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Time Line : Events of this story take place three years after the events in Volume 13...

It's Good to be King

Chapter 1

A Clandestine Game

Keitaro sat in his tent, looking over the latest find and cataloging it. His research team was made up of some of the best 'diggers' in the world. Truly he felt that he had the dream team of all archeological institutions of the world. Each member of the team had mentioned, asked, pleaded, and finally begged for spots on his team, considering that he and he alone was granted the lead position in the first excavation to be allowed at the infamous Todai ruins, even Seta, that had returned a valuable artifact was only a member of his team, the first picked by Keitaro of course.

The Molmol government had restricted the site to the surrounding perimeter of the temple itself, but Keitaro and a few others of team had summarized that this was test before the actual rights were given to enter the temple. The site itself looked like something from an Indiana Jones movie, the research camp was set up in the middle, with the outside guarded by the military. The area itself was restricted, the only way in or out was by military airlift. Some of the researchers were uncomfortable with the idea, until they met the 'Commander and Chief' of the armed forces. A direct copy of their Leader, and they seemed to know each very well.

"Hey part-timer...err...boss I mean, " Seta coming into the tent, looking around for his younger counterpart, dragging along two other members of the team. Keitaro glanced up closing the log book, and seeing Seta, Haruka, and Sara.

"Hey, come on in and get something to drink. Just closing out the books, for tomorrow's last day." , waving them in and pointing to the mini frig near the corner. Haruka went to the frig and pulled out three bottles of water, and tossed one to each person, then she grabbed one for herself.

"Thank you Oba...Wan Kenobi," Keitaro flinched waiting for the impact from the fan, but Haruka held the fan a few millimeters from him, her face twisted into a near snarl, and Sara laughing hard at the scene. It was a game that the nephew had started to play with his aunt.

"Uh..excuse me...Dr. Urashima?" a tall blonde haired man inquired as he stuck his head into the tent. Keitaro still wasn't used to the honorary doctorate he was awarded from Tokyo University, but it had proved useful a few times in arranging supplies and equipment.

"Dave, how many times do I have to ask...it's Keitaro" , the young man said, as the tall blonde stepped in.

"Sorry ...K..Keitaro, there are some government types out here, along with that clone of yours." David had pointed behind him, motioning to the exterior of the tent.

"Aww, I was expecting them." Keitaro stood up and invited the small group inside. As his 'clone' passed they gave each other a warm hug, and shook hands. The two other men waited until both of the 'twins' had sat down, before they themselves took a seat. Haruka nudged Sara, as she motioned that they should leave, Sara only acted like she didn't notice.

"Well nephew, I guess you have business to discuss, we'll leave you gentlemen alone." She took Sara's hand and the gawking David and pulled them from the tent, as Keitaro and Seta waved them goodbye.

The two men sat then opened their leather bound notebooks and waited for the meeting to start. "Let's get the official stuff out of the way first, ok, Keitaro?" The 'clone' had asked. Keitaro smiled and answered back , "Anything you say your Highness." Even though they looked alike, Keitaro knew there was a huge difference between him and Lamba, the most obvious was that he was the heir to the throne of Molmol.

Lamba just chuckled, "Ok then DOCTOR Urashima", Lamba always secretly thought of Keitaro as a brother. Their short visits always made his day, and he always looked forward to his 'offical' visits. His younger sister, had the luck to live as a normal girl, and had grown close to the man across from him. "The schedule for tomorrow and the rest of the week is as we discussed earlier. The remaining artifacts will be lifted out in the morning, along with the majority of your team. The rest of the week will be the shut down of the site. On Wednesday, you and the rest of your team will be flown out to the capital for a few ceremonies, before you leave Japan. And call me Lamba or I will make you walk out of the desert." The last part was said with both humor and a touch of a threat.

Seta then spoke up, "Keitaro, do what he asks. I don't want to walk out with you again." The three men laughed for a bit before the prince began speaking again.

"I forgot you crossed the desert from the western jungle to the city didn't you?" Lamba asked the two men. They both laughed and nodded as Keitaro added, "Well if someone had filled the tank, we wouldn't have had to." as he gave Seta a side ways glance. One of the two men, noted this in his notebook. The three men continued to have a pleasant conversation.

It was getting late in the afternoon when, the one of the camp's cooks came by and asked if Keitaro was going to help with the banquet meal that he had planned as a finial 'thank you' and 'job well done' to everyone. Keitaro was about to excuse himself, when his inner voice reminded him of something. "I'm sure you are wanting to return to the Palace tonight, but if you want to stay, I'm preparing a surprise for everyone. Besides, it would be fun." Lamba stood and graciously accepted the invitation.

