Forget Me Not

Hatori sat quietly staring off into the distance, as the crickets and bullfrogs began their lullaby. A gentle spring breeze caressed his face as his hair was blown from his eyes. The sun slowly began its decent under the horizon- shades of pink, purple, and blue- As if the sky was God's canvas. Time itself had seemed to freeze. He breathed in the fresh clean air slowly to savor the moment.

Why he himself couldn't have picked a better week to visit the lake house. To think the only reason they were here was because Shigure thought it would be funny to torment his poor editor even more.

At least the company was good, he thought looking over to see Shigure and Ayame playing a card game, There brows furrowed in concentration. His bare feet were against the wooden deck as he waited for the younger generation to return from there trek around the lake.

The only thing he could wish for now was to have someone to share it with...

"HARI!" Ayame yelled in a sing song voice.

Hatori looked up as he was pulled from his revere. "Yes?"

"Are you sure you don't want to play?" Ayame asked curiously. He set his cards down on the wooden table averting his full attention to Hatori.

"Come on Hari!" Shigure piped up all the while trying to memorize Ayame's exposed cards. "It's an intellectual game!"

Ayame nodded his head vigorously causing his silver hair to fly everywhere. "Yes! Yes!"

Hatori rolled his eyes, "One, Go Fish is not an intellectual game. Two, For Pete's sake Ayaa cover your cards."

Ayame looked down fast to see that indeed his cards were fully exposed. He gasped loudly, jumping up to point an accusatory finger in Shigure's face. "You Cheat!" He yelled in his own over dramatic way.

Shigure visibly gulped, "Now now Ayaa. Hehe don't be hasty..."

"Why Shigure," Ayame yelled starting another one of his pointless speeches. "Out of all the shameless, and dishonest things, you scoundrel, you cad, you lecher!"

Shigure raised an eyebrow. "Lecher? Ayame if you wanted me to be a lecher you could of just asked."

Ayame laughed loudly, "HA! Why would I want you, dog?"

Shigure gave his best puppy dog eyes, "Oh Ayaa, you are so mean to me. Of all the cruel and heartless things." He said clutching one hand to his chest.

"NNNOOOOO! Shigure I'm SORRY!"

"It's too late." he said beginning to sink out of his chair. "I'm dying...I'm dying...I'm dead."

"NOOOOOO! WHY!" Ayame screamed.

"Would you cut out the theatrics, you two are giving me a headache." Hatori said massaging the bridge of his nose.

Ayame laughed as Shigure picked himself of the floor. "But why, it's fun!"

"Yes it's fun!"

Hatori looked at Ayame seriously. "Ayame was the real reason you came because you found out we were here, or is there more to it."

Ayame pursed his lips silently, as Shigure got situated. "Hari you know that's not fair. Ayame can't lie to you..."

"I didn't ask for him to lie I'm just curious..."

Ayame look Hatori straight in the eyes, "I wasn't planning on lying. I was worried about you with Kana's wedding around the corner..."

Hatori got quiet as the other two watched gauging his reaction. "So, Kana got married? I'm happy for her." He said quietly.

Ayame looked at him oddly, "And that's it? You're not at all upset?"

Hatori gave a long sigh, "What can you do Ayame? Truly?"

Ayame scoffed, "You should of run in there and swept her off her feet."

Shigure kept oddly silent throughout this exchange, as Ayame pushed a small packet in Hatori's direction. "It's up to you, They're picture's of Kana's wedding."

Hatori looked at the small case then slowly gave it back. "No, it's all in the past now."

Ayame opened his mouth as if he was about to say something when Shigure put a hand on his shoulder. "Ayaa? Would you mind getting us some more of your fabulous tea?"

At the compliment Ayame jumped up, "Of course my dear Shigure, my tea is the best in the world! Is it not?" He asked but before waiting for the answer he bounded off to the kitchen.

Shigure picked a cigarette out of his robe along with a black lighter. "Is it Keiko...?" He asked quietly.

Hatori breathed out heavily, "I thought you had decided to quit?" He asked gesturing to the cigarette.

"Hari...I need to know."

Hatori starred of into the sun, "Would it matter to you if I said yes...?"


"Fine yes...Are you happy?"

"Not really, Kana reminded me of Keiko too, at first." He took a deep puff to settle his nerves. "Though Keiko was prettier in my opinion." He laughed. "She got it from me."

Hatori gave a small chuckle, "Twins don't inherit genes from each other."

Shigure rolled his eyes, "Technicality."

"She was very beautiful... You're birthdays are just around the corner."

"28...It scares me Hatori, that one day I won't remember her. If I see her on the streets will she recognize me? Or I her...?"

Ayame walked in quickly with the tea at hand. "The boys and Tohru are home! Eh? Who were you guys talking about?"

"No one." Hatori said quickly. Even if they told him it wouldn't matter. Ayame's memory had been erased along with the others. Shigure and himself were the only ones to escape that fate on that day.

Flash Back

Shigure let the tears flow freely now, what was the use of hiding them when Akito extracted so much pleasure from seeing the embodiment of his pain?

Hatori's heart had already felt broken into a thousand pieces, what was one more. His hand quivered as he held it over his best friend's eyes. "Shigure...I never meant for any of this. I swear it, can you forgive me?"

Shigure gave a wary smile, "Hatori... don't talk that way. If Keiko were to end up with anyone I would of wanted it to be you. Even you couldn't have would end this way." His voice cracked.

"DO IT!" Akito yelled in the background. The nine year old stood there seething. He may be 10 years their junior, but listening to him was not a choice. The curse still reigned heavy upon them. An Akito, the source, could not be defied.

(NO!) Hatori's mind screamed! (NO! He has the right to remember.) Shigure was the last person chosen to forget, He and Akito were to be the only one's to remember any of this.

His eyes burned from the held back tears. In a swift motion he clasped his hand firmly over Shigure's eyes. Shigure jerked back in fear of what was going to happen next. Hatori hand was wet from his newly shed agony.

"STOP HESITATING! DO IT! HE WANT'S YOU TO! DO IT!" Akito screamed as the storm outside the shrine raged on.

Hatori gritted his teeth as he felt his hand grow warm, the energy began to fester on the top of his flesh. It burned like his hand had been set on fire. His hand would be bruised for years to come, for this was the seventeenth time Akito had forced him to use his erasing skills in one day.

The pain grew to an unbearable crescendo when all of the sudden it was released in a flash of bright light. The whole shrine was illuminated as Shigure was thrust backward. His form crumpled to the ground as Akito began to laugh in pure bliss.

End of Flash Back

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