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That Day Was The Last Day I Saw Your Smile

By ebacusta


These things have a way of sneaking up on you. At the time I was totally oblivious, though I really shouldn't have been. After all, she did warn me didn't she? She told me what to look out for? Is it her fault that I'd forgotten? No, it was mine…


Kari leaned over the toilet, TK holding up her hair, rubbing her back.

"It's okay," he soothed. "You're gonna be okay." He winced as throw up splashed into the toilet bowl. There was a knock on the door. Kari gasped for breath.

"I'm gonna go get the door. I'll be back in a second," TK said. She nodded as her stomach gave a sickening lurch. He disappeared from the bathroom. She could hear him walking and then open the door.

"Hey Tai, Sora," she heard him say. "What a pleasant surprise!"

"Hey TK," Sora's voice floated to her ears.

"Where's Kari?" Tai asked.

"She's got a little bit of morning sickness," TK told him. "I'll be right back." She could feel it rising in her throat. She leaned over the seat and it all came pouring out. TK walked into the bathroom and gathered her hair, holding it up and out of the way. She heaved and heaved but finally nothing came out.

"Are you okay?" TK asked.

She nodded shakily. He offered her a washcloth and she accepted it gratefully to wash her face before she brushed her teeth. TK flushed the toilet simply happy that at least his wife was feeling better, even if it had been gross watching.

"Thank you TK," Kari's voice broke through his thoughts. He looked at her and smiled.

"I'm just glad you're feeling better," TK said. "Anyway, Tai and Sora are downstairs." Kari half walked, half waddled to the door, her stomach bulging.

Later that day, Kari and TK stepped out of the store, TK holding the bags. Suddenly, a scream erupted from a group of girls across the street.

"OH MY GOD! IT'S HIM!" they screeched. TK and Kari looked in that direction and started walking off with a shrug.

"WAIT! MR. TAKAISHI! WAIT! CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?" TK stopped and turned as the girls charged across the street towards him. Kari stopped beside him.

"Hold these for me, for a second, Hika," TK said. People on the street hearing the name of the now best selling author rushed towards him, pushing Kari roughly out of the way. TK pulled out a pen and began signing the things thrust at him. Kari waited, and stood, as TK started a conversation with some of the girls. He was smiling, laughing right along with them. And the minutes slipped away, as Kari stood there, unnoticed, fat, and seemingly unattractive.

It had been nine months since she'd been blessed with the prospect of a child. She and TK had just been married over a year; their anniversary had been last week. He had showered her with such love and affection last week, she felt like she could fly. But now, standing on the sidewalk by a wall, while he talked and laughed with some of his fans, she didn't feel that love anymore. Maybe she was yesterday's news. After all, why'd he want someone like her?

Sadly, Kari turned away and started walking down the street. Would he even notice that she was leaving? She walked down the street and turned the corner. She hadn't heard his voice once. Guess not.

TK waved at the girls as they walked off, smiling, and laughing. They waved back and disappeared into the crowd of people walking around headed to various destinations.

He turned still staring after them, and walked towards where Kari was.

"Okay, Kari, let's go. Thanks for…" he turned his head around. "…waiting…" Kari was no where to be found.

TK looked around. Maybe she'd had to go use the restroom and she'd be back in a couple minutes. He waited for half an hour. What if she was kidnapped? Or maybe she went to Tai's house or Yolei's or Matt's. He pulled out his cell and began calling the DigiDestined to see where she was. He called her cell phone, and then he called the house. The answering machine. Just in case she would be walking in any second, he left a message. And then, he hung up, and headed down the street.

The phone rang. Kari looked at it from where she was sitting at the island counter. She raised her tea cup to her lips, and sipped some of the steamy, hot liquid. She'd let the answering machine get it.

"You have reached the Takaishi residence, we aren't available right now. Leave your name, phone number, and the reason for calling at the tone."


"Kari? Are you there? If your there please pick up the phone. Please. Where did you go? I was so worried about you. You scared me to death. I'll be coming home soon. Especially if you pick up the phone. I'm sorry about signing. It was unexpected but they were fans and I can't toss them away all the time. That's what Matt told me when he was in the Teenage Wolves. Anyway, call the cell if you get this message and I'm not there. Love you. Muah." Click.


Kari lowered the teacup from her lips. "So you finally noticed it huh?" Kari mumbled to herself. "Good job. It only took you an hour."

By the time TK got home, he was worried sick. The house was completely dark meaning Kari probably wasn't there. He fit his key in the lock and turned the knob. He walked in and sighed. He had called her cell so many times, he was fairly certain he'd used up all of his minutes.