As Keitaro left the tent with Seta, Lamba looked over to the men and said, "A banquet, how nice."


The banquet was actually a cleaning out of the refrigerator before it left in the morning. Keitaro had invited everyone that had worked on the dig to attend. Sitting in the place of honor was Lamba, followed by the other researchers and even the military personal that had done some of manual labor around the site itself. As each dish was brought out, the group awed and applauded. At the end of the dinner Keitaro rolled out his surprise which was a desert he made up in honor of the country that they were in. It was a large chilled fruit salad, with fried bananas, split open as 'boats' for the melody of chilled fruit, with a light sauce. He personally served each person that was there, and when he did so, he thanked them and shook their hand.

After desert, everyone stood and said a few words to the Keitaro, as it quickly turned into a roast, as people were telling humorous stories about things that they had seen. Most of the stories had stemmed from a visit by Naru, with the stories a few presents were given to Keitaro, including one in particular from the military garrison.

A Captain was retelling one of these stories, "...We saw him walking into the showers, when we heard this scream, followed by some rather foul language. Dr. Urashima, was launched out of the tent, and he flew right into the female military dorm, again followed by some screams, and we watched as he came back flying into our area, and landed right back in the shower tent that he had just left." He had to stop, he was laughing to hard, and most of everyone else was as well. "This time instead of being propelled away from the area, he was shot almost straight up, I swear we lost sight of him. It had to be a good two minutes until we heard his yelling voice as he came back down, and left that crater." As everyone was laughing, the Captain and a few of his men, presented Keitaro with a parachute.


Keitaro was the last civilian to leave the site, Wednesday morning, as the helicopter lifted off, he was handed the schedule for the two days of ceremonies. That evening he would be presenting all the artifacts to the royal family in a small private ceremony. Thursday morning he would attend a formal signing ceremony where several national museums would 'trade' exhibits with Molmol, then later he was to receive an award of some type from the royal family, and attend a formal dinner in his honor. All of it seemed too much to him, but he was told by several of the researchers that it was a good thing and just don't trip into anyone.

At the palace he met up with Amalla, who seemed more than trilled to see him, as she greeted him in Kaolla style by jumping on his shoulders. The resulting crash ended with Keitaro on his back, and Amalla sitting on his shoulders, while his head seemed to have managed to end up inside her skirt. As the daze wore away, and he opened his eyes, seeing only what Lamba should be looking at. He quickly back peddled away trying control the sudden nose bleed, he had gotten.

"Sorry...Sorry ...Sorry I swear I didn't ..." His arms crossed in front of him, waiting for the impending punch, that never came. Amalla was blushing heavily, and giggling as she was now crawling fowards, "Oh! It's you Keitaro. I was thinking you were Lamba, but then again you two are so much alike." She had crawled up to him, her hands on either side of his waist. "I wonder how much alike?" Her voice took on a husky tint, as took one her hands and was lightly drawing circles on Keitaro's chest, and her eyes looking straight into his.

Somewhere in Japan at the same time, two women neither near each other at the time have the same flash of emotion. Naru was sitting in the Tokyo University library, suddenly ripped a book in half, saying "pervert" and Motoko who had been on a peaceful stroll in the woods, had drawn her sword menacingly, as both looked in the direction of Molmol.

Amalla, had latched herself to Keitaro's arm, escorting him towards the room that had been set aside for him. The whole trip was a measure in torture for Keitaro, and humor for Amalla, as she had been rubbing her head against his shoulder the entire time. At the door to his room, she had unattached herself from his arm, only to slither behind him, wrapping her arms around him, then pressing in close as she turned the handle to the room. Keitaro taking advantage of the opening leapt from her arms, and into the room.

"Th...Thank you for showing me to my room." Keitaro was stumbling out, "b..but I think, I going to grab a quick bath and get some rest." He gave her a nervous smile and attempted to close the door, when she side stepped lightening fast as the door closed next to her.

"Oh, a bath sounds like a wonderful idea." she said, as she let her finger tips touch his chest in a most seductive manner. Before Keitaro could think or even nose bleed, Amalla had ripped open his shirt and had pulled it off his shoulders. Keitaro stepped back tripping on the edge of the rug and falling backwards, not letting the sudden descent stop him, he quickly began to withdraw, scrambling away from her.

