Danny's eyes widened, "Oh wow…" he said slowly.

"Good or bad?" Bumblebee asked him.

Danny gave her a sheepish smile, "It kinda depends. Possibly bad for me, but as far as fighting goes, if my mom's in charge this could help."

"Is she that good?" Cyborg asked.

Danny gave a short laugh, "You have no idea."

Maddie tuned out all other distractions like she had learned in her marital arts classes and pulled out a thin tube of metal. She pressed a button on the side and two glowing ends came out and elongated into a staff. "Your day has come Asimov!" she yelled. "We want our inventions back!"

Asimov smirked, "Your inventions?" he said through the robot. "Your inventions were nothing until I took them. And now you will witness the fruits of your labor!" he yelled and turned back towards the Titans.

Maddie was not one who appreciated being ignored, Jack even less so. With an enraged yell the two adults in their HAZMAT suits led a battalion of 70 ghost hunters at the robot, each armed with an invention of their own design. Maddie was the first to leap forward with her weapon held in front of her.

"Ha, you think that will pierce my defenses woman!" he yelled.

Maddie growled and tightened her grip on her staff letting it glow a bright electrifying green before slamming it into the shield like a sword. At first it seemed like she would be propelled by the giant force field, but after a few tense seconds her weapon began to sink into the shield as if it were gelatin. With a triumphant yell she called her brothers and sisters in arms to attack the shield.

"Dude, that's your mom?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah…" Danny said wide eyed.

"She rocks!" Cyborg cheered.

Danny landed on his feet and took in a few deep breaths, "The shield is weakening, but not enough," he said.

Robin grinned, "Think your trick will work again?"

Cyborg patted Danny on the shoulder, "I don't know, why don't we check?" he asked.

Danny grinned, letting his eyes turn a reckless green, "All right," he said floating back up into the air.

"You'll want to time it!" Robin warned them. "On my count."

Danny and Cyborg both nodded. Danny's hands began to pulsate with a green light and they all heard a faint hum as Cyborg's cannon came online. "One," Robin said slowly, watching the wavering barrier. "Two…" he said again, calculating just the right time. Maddie yelled again and slammed her staff into the shield. "NOW!" Robin yelled.

Danny pulled his hands back and let loose a giant blast tinged with white and Cyborg let loose a bright mass of energy in succession to one another so that Danny's blast hit first then Cyborg's.

The barrier glowed a bright green, then shattered completely. Inside the robot Asimov hissed as he smelled burning circuitry and he knew he lost his ectoplasmic shield.

A cheer rose from the Ghost Hunters as Bumblebee, Starfire, Raven and Speedy all took the opening on Robin's command and went to attack the robot directly.

"Well?" Maddie yelled. "Let's finish this!"

Another, louder cheer rose from the hunters as they all went forth to start attacking.

"Are you sure she's your mom?" Cyborg asked.

Danny laughed, "Yes, she's my mom."

"And she doesn't kick your butt every time you meet?" Cyborg asked.

"I get reaaaaly lucky," Danny said. "She's really good at her job."

"No kidding," Beast Boy said while staring wide eyed at the melee.

Vlad laughed hoarsely from his vantage point. "All the pawns doing exactly as they should," he said. "Perfect," and with that he disappeared, no longer worried he would be ousted. And if he was… well he had his own ways with dealing with such things.

Danny could tell that Vlad had disappeared the second his foe's energy signature could no longer be felt. He didn't even need his ghost sense to tell that Vlad was gone. The second Asimov could no longer hope to win Vlad's work was done. Danny sighed but knew that Vlad would come later, right now it was the man in the giant robot suit that he needed to deal with.

Maddie let out a shriek as she jumped on to the large robot once again and ground her staff into a crevice. The staff crackled with its green energy and the robot shifted, trying to get the woman off of it.

"Back her up!" Robin yelled and jumped up next to Maddie, shoving a bird-arang into the crevice next to it, trying to cut the circuitry.

Maddie looked over at the masked boy and smiled, "Well, it's an honor to meet you, Robin."

Robin grinned back, "I wish I can still do this when I'm older. Neat stuff you have there."

Maddie looked at the robot, smiling grimly, "I didn't give that man all of my inventions," she laughed ad pushed off of the robot. Robin took the hint and followed suit.

Jack held up a large grenade launcher and fired off a blast that landed right where his wife had been only seconds before. The area crackled and the robot wavered dangerously.

"Nice gun," Cyborg told Jack.

"It's not a gun, it's an Ectoplasmic Grenade Launcher," Jack said while patting the large metallic object in his arms. "Gun's are bad," he said matter of factly.

Cyborg blinked dubiously while Maddie landed gracefully right behind her husband. "Nice work Jack!" she said and jumped off to plan her next attack with Jack waddling after her.