That was why, he was so surprised to see her in the kitchen drinking tea and reading a book.

"Kari! I was so worried! Didn't you get my message? Why didn't you call me?" TK asked running over to her and hugging her. She didn't return the hug. Instead, she stared at him coldly.

"Yeah, I got it. I was here when you recorded it," Kari said.

"Why didn't you answer the phone?"

"Why should I have?"

TK stared at her. She was getting at something. She would never just neglect to answer the phone if she was here, especially if it was TK. "What's wrong? What are you getting at?"

"TK, it took you and hour to notice that I was gone," Kari said.

TK stared at her. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

"Hurt my feelings?" she yelled. "Hurt my feelings? Yeah, TK, don't worry. You didn't hurt my feelings by just tossing me aside."

"Tossing you aside?" TK asked confused. "What are you talking about?"

"TK, you'll be lucky if our baby isn't dead," Kari yelled. "You didn't even notice when the crowd separated us. I was slammed into a wall!"

"I'm sorry! Okay? Really I am. If I had noticed I would have said something, or done something," TK said. He leaned towards her wanting a kiss.


Her hand made impact with his face. He stared in shock. Slowly, he put his hand to his burning cheek and looked at her, hurt on his face.

"You think saying sorry, and kissing me is gonna make it better?" she screamed at him. "You really are a chauvinist male pig!" She grabbed her tea and splashed the hot liquid all over him.

"SLEEP ON THE COUCH TONIGHT!" Kari yelled as she stomped out of the kitchen and up the stairs. TK was only distantly aware of the burning sensation the tea was giving him.

Sleep on the couch? Sleep on the couch? They'd never had a fight this big. Ever. He walked to the bathroom and washed his face. Drying his clothes as best as he could he went and sat on the couch. He didn't do anything, he just sat there. He wasn't sure for how long. But he heard footsteps on the stairs and shuffling across the carpet.

"TK?" Kari's soft voice floated across the room towards him.

"Hmm?" he asked distantly.

"Can I talk to you?" Kari asked.

"Yes," he said. She shuffled over and sat beside him. She was wearing her night clothes.

"TK, I'm sorry about earlier," Kari said. "It's just, that. You spent so long talking to those girls. Smiling, and laughing, smiling the smile that you only reserved for me, I felt replaced. Like I was yesterday's news. But then, of course, I don't blame you. Look at me. Who would want to get stuck with the pregnant girl, who's never gonna have her baby?"

"That's not true Kari," TK said looking at her. He absentmindedly fingered his cheek. "I love you. I don't care if you're pregnant or not. You're still the same person. So what if the baby is late?"

"TK, she's two weeks late. I'm gonna be pregnant forever. It's just so uncomfortable. It makes me cranky. I'm sorry!" she gasped as tears began cascading down her cheeks.

"Kari," TK said quietly as he reached out and pulled her into his chest. He remembered from Science class what his teacher had told them long ago. "Up until the nine month period the baby and the mother can feel right at home together, but late babies often make the mothers uncomfortable because the baby has been there longer than it needs to be and body is ready to get it out."

TK couldn't begin to imagine what Kari was going through right now. But he loved her all the same. He had waited so long for her to be in his arms like this. Why would we he just toss her aside? Kari cried into his chest, her slender fingers, clutching to his shirt. When he had finally calmed her down she got up and washed her face. She went upstairs and waited. When TK didn't come, she went back down stairs to see him lying on the couch.

"TK, aren't you coming to bed?"

"You told me to sleep on the couch remember?" TK replied. The words stung Kari's heart. It was worse than a slap on the face, which reminded her that she, had done both to him.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I told you this pregnancy is making me cranky and uncomfortable. Please come to bed. I don't want to sleep by myself," Kari said. She looked at him. He sat up and looked at her, uncertainty in his eyes. She walked over to him and kissed him. He moaned. Three years after they'd gotten together, her kiss still carried him to another world.

He pulled her into it. Put his heart into it. Delving into her mouth with his tongue. They broke for air and TK got up and went around the couch. They kissed again, but slowly heading up the stairs. They broke for air again in front of their bedroom.

"TK, I love you so much," Kari said. "I didn't mean anything I told you before. I want you to always be by my side."

"I feel the same way," TK told her. They walked into the room together, TK's hand resting very low on her waist. His affection made her feel warm inside. He got dressed for bed as Kari went and got a book to read. She came back in, but stumbled over the rug and dropped it from her hands.

She steadied herself and bent down for it, grunting with effort, her huge stomach hindering her ability to bend down completely. Her fingernails scratched the surface of the book as she strained her reach for it. She couldn't reach it this way. She opened her legs a little and tried to bend down that way. To no avail.

