Seto opened the door and stepped out, looking at the doctor next to the door. The doctor immediately straightened.

"Is she alright?" he asked, a hint of a worried tone in his voice.

"Perfectly fine…and better," he replied.

"Oh?" the doctor asked, "May I check on her?"

"Be my guest," Seto stepped aside. The doctor went in.


Seto looked down the hallway to see Yugi and the gang –his brothers included- rushing as fast as they could in a hospital towards him.

"Kaiba!" Joey started, "How is she? Is she alright?"

"She's fine," Seto replied.

"How fine?" Duke asked.

"Fine enough to sit up," he answered.

"Thank God," Mai clutched her heart.

"She's going to be okay, then?" Noa asked.

"You bet," Seto gave a small smile to his green-haired brother. The doctor came out of the room.

"You may all see her now," he said, before walking away. The group bounded in –except for Seto, who slowly walked through the doorway.

"Guys!" Tea exclaimed, as much as she could without hurting her abdomen.

"Tea! You're alright! Well…for the most part," Tristan scratched his cheek.

"How are you?" Yugi asked, pity reflecting in his eyes.

"I'm great: never been better!" Tea put on a smile.

"That's great!" Mokuba came up next to her. Tea looked up at Seto, as if to ask 'Did you tell them yet?'

He shook his head. That could wait…just a little longer.

The gang all talked and chatted with Tea, always wanting to make sure she was okay. Tea kept throwing smiles and gleams in her eye towards Seto, who returned them when nobody was looking.

Or at least…when he thought no one was looking.

Mokuba and Noa caught one of these transactions once. They turned to each other and smirked. They were back together again! The two high-fived each other from behind.


Tea returned to school about a week later, and everyone saw the change between her and Seto's relationship. The group was immediately told (Mokuba and Noa had been told the night of Tea's accident…although they confessed they had had a pretty good guess) and most amends were made between the group and Seto Kaiba.

A few years after high school, Tea and Seto were married. (Who says some high school relationships don't last?) The one to catch the bouquet of flowers at her wedding was Serenity.

Noa had elbowed Mokuba so badly that he had bumped into the girl.

They lived a happy life – starting a new generation of Kaibas. Tea taught at a local dance institution, just for the fun of it, and Seto did lighten up a load from his cold-hearted ways.

Their yami spirits, as they could no longer get married, being void of actual bodies, did love each other though, as they had been supposed to five-thousand years ago.

Thus, their grudges: forgotten.

Their separation: forbidden.

Their love: forever.


Oh…and just in case you wanted to know…Mokuba and Serenity did and up getting hooked up together. (Nobody saw the unlikely couple coming: least of all the two used-to-be-rivals, Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba…who were now in-laws! Go figure!) And Noa did grow on his liking for Ishizu, who returned the affection a few years when he actually looked a little older.

And that is the story of a five-thousand year, unsettled struggle…settled.

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