Danny sighed as he gazed out of the window of the Fenton RV. He had been listening to his dad sing "ghost car songs" for the past four hours and it was really starting to get on his nerves.

"Ohhhh, 55 ghosts haunting my house 55 stinkin ghosts! Take one down, throw it out, 54 ghost haunting my house!" he sang loudly.

Danny moaned and placed a pillow over his head, how could the car ride possible get any worse?

"Hey, does anyone want to join in? Come on everyone!" Jack said and soon his mother's voice joined his dad's making the song twice as annoying.

"I stand corrected," Danny muttered under his breath.

Jazz sighed and held out some ear plugs to her little brother, "Want some?" she asked.

Danny nodded and took them gratefully. "Thanks Jazz."

Jazz nodded and shoved her own ear plugs in and the rest of the trip for them was spent in blissful silence.

Thirty minutes later they pulled into a hotel parking lot. His Maddie had talked Jack into spending their vacation somewhere nice and not cramped, as she put it. Jack pouted a bit but in the end he readily agreed.

Jazz was practically dancing on air she was so happy. "A pool and TV and air conditioning!" she sang down the hall.

"But the Fenton RV has air conditioning too," Jack pouted.

Maddie patted his arm. "I know sweetie, the RV is fine when it's just the two of us, but there isn't too much room to move around when there is four people in it."

Danny laughed quietly, "That could so be taken out of context," he said quietly.

They walked to the reception desk and Jack rang the bell. "Man I never get tired of doing that," he said.

Jazz groaned and blushed, Danny didn't care either way. He was used to his dad being a goof by now.

"A family room for four, non smoking please," Maddie said to the very bored looking attendant.

"Okay, your room is 245, on the second floor. Enjoy your stay," she said in a monotone voice.

"Thanks, we will," Maddie said.

They went upstairs and went into their rooms. It was a cozy little suite with enough beds for each of them and a door in the middle connecting the two rooms. "Well, here we are. Any requests for dinner?" Maddie asked.

"Not pizza?" Danny said. They had pizza for the past three days and he was sick of it.

"I second Danny on that," Jazz added. This earned them a heartfelt, "Awwwww," from their Dad but they chose to ignore it.

"Okay, any specific requests that's not pizza?" asked Maddie.

"Chinese food?" Danny ventured.

"Ooh, I like the sound of that," said Jazz.

"Okay, Chinese it is," said Maddie looking at the local Chinese food restaurants by the hotel.

They sat around eating Chinese in their hotel room and Maddie had the news on. "Trouble in Jump City!" was the night's headline.

Danny laughed, "When isn't Jump City in trouble?" he asked.

"When isn't Amnity Park in trouble?" Jazz asked.

Danny blushed and was quiet. "Here you look on the scene of the Teen Titans heroically fighting for our city against enemies that are seemingly indestructible."

The camera panned to show some robots that were humanoid shaped and very large but the seemed to have some hazy force field around them making them untouchable. After a brief look at the robots the camera panned back to the news caster.

"Will our hero's save the day again? Or will they actually taste defeat, stay tuned for more coverage."

Out of nowhere Beast Boy appeared, "Hey lady, get out of here before you get hurt. This isn't safe," he said.

After that the camera shot went blank and the news anchors once again dominated the screen. "Thank you, Polly, that was enlightening," said the male anchor falteringly.

Danny wished he could have seen those robots a little longer; something about their force fields seemed a little off, though it could have just been his imagination.

"Remind me why we're in Jump City again?" asked Jazz.

"Because, the ghost hunters convention is held here this year by the leading hunter, Dr. Asimov Andrews," answered Maddie. "And we were personally invited!"

"There are conventions for people like you?" Jazz asked.

"Jazz face it, there's a convention for everything," said Danny.

"Yes, well your dad and I will leave in about an hour. Can you two handle yourselves without us?" she asked.

"Yeup, can do!" said Jazz quickly.

"Okay, I'm going to take a shower. Jack no activating of any inventions, let's wait till we get there," Maddie warned.

"Awwww," said Jack.

Danny laughed and went into the other room and flopped on his bed. "I think I'll take a nap," he thought. Funny how spending hours doing nothing in car could make you so tired.

Danny woke up two hours later. His parents were long gone and he found a note addressed to him from his sister.

Dear Danny, gone shopping I'll be back in a few hours. Don't wait up.


Danny threw the note away and left the hotel to go exploring. He walked along the empty streets and vaguely wondered about their emptiness. After two blocks he noted that not just the streets were empty but the small animals and bugs were running the other way. "Okay, that's not good," he said.

He looked around and a giant robot came out of nowhere and almost smashed into him. "Really not good!" he said. "Going ghost!" he said and transformed into Danny Phantom.


Starfire looked up and saw a white haired boy flying towards them. "Who is he?" she asked herself.


Danny flew into the fray looking for whatever flew towards him. He didn't really want to become Danny Phantom, not there but what choice did he have? It was either go ghost or get squashed.

"Hey! Kid, get out of here!" Cyborg yelled. "This is our fight."

"Hey, I'm just trying not to get smooshed by the flying robots, okay?" Danny yelled back, dodging another hunk of flying metal.

"Metrion, azarath, zinthos!" Danny heard someone cry and a black shadow came out of nowhere and swallowed him up.

"Hey!" he cried out very surprised.

"I know who you are; you're that ghost that's terrorizing the city of Amity Park!" Raven yelled.