"No, No! I don't need any help!" , he was pleading at her. She nodded at him, and took the single band from her hair as the silvery locks fell loose, she shook her head letting her hair shake free. Then she took a step and her long skirt fell to the floor, revealing a pair of white french cut panties, "Then hurry up, I'll meet you in the water." And she started towards the bath. Keitaro was grasping his nose at the sight of the her sleek athletic body, thoughts of Naru immediately flashed in his head, with her charging into the room to deliver him back in the stratosphere, this sense of reality broke his other vision of the tanned female walking away from him.

"Uh..err...N..No Amalla, th..that isn't what I meant." his hands were waving in front of him. "Sl..sleep is fine, thank you." With this she turned and a feral look came into her eyes, "Now, that's more like it!" Her usual demure appearance changed radically, as she lowered herself into a crouching stance. Keitaro's eyes went wide, he had been studying martial arts with Seta and Motoko and he knew that she was in an offensive stance and was getting ready to pounce on him.

She licked her lips slowly as if eyeing a morsel of food in front of her, she sprung at him, and he jumped away. The chase around the suite commenced. Keitaro was both blessed and cursed, blessed because of his training had given him quick reflexes, and now cursed as his natural clumsiness had returned in full force. He would dodge an attack only to loose his footing and fall down giving Amalla time to snatch an article of clothing, before he was up and running again. During one of the wrestling bouts, he had managed to knock a large decorative vase over blocking the door, and his only exit.

She finally had him cornered in the bedroom up against the wall, sans his boxers and his dignity. He was holding a pillow covering himself, and his other arm was waving frantically in front of him. Amalla, was impressed, she hadn't had this much fun in a long time, he had given her quite the chase. She was breathing heavily not only because the pursuit had winded her, but she had gotten a very good look at his physical form, including his lower parts. She was inching closer towards him, his pleas were falling on deaf ears, as she would have this trophy. She was reaching out to grasp the silky pillow away from him, when a voice coming through a speaker stopped her, "Princess Amalla, your presence is requested in reception room three."

Suddenly to Keitaro's relief, she stopped and sighed, and winked, "I guess I'll just have to hunt you later then." She turned and departed the room, leaving a quaking almost violated Keitaro to slide down the wall, hiding himself in the now empty room.


After completely securing the room to best of his ability, he had gotten some rest and had cleaned up. He was now sitting on one of the couches waiting for his escort, (hoping it wasn't Amalla) to take him to the first ceremony. He had tried several times earlier to call Naru, having to leave messages at both the tea house and the Inn. He figured that the girls and Naru were heading to Molmol for tomorrow's events. A knock came at his door, as he stood and placed on his suit coat, opening the door he found to his relief two of the palace guard waiting.

The ceremony he was told was tradition in Molmol dating back to the fifth century when returning warriors would present their spoils to the royal family. The two large golden doors were opened in front of Keitaro, as he approached. Stepping inside the room, he was immediately impressed. The room itself was about the size of an American football field, the floor was a beautiful white marble with a two meter wide red carpet leading down the middle. About every twenty meters or so on either side were white marble columns that extended up forty meters high to the ceiling. At the end of the carpet was a raised platform that held the four thrones representing the current royal family.

As he stepped further inside the room, flanked by the escort that had brought him, a trumpeter sounded a flourish, then a page stepped up and announced him, "To present the Royal family of Molmol, with the treasure found in the desert of Todai is Doctor Keitaro Urashima of Tokyo University." The page stepped back, and the trio started to approach the dais, Keitaro noticed that all the thrones were filled. He looked closer to see that Kaolla herself was sitting up there. He smiled to himself and thought, 'Well that answers my question about the girls, they are all here, but why didn't Naru come to my room?'

At the base of the steps leading to the thrones, Keitaro stopped and bowed deeply, clearing his throat slightly he began, "To his Royal Highness, King Su of Molmol, and to their Royal Highness's Prince Lamba, Princess Amalla, and Princess Kaolla. I present to you, the treasures and articles found in the great desert at the Todai temple." With this the golden doors opened again, and several servants started to enter carrying the findings that they had uncovered in the desert. In the end as the last servant left nearly half the hall was filled with pottery, tablets, and golden figurines. King Su arose from his throne and addressed Keitaro.

"Doctor Urashima, I on behalf of my people, accept these treasures so that all may learn from the glorious history of Molmol." With that he came down and shook Keitaro's hand and gave him a warm smile. The king waved off the guards and the others in the room as the rest of the family stood. As the last guard exited, Kaolla screamed, "Heyas Keitaros! And leapt towards him. He actually was ready for that, and she landed firmly on his back, no longer being a young girl, but now a young lady of almost twenty. She had stopped riding on his shoulders, a couple of years ago, but still would 'request' rides on his back. The king just laughed and winked at Keitaro saying, "I'm glad its you, and not me, I'm getting too old to give her piggy back rides. Now Dr. Urashima, can you tell me about these things you found?" , he asked as they started towards the displays.

