Yeah, so thanks for this story go to az4ever, for wondering if Roy and Riza ever met before the war. The idea got so stuck in my head that I came up with this. It's kind of short and doesn't explain much, but if anyone wants it, I'd be more than happy to write a sequel.

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First Dance-

It's late on a warm summer night, the kind of night where the heat seems to caress your very soul. Although it's a lovely night, Riza Hawkeye's still not exactly sure why she's here. Here is a rather raucous party held by one of her fellow cadets.

She knows almost everyone there, but she wouldn't consider herself friends with any of them. She doesn't have any close friends at all, really. Riza is mulling over this rather depressing fact when she sees him. She knows who he is, of course. Everyone does. He's the infamous Roy Mustang, supposed to be one of the most powerful alchemists ever, despite the fact that he's only a couple of years older than she is.

In addition to being an alchemist, he's also extremely popular with the girls. He flirts with all of the ones who flock to him and they're only too happy to flirt right back. After a few minutes, though, he seems to lose interest in the girls and glances around the room as if he's looking for someone.

To her surprise, he stops and smiles when he sees her. A real smile, too, not just one of his annoying smirks. He makes his way over to her, and still smiling, asks,

"May I have this dance?"

It's impossible for her to refuse that smile.

This is like, attack of the fluff. But since I like fluff…Anyway, thanks again to az4ever for this idea, and thanks to everyone who reads my junk. Let me know what you think, and don't forget to send me your ideas for Anything Goes! (Just so you know, I'm going to put that in every fanfic I write!)