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I first started this story in 2005. It feels like even longer ago than it sounds. I was twenty-three years old back in 2005, had just become a very young widow the year before, and my little brother, my cousin and her two-year-old daughter lived with me in a little place on the edge of our grandmother's land.

Now at the time of this writing I am thirty-four, my brother is married with two small daughters, my dear cousin is dead and her thirteen-year-old daughter lives with her paternal grandparents in Florida now. Scattered to the four winds and one in the beyond.

A lot's happened, and I've had a lot of hardship on my side of the computer screen. There was a good stretch of time that I wasn't able to devote a spare moment to this story or any writing at all.

I'm glad I was finally able to finish this story at last, though. When I was finally able to mark it complete after all these years, it was a good feeling.

I loved this story, you know.

I'd like to mention that Nekotsuki was the beta for not only this, but my other fics as well, and has been almost since the beginning. Keeping in mind that's about eleven years, neh? She is amazing. She offered her valuable time to look over my chapters somewhere around the first handful or so of The Mindsifter, which would explain why there's such an improvement in the quality around that time in the fic. For where the text isn't peppered with excessive commas, full of holes from forgotten words, or confused messes where I didn't catch it when my word processor's autocorrect function substituted one word when I meant another, you can thank her. For everything else, you can blame me.

Also, heartfelt thanks to everyone who ever took a minute or two to review this story. It always thrilled me to get even the simplest review. ^^

Lastly, as always, thanks for reading.