Hi, peeps. Right now this is probably going to be my dominant fic. It just popped into my head one afternoon, and I had to write it. By the way, the proper title will be given when I think of it.

I Was Lost.


Rebecca Ranth sat in the passenger's seat of her best friend Anna's car. They were driving to Wayne Manor for the weekend. Rebecca was very close to Bruce Wayne. After she left the Titans, she needed a place to stay.

Rebecca's name wasn't really Rebecca. Nor was her last name really Ranth. She was really the ex – member of the Teen Titans Raven Roth. She had left the Titans a few months after her sixteenth birthday. That was five years ago.

Now she was engaged. Or, was engaged. She had been going out with a male by the name of David Allen. At least, that's who she thought he was. It turned out that he was the infamous Red – X, the very same one her team had chased during the years she was a member. This angered her some, but knew she had been hiding her identity too. She felt that if David had kept such a secret from her then told her, she should tell him about her secret.

When she did, it didn't sit too well with David. He was so mad that he was engaged to his enemy that he walked out. All he took were some spare clothes, the Red – X suit, some food, and Raven's picture of them together. He wrote her a note that read:

Dear Rebecca (or rather, Raven),

I can't believe you. I'm calling off the engagement.

I know I kept a very similar secret, but yours was

just too much. Keep the ring as a reminder of our

failed relationship.


For once in her life, Raven cried. She bawled her heart out, Anna by her side. Anna couldn't help but feel sorry for her best friend. She knew all about her past, and felt that if any male would do that to any girl, they should be arrested for murder.

So now "Rebecca" and Anna were on their way to Wayne Manor to see Mr. Wayne. He knew of the current situation and wanted to help the girl who was like the daughter he never had.

That was fun, wasn't it? Well that was only the prologue, and I have up to chapter four written. So to be nice, I'll type it all up and post it all at one time if I get enough reviews for this and the first chapter, which will be coming to a near you soon.