Well, fans here you go. The epilouge for I Was Lost.

I Was Lost: Epilouge

So it came to pass; a realationship between Raven Roth and Richard Grayson. Through thick and thin, they stuck together. Richard was there for Raven when she needed him, and likewise, Raven was there for Richard when he needed her.

The Titans immediatly accepted Raven again, and a few months later, said goth girl moved back into Titans Tower. She was reinstated, and has lived a good life. Raven has changed her uniform from a black leotard and dark blue cape to white leotard and white cape.

Richard changed from Robin to Nightwing, and grew his hair to slightly above the shoulders, and wore a black suit with a dark blue bird across the chest. He has also lived a good life, Raven by his side in everything he does.

And so the Titans thrived. Raven came to trust Terra, and soon Raven, Starfire, and Terra were the best of friends. Raven did go to the mall when Terra and Star wanted to go, but would either plant herself in Hot Topic or the local goth bookstore.

A year or so after Raven returned and was reinstated, Beast Boy (Gar) asked Terra to marry him. Jumping up and down, she screamed yes at the top of her lungs so man times that by the next day, she couldn't even croak. After getting married, Gar and Terra moved to the suburbs of Gothum.

Starfire had afterwards discovered a liking for Speedy, and dated him. They had been going out for almost a year, and then decided it was time to get married. They moved out afterwards.

So now it was just Aqualad and his girlfriend, Mas y Menos, Cyborg and Bumble Bee, and Raven and Nightwing.

Okay, I'm sorry this is short, but this is setting up the background for the sequel. I'm going to go write it right now.

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