Danny went intangible and phased through the black curtain. "Hey, not my fault there. I actually try and protect the town, not destroy it. No one believes me anyway, but I think you have bigger fish to fry then me," Danny said motioning towards the robots.

Raven looked at them, then back at him. "You better not run away," she said.

"Raven!" Robin yelled, missing the whole conversation, "Back up Beast Boy now!" he yelled.

Raven went over and lent her dark power to save Beast Boy from a nasty looking fall as he was knocked out of the sky.

Danny floated there very confused and unsure of what to do. Then he saw Starfire scream as a large piece of burning metal flew towards her. He saw that she was pinned under a large amount of rubble and unable to move. He then quickly flew over to where she was and put his hands on her shoulders. "It's okay, I'm just trying to help," he said in answer to her terrified expression. Danny concentrated with all his might and they slowly sank into the ground, the fireball crashing into the area a split second later.

"Starfire!" Robin yelled, all he saw was the fireball seemingly run right into where she was.

Danny floated out of the ground mere feet from where Robin was standing, "It's okay. She's fine," Danny said.

Starfire and Danny went tangible and Robin finally gave notice to the newcomer, "Why are you?" he asked.

"Me? Well, I'm uhhh, heh…" Danny tried to stall while thinking up a cool new name for him to be known by. Just then another robot crashed into a building almost completely demolishing it. "How about this gets finished first!" he said changing the subject and flying over to the robot.

"Wait," said Robin but Danny couldn't hear him. He flew at the robot and hit the force field.

"Ow," he said.

"That's why I told you to stay away!" yelled Cyborg who didn't know who Danny was at the moment.

Danny sighed and went intangible, he flew into the robot pass the force field and the outer shell right inside the thing it's self. He found a lot of empty space and wires where he started to wreak a little havoc on with his energy blasts. The robot started to implode and Danny went intangible and flew safely out.

As soon as he got out another robot tried to slam him into the far building but instead its hand went right through him. "Okay, just how many of these things are there?" Danny said and did the same thing he did to the other one to the one that tried to attack him.

The Titans stood there a little mesmerized by the newcomer and his powers. "Raven, what is he?" Cyborg asked.

"A ghost, he's supposedly a bad guy that terrorizes a town but now I'm not so sure," she replied.

"He does not seem very bad to me," said Starfire.

After Danny took down four robots the others almost immediately stopped whatever they were doing and took off. Danny tried to follow but was stopped by another curtain of black energy. "Wait," Raven said.

Danny turned around and looked at the Titans, "Ummm, hi?" he said.

Starfire smiled and flew into the air, "Hi! How are you? What's your favorite color? What's your name? Do you like pizza and/or ice cream and would you like to be my friend?" she asked very quickly.

Danny blinked, "Ummm, in order, I'm fine, blue, Phantom, I think, I like both and sure."

Starfire clasped her hands together, "Yay new friend!" she said and hugged Danny tightly. Danny was surprised by the sudden physical contact and unconsciously phased through her. Starfire squeaked with surprise and looked for the now invisible Danny.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I wasn't ready for that," Danny laughed nervously and reappeared.

"So, you're name is Phantom huh?" Robin called up to him.

Danny flew down and landed in front of Robin. "Yeah, that's what my enemies all me anyway."

"You were named by your enemies? Dude!" said Beast Boy.

Danny blushed, "Well, it's a long story. So what were those?" he asked motioning to the destruction.

"That's what we were trying to figure out," said Raven.

"Ah, sorry I butted in. A big piece of something almost smashed me and I transformed in self defense," Danny said.

"Woah! You can transform?" Cyborg asked.

"Awesome!" said Beast Boy.

Danny's blush deepened, "Not really," he said looking down.

Raven looked at him and decided that he wasn't a threat, "Why does your town think you're an enemy?" she asked.

Danny looked at her, surprised by the sudden question. "Well, I was framed by one of my enemies named Walker. He doesn't think I belong in the human world."

"Do you?" she asked.

Danny shrugged, "No idea. I am half human and I do have a family and life so I guess so."

"Wait, what did you say you were again?" asked Beast Boy.

"Half human, half ghost," Danny answered.

Beast Boy went as pale as he could, "Ghosts are REAL?" he gasped.

"Dude, haven't you been paying any attention at all?" asked Cyborg.

"No," Beast Boy squeaked.

Danny actually laughed, "Don't worry, not all ghosts are evil and most of the ones that are don't get past Amity Park."

"Thanks to you," said Robin.

Danny blushed again, "Well, I try," he said.

Cyborg chuckled, "Yeah, kinda like Spiderman," he said.

Starfire looked puzzled, "Please, who is this man who is a spider?" she asked. "And how does he relate to our new friend."

Cyborg shook his head, "Never mind Star, you need to read comic books first."

Danny floated into the air while they started to talk, "Well, I umm better get going back," he said.

Starfire floated up to his level, "Please, when will we see you again?" she asked.

"I don't know. I was kind of hoping for a vacation," Danny said.

Robin nodded, "Of course, we can't pull you into our problems. Thanks for all your help Phantom."

Danny nodded back, "No problem, I was glad to help. And if anything like this happens again then I'll be sure to drop by."

"Bye new friend!" said Starfire.

Danny waved good bye then disappeared and flew off.


Meh, I'm totally biting off more then I can chew but I can't help it. This idea seemed so cool in my head I just HAD to write it down. Hope you liked it!