I sit in the shadows

Waiting for you.


My only source to the light.

Almost a thousand years

Finally my time is near

The end is in sight

This time I'll make everything right

It was you I was looking for

The one who put me here

But she is what I found.

A goddess among mortals

Her love shone bright

Even on this demon of the night

Secrets I kept

Once we first met.

When the truth became known

She smiled and accepted me still

As her own

It's one of her family I swore to kill

She understood and said

Your not the only one who's been wronged .

I too got conned.

For many centuries I have searched

For an answer to one question

Can a demon truly fall

In love at all?

I must know

If the answer is

Yes then by her side I shall stay

Come whatever that may

But if it is

No I shall leave for I wish her no pain

Even if I end up going insane

Who I was is fading

My old reason

For coming is slowly forgotten

All I see now is her

Jealousy is my new name

If I asked this of her

To forget him

And hold my hand

Deep into the night

What would her answer be?

And would I have a right

For now the true me is hidden

Behind so many falsehoods

That I am slowly suffocating

And being swallowed in the empty darkness

Fighting a losing battle

That I can't win alone

Will she find me

In time

And see all that I am

Or will I be

Alone for all of eternity.