TK, who noticed his wife's futile efforts to reach her book, got up and bent down. He picked it up and handed it to her.

"Here you go," he said smiling. Kari looked up and blushed, feeling slightly useless that she couldn't do something as simple as picking up a book.

As if he'd read her thoughts he said, "Don't worry about it Kari. This is only a temporary condition. Besides, I'm happy to do things for you." Kari straightened herself and walked over to the bed after taking her picture book from TK. They got in bed but sat up.

"It's your turn to read to the baby tonight," Kari said. She handed him the book. He grinned. As stupid as it sounded, he loved reading to Kari's oversized stomach. It gave him a sense of warmth that he'd never felt before. It was almost as good as the feeling of being in love with Kari gave him. He opened it and began to read.

Kari smiled as TK rubbed her stomach. When he did that, it made her feel relaxed. Since he was reading slowly and taking to time to describe the pictures, Kari had to get up several times to use the restroom. Watching his wife walk around sounding so heavy made him feel kind of sad. After all, it was his fault she was like this in the first place. But the fact the she kept on smiling, despite the fact that she was so uncomfortable due to the lateness of their child, made him feel special and loved. That she was willing to endure like this for him.

After making her fourth trip the bathroom. Kari settled down again. TK finished the book. The reading usually took an hour or two as they always paused to look at the pictures, but afterwards, they would sit and talk. Tonight, Kari lay down while TK rubbed her stomach. She closed her eyes in relaxation.

"You like this?" he asked, noticing the look of pure happiness on her face. She opened her eyes and nodded.

"It makes me feel so relaxed, having you spend time with me like this. Even in my condition," Kari told him.

"I love spending time with you," TK said. Kari smiled at him and he grinned, the same childlike grin he'd had when he was 13, 16, 18, 20, and everything in between. They lay down together, Kari sleeping on her left side, TK snuggling up against her, his arm draping over her side. Together they fell asleep.

Around 2:45 AM

Kari shifted uncomfortably in bed. She could feel TK's steady breathing on her neck. The bed felt surprisingly damp, and her sleep clothes felt wet. Wet?

"Uh-oh!" she exclaimed sitting straight up. This woke TK up.

"What's wrong?" TK asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"TK," Kari said. "My water just broke." He jolted awake.

"WHAT?" he yelled. He scrambled out of bed and began running around. He tossed Kari's clothes at her and ran into the closet.

"You head for the car, I'll get your things," he told her. She got out of bed, dressed, and headed for the car like TK had told her too. After settling herself in the seat, TK came sprinting out of the house a minute later. He climbed in, putting her stuff in the backseat. He started the car and backed out before speeding down the street.

Kari's own heart was beating wildly.

"Kari, just breathe," TK said. "Just breathe okay?" He was driving with one hand, and calling the DigiDestined with the other.

"Hello Tai? This is TK. Head over to the hospital. Kari's water just broke."


I am awake Tai. Who could sleep through you're screaming? What's going on?

KARI'S WATER JUST BROKE! Tai screamed uncontrollably.

WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET DRESSED! LET'S GO! Sora screamed. TK hung up and moved onto Matt.

"Matt?" TK asked. "It's TK." Kari, who appeared to have stopped breathing, was staring dully ahead. He turned to her. "Kari. Kari!"

She snapped back to life. "Huh?" she asked.

"Breathe," TK told her. "Don't forget to breathe."

"Right," Kari said with a sheepish grin before welcoming large breaths of air into her lungs.

TK went back to his cell. "Matt? Kari's water broke. Head for the hospital!" He hung up. He went onto Izzy and Mimi, Joe, Davis, Yolei and Ken, and finally Cody. By then, he and Kari were already in the hospital checking Kari into a room.

"Kari, you're gonna be all right, okay? Just breathe. Just breathe," TK said.

- - -

Three Hours Later…

- - -

"Doctor! Doctor! She's started! Everyone except the husband and immediate family please leave the room!" the nurse called. As everyone else filed out of the room, TK reached out to hold Kari's hand. She let out a grunt. Slowly, her grunt escalate into yells and screams of pain.

"Kari, you're doing great," TK said. "You'll be okay. I promise you will. Just breathe. In and out. In and out. As long as you breathe you'll be okay. Just keep breathing. Don't forget to breathe. Just breathe." And TK hit the floor.


TK groaned and opened his eyes. "TK, are you all right?" Matt asked looking down at his brother.

"Yeah, what happened?" TK asked.

"You fainted," Matt said.


