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What is "us"?

They say opposites attract,

But we're not really opposite


They say when you first lay eyes on your true love

Sparks fly

The only sparks I saw

Were the ones coming out of his cigarette

Yet here we are,

Waking up to the harsh light of day

Heavy with scrambled emotion

And a major hangover

What are us?

What are we now

We're no longer just roommates

Or working colleagues

I doubt that we can ever go back to that

We're not in love

But it's more than just lust

You have a girl in Florida

And I have a man in Iraq

We share a bond that cannot be defined

We don't see eye to eye

Or heart to heart

But it's more than just simple infatuation

It wasn't like we had this planed

It just sort of happened ,just like life

You think you've seen it all at then it pulls the rug out from under your feet

There is no "us" in you or no "we" in I

It's just Ray and Neela

That's how it is

We share a bond that cannot be defined

Very random , it's my idea of an unconventional ray/neela relationship

Luv ya all

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-rock and roll bitch