The evening itself went by rather quickly, Keitaro through his explanation of certain artifacts found that the king was fairly laid back, and while he understood his power, he had never let it overwhelm him. The other interesting fact was that King Su loved history in general. They spoke about the ancient turtle civilization, along with the growing influence that was being discovered and what it had on the entire pacific region. Kaolla remained on Keitaro's back the whole time, sometimes nuzzling her face against his, but never causing a distraction during his conversations with her father.


The next morning Keitaro found himself sitting at a long table filled with dignitaries from around the globe, all representing the major museums of the world. Included at the table were delegates from America, Britain, Molmol, France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, China, Spain, Italy, and Egypt. Keitaro had been given the honor of representing Japan at the signing, it was all apart of the deal that they had brokered before putting the first shovel in the ground. The historical significance of the findings were changing the history of the pacific region, and every country had wanted a piece of it. In secret negotiations that King Su had with the other members of the research team, a compromise had been struck, each country could display articles if they traded equally valuable items with the national museum of Molmol, basically a loan and lease program was set up.

As light bulbs flashed and commentary from live feeds were being broadcasted around the globe, each member present signed the new agreement that had been coined "Todai Pact". Soon after the signing a news conference was underway and the representatives each said a few a words. When the Molmol national museum director was standing in front of the microphone he opened with much like the others, "Well, I have to agree with my learned colleagues that this will open a new cultural revolution between our nations. Where this agreement was originally slated to allow our national treasures to be exhibited in other lands, we found that exchanging between each other as well could be obtained. So now items that could only be seen in say Egypt can now be displayed in China. It is also the consensus among us that this might be the first step in greater diplomatic relations between the countries here and the world in large. And with my other colleagues, we would like to thank Dr. Urashima of Tokyo University for his insight and wisdom during these negotiations, for we all agree it was him that originally brought this idea to life."

Keitaro was taking a drink of water, when the last sentence was being said, almost choking on the liquid, as several cameras were now flashing pictures of the severely blushing man. As the other members of the delegation arose and faced him, applauding as they did. Sheepishly he rose up and bowed to the other members as they pushed and shoved him towards the microphone. He felt like he had been ambushed, he actually had been he thought. The statement in hands was clearly no good anymore, and he was on his own, facing the world and it's several billion population.

Nervous, scared, and anxious was not even close to what he felt at the moment, more like utter bone chilled fear, he would gladly face an army of angry Naru's and Motoko's compared to this. He took a breath and released it, gathering his thoughts he spoke into the microphone, "Umm...Well...I...I would just like to say thank you to the members, as I feel that their contributions were much larger in this than mine and it was truly a team effort." Taking another breath and looking out into the press pool waiting for more, "I only hope that we can continue in this spirit and level of cooperation in the future, in other endeavors not just relating to a simple archeological excavation, but some of the larger issues we face." The room exploded in applause and cheers, as all Keitaro could do was blush and give that award winning smile of his.


He had escaped further questions when the long winded Italian representative had began answering, speaking for the whole group when yet another question about Keitaro's finial statement was asked. He now sat in his room, feet propped up on the table and a strong drink had been placed in his hand. Kaolla sat on the same couch with her feet in Keitaro's lap playing a hand held video game, she seemed content, Lamba and Amalla sat across from him on another couch reflecting on the chaos that ensued after his statement.

"Well it was your idea Keitaro, didn't you say that it would be easier just to share the findings." Lamba was commenting. "Besides your world renowned now, you will be able to get excavations anywhere in the world you want." he followed up. Keitaro's headache was now increasing, 'World renowned? I just wanted to follow Seta.' He was about to stand, but Kaolla's feet held firm, he just dismissed himself from the others stating that he wanted to get a nap before tonight's last ceremony and dinner. Lamba and Amalla both bowed graciously and left. Kaolla waited til they were gone, and gave Keitaro a hug around his neck saying, "Don't worry Keitaros, its almost over." And with a mischievous grin bounced out of the room.


It was five in the evening and Keitaro had been trying for about two hours to get an outside line, the palace operator told him that the switch board was overloaded, and that she would try and get him a line out as soon as possible. He had also tried his cell phone a few times, but he was told by Lamba that they have scramblers in place to disrupt those signals for security reasons. He still hadn't seen Naru nor any of the other girls besides Kaolla, and he hadn't had the chance to really speak to her about it.

