Woops, I'd almost completely forgotten to update this fic ever. Well, it's not really a fic so much as drabbles, but, still….anyway, this probably won't be updated regularly, like Random Royai, it just depends on when the drabble bunnies decide to bite. Yeah, uhm, anyway, thanks to all the reviewers, and I hope you like this one. It's about Riza. A 16-year old Riza.

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She rarely got in trouble. Except when she was near some of the older boys, who were stupid enough to try and hit on her. Usually, she'd ignore them, but the really persistent ones she took care to make sure they would never dare to get within ten feet of her again.

It wasn't fair, they said, that a girl could fight so well. Especially such a pretty one. Roy thought it funny; a lot of the guys thought they were all that, and deserved to be taken down a notch or two. It was strange, though. She didn't speak that much, and when she did, it was in that quiet tone she always used.

But if you looked in her eyes, you could see the fire in there. It was that fire that intrigued him, and made him want to learn more about her.

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