Tai entered into TK's eyesight as he spoke, "You got so caught up in telling Kari to breathe, that you forgot to breathe yourself."

"Is she okay?" TK asked. "Did she make it through the birth?"

"Kari's fine," Sora said. "She's resting."

"Can I go see her? Was the baby a boy or a girl?"

"Why don't you go see for yourself?" Sora said with a grin. "Everyone else has already seen your child." TK sat up and rubbed his head before he got off the group of chairs he was lying on and headed into the room. Kari was asleep. Or at least that's what he thought. When he approached, she turned to him. A smile came to her lips as she sat up.

"Are you okay honey?" Kari asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. How are you?"

"I'm okay," Kari said. "Your want to see your child?"

"Of course not!" TK joked. "Why would I want to see it?" Kari smiled.

"Look over there," she said. TK looked and saw a small baby resting inside a small bed with glass around it. He approached it and gasped.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Kari asked.

"Yes," TK said.

"She looks just like you," Kari said.

"It's amazing," TK said reaching down to play with the little blonde wisps of hair. When he touched her cheek she stirred. "She's so soft. I can't believe we created something like this. It seems to good to be true."

"Yes it does," Kari said, "That's little Tina Satsuki…" TK turned. Sadness shone in his eyes.

"I'm sorry to put you through so much pain," he said.

Kari looked surprised but then she broke out into a smile. "TK, it's okay. I wanted one too. And besides, I'm happy I'm able to bear your children. Tina will make you smile, and that's what I like to see."

"Kari," TK mumbled. "I love you." He walked over to her and kissed her deeply. "I love you," he repeated.

That right there should have been a clue. It should have screamed at me to remember… But, it didn't… At the time I still knew what I had to do… at least I think I did… even when our second child came around, I knew what I was doing… but when the time came, I was totally useless… It had totally slipped my mind.

"Is mom okay?" the two year old Tina Satsuki asked looking at her mother through the window.

"She's fine," Sora said. "In a few hours, you're going to be a big sister." She looked down at the little girl on her left who was holding her hand. Sora looked away from her for a second when she heard gargling coming from the baby she held in her right arm. The baby boy smiled at her, obviously happy with himself for something.

"Ah, Ford looks just like Matt," Sora said. Her stomach was bulging.

Yolei joined Sora, her stomach just as big. "Yeah, he does, doesn't he?" She was caring a two year old girl with dark blue hair.

"You know the only thing I don't like about pregnancy besides the pain of giving birth?" Mimi asked joining them, her stomach also big.

"What?" Sora asked, though she already knew the answer.

"It totally ruins the figure," Mimi said. "I mean, I had just worked off all that extra, baby cushioning my body had acquired, and then Izzy got my pregnant again. I just about killed him… except I wanted another child too."

"I was about to say, it kind of is your fault Mimi," Yolei said. "After all, you didn't try to stop him."

"Yeah, because I wanted another kid," Mimi said. "I just wish maybe, they shouldn't have been so close together. But, I'll tell you something I never expected. All the younger DigiDestined gave birth first. Yolei and Kari. I just always assumed, that you and Tai, or me and Izzy, or Matt and his wife, or Joe and his wife would be the first to have a kid."

"Yes," Sora said. "TK and Kari have only been married three years, and their already having their second child. I wonder if it will stop at that."

"Yes," Mimi said. "I don't think they'll want more than two right now though. Raising children is a difficult process. Although I'm sure they know that by now."

"I proud of TK though," Yolei said. "He hasn't fainted yet, and he really has been a great father. Even with all the news media following them around trying to get the scoop on their latest child."

"I know what he feels like," Mimi said. "After everyone found out, I'd be on maternity leave for a few months, the media just wouldn't leave me alone."

"I'm just glad, the hospital didn't let the media in while Kari's been in the hospital. I don't know if she could handle it," Sora said. "She might have killed someone."

"Well being pregnant can do that to a person. Tina was late. We all know how cranky Kari got," Yolei said.

"You know what?"

"What?" Yolei and Sora asked.

"I'm just glad, Kari's getting to the kids she always wanted, with the man she always wanted," Mimi said.

Yolei and Sora nodded. "Yeah."

Little Kei was born that day. On April 29, 2010. He was a beautiful baby too. With soft brown hair and skin. He looked a lot like me. He really did brighten my day. At the time, I still knew what I was supposed to be doing. But, soon afterwards, I'm sure I forgot… I don't quite remember when… just somewhere along the way.

I guess I should have remembered that day… After all, she had said it would happen on April 29th… Kei's birthday… I should have remembered… I really should have…It was after all Kei's birthday that day… but I didn't… and I paid for my mistake…


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