"Quite the team," Robin told Danny.

Danny watched as Jack tripped and the grenade launcher went off, sending a bright green missile at a parked car. "And, sometimes not," Danny said with a grin.

Robin shook his head amusedly and whistled loudly. All of the Titans heralded the call and came over. "Okay, we're going to have one shot at this, so I want to make it perfectly clear that everyone has to do what I say, understand?"

Everyone nodded and Robin pointed at the robot. "Danny, I want you to phase inside of that thing now that the shield is down and pull Asimov out so he doesn't get caught in the explosion. I don't want you to destroy it, okay?"

Danny nodded, "Right," he answered.

"Cyborg, Bumblebee, Starfire and Raven, I want you to aim at where ever Phantom's mom is aiming at, she seems to know it's weak points. Everyone else, distract it as best you can so that he can't tell where we're firing, okay?" Robin asked.

Everyone nodded and Robin gave them a big smiled, "Titans, GO!" he yelled and everyone scattered.

Maddie cried as she fell off the robot, her staff still wedged in the crevice. Jack looked wide eyed as the monstrosity turned on his wife and Maddie lay there trying to collect her wits about her. Asimov chuckled from inside the robot and aimed a small launcher at her, "Finally," he muttered.

Raven appeared and teleported them to a safe place before the blast could hit. Jack abandoned his weapon and ran over to his wife. "Maddie, are you all right?" he asked her while helping her up.

Maddie shook her head and smiled, "I'm fine."

Cyborg wandered over, "You know where the weak points are?" he asked her.

Maddie pointed at where her staff was wedged into the robot. "Aim there, if you hit it enough it should penetrate to the core."

Jack turned around and bellowed to the ghost hunters behind him, "Hear that!"

There was a roar of agreement and the sounds of various high powered items getting powered up in preparation for the final barrage.

Cyborg grinned and charged his arm cannon, "Sounds good to me."

Meanwhile the other Titans were running around and keeping Asimov's attention off of the small force getting together behind his back. "I'll get you!" he hissed and pressed a button that fired a large missile at Robin, who dodged neatly and watched with dismay as the object destroyed part of the street.

"This is getting expensive," he muttered under his breath.

Danny hovered above, waiting for the final attack.

"Three," Maddie yelled. "Two," she took in a deep breath, "ONE!"

Many colored lights of various power shot out and hit where Maddie's staff had made an indentation into the outer shell of the robot. There was a soft hum as the energy core started to over power and become unstable. Inside the robot Asimov held up his hands to shield himself from the sparks that were flying everywhere. "This is a one time thing, buddy," he heard a voice say above him as he was lifted out of his seat to safety.

Raven held up a protective shield around the ghost hunters and her friends as the robot blew up. After the explosion had subsided Danny floated down gently with a rather bewildered Asimov in his clutched. "Here we go," Danny sighed with relief.

Maddie walked over to the smoldering remains of the robot and pulled her staff out clean as a whistle. Cyborg whistled himself, "That's some quality work right there."

"Thanks dear," Maddie smiled and looked at her staff lovingly. Then her gaze glanced sharply over to Danny, "So, ghost boy, what's your excuse for being here this time?"

"He's a Titan," Robin answered before Danny could.

Maddie blinked, "What?"

Starfire flew over to Danny and placed her hands on his shoulders while the rest of the Titans circled around him. "Yes, and he is a very good Titan as well. A true friend."

Danny blushed heavily while Cyborg pulled him into a noogie. "You blush too easily," he laughed.

"I do not!" Danny protested but didn't bother to phase out of the painful sign of affection being bestowed on him by someone twice his size.

Bumblebee tied up Asimov and flew into the air with him. "I'm gonna go drop this one off at jail. Want me to pick up pizza for our victory party?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy cheered.

Robin nodded and Bumblebee flew off with the angry man.

Maddie stepped forward and held out her hand to Danny. "Well, ghost boy, I guess I'll over look things this time given the situation."

Danny looked at her hand like it was an alien then he smiled and took it. "Thanks," he said with relief in his voice.

Maddie pulled his forward and whispered into his ear, "And you're allowed to spend the night tonight, but I want you to call me at ten, understand?" she asked him.

Danny's mouth fell open and his green eyes widened. Maddie smirked, "I guessed about three months ago sweetie, and now that you're a Titan I'm positive. Only a son of mine could do so well. I'm so proud, Danny."

Danny smiled and resisted the urge to hug his mom. "Dad?" he muttered back.

"I'll tell Jack when I think he's ready. Now go have fun, and call me at ten," she said letting go of his hand.

Danny nodded, "I will, I promise."

"We'll talk later," Maddie added. "But now, go have fun."

Danny took off into the air and waved at his mom then followed the rest of the Titans back to Titan's Tower for the celebratory party.

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