An hour passed as he got ready for the formal dinner, and the award presentation. He was dressed in a black tuxedo, that consisted of the pants a white tie-less shirt, a low cut dark blue vest, with a black long coat. He had also opted to wearing his contacts tonight verus his low square glasses. He had been escorted to a side room off from the banquet room and told to wait until someone came for him. In the outer room several people were being seated before the ceremony itself. He was sitting at the table, talking to one of the guards when the door opened and Kaolla stepped in. "Whoa" is all that Keitaro could say at the moment, and she smiled at him. What caused the reaction was simply put how she looked. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a stylish ponytail, with the front parted and hanging to the sides, the dress she wore was shoulder-less and very form fitting, that stopped above her ankles. There was a slit that ran up the length to her mid thigh, the dress itself was white in color and the trim matched the dark blue vest he had on perfectly.

"I just wanted to see how ya was holdin up, and to asks you a itsy bitsy favor." She said. Keitaro lifted his jaw from the floor, and scratched his head and said "I doing fine, what can I do for you?" She lit up knowing that he would never refuse any of them a favor. "Well ya knows that after we feed, theres goin to be some dancing, and I was wanting you to asks me first is all." Keitaro just smiled at her and nodded in agreement, "it would be my pleasure, Kaolla." She bounced over gave him a bear hug and left the room giggling maniacally. The guard look at Keitaro and said, "I would be careful, I think she is planning something." Keitaro only laughed and reassured the guard, "After living with her for almost six years, I can tell you that she IS planning something, I just don't know what it is yet, but if you see any flying turtles be sure not be standing next to me." Keitaro laughed while the guard just looked at him puzzled.

Soon the door opened and a uniformed page came in, "Are you ready sir" he asked. Keitaro just nodded and stood up walking towards the man. "Just follow me, when we get to the head table, walk around it and to the dais behind it, bow to the Royal family and wait for the presentation. After you will be lead to your seat. Its real easy, lets go." Keitaro filed the instructions, as they walked out into the room that was about five times the size of the throne room he had been in earlier, everyone was on their feet applauding while the Molmol national anthem was being played in the background. It was a long walk, not for the distance but because the person escorting him was walking very slowly. Once they got to the edge of the head table, Keitaro was on his own. He walked to the dais and stood before the King, prince, and the two princesses, and then he bowed formally to them.

The King smiled and cleared his throat, "Dr. Keitaro Urashima, you have been a guest in this country for just a little over two months. Invited here to help us find some of our heritage, and reclaim some of our history. In doing so, you also have rewritten much of the histories of the pacific, and brought our world together in cultural pursuits. You have opened the door of diplomacy and friendship for us to our neighbors, and have brought us into a new age." The King took a step to the side, allowing his daughter Kaolla to stand next him. "For your efforts in all that you have brought to my people, I hereby grant you citizenship and with it our highest award "The Red Moon of Molmol."

There were a few collected gasps in the audience at this, while Kaolla took a pendant that was made of a giant ruby surrounded by a golden band, that in its center had three yellow diamonds. The pendant hung from a ribbon colored in red, green, and gold. She placed it around his neck and gently kissed him on the cheek, whispering, "Heyas, loyal subject of mine" Keitaro's mind was churning on her statement, 'So this is what she was planning...she can now order me around...force me to be experimented on...well let's just see how Naru reacts to this' He bowed once again to the Royal family and then to the gathered guests as they cheered and applauded for him. The dinner went swimmingly, as idle chit chat and joking was accompanied by food that would rival Shinobu's cooking. After desert the center of the floor was cleared and the band started to play some light dancing music. Keeping his promise to Kaolla, Keitaro stood and offered his hand to her, as she accepted it quickly. As they found their way down to the floor there was a few whispers.

The night played on with Keitaro being the prize for every female there, he was almost giddy at the end, from the fact that he wasn't allowed off the dance floor. He must have danced with every woman there, surprising him was the fact that every fourth or fifth dance Kaolla showed back up requesting another dance. He finally found the opportunity to ask her where the others were, and she only replied, "There was a big surprise planned for him."


The next morning he left the palace after saying good bye to the King, Lamba, Amalla, and of course Kaolla. They had arranged a private car and driver for him, to take him to the airport and had given him permission to take the Royal jet back to Japan. He hadn't been gone for fifteen minutes when Kaolla stepped into her fathers suite with several very large notebooks and dropped it on the table.

"Father we have to talk."

End of Chapter One...