This is the epilogue of my story 'Slipped Away'. I really want to thank you guys for all of the reviews, you are all so sweet and I couldn't have finished this story with u!


Aang decided to stay at the South Pole with Katara and her people. Aang and Katara became an official couple and later on got married. For a honeymoon, Katara and Aang went to a far away island called 'Kawatichi'. Later on they had their first baby girl, Minka (A/N: I know that name sucks, I couldn't think of any good ones). Minka was half air bender and half water bender. When she became 2 years old she could already lift water! If splashing water all over Katara and Aang without touching the water was considered water bending...

As for Sokka...Aang was his brother-in-law, but he seemed okay with that. He didn't hook up with least not yet. But he likes to help raise his niece and to hang out with his sister. He is happy for Katara, he even told her "Mom would be very proud of you".

Sometimes we tend to hold things back, instead of just doing it. But eventually, you will get to it. Sometimes it will be too late...sometimes it won't work this worked out just fine.

YAY! This is my first fan fic that I ever finished! But I will miss writing this story, it was loads of fun. But don't fret, I will be writing fan fictions for a loooooooooooong time. You mock my words, I will write more. ;) Once again I would like to thank everyone for all of the reviews, you where all so kind. You told me what I should do better and what was great. That really motivated me. Check out my other stories! (I am currently working on two Teen Titans fan fictions: She Will Be loved...and The Titans Meet Candy. Please check 'em out and review them!) Thanks again!