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Where Does Your Loyalty Lie?

He smacked his lips thoughtfully as he applied the lip gloss, trying to spread it to evenly cover his pert lips. He wore a glamour charm that made him appear as a very enticing Cho Chang.

He slipped on the black high heels and laced the thin leather straps up his ankle, tying them in the back. He was wearing a knee length, form-fitting black dress. It revealed perfect collarbones and the slightest bit of the magically conjured cleavage. The back opened up to show pale, defined shoulder blades, not unlike his own, he thought. He wore a simple but elegant golden chain around his neck and a single gold ring ordained his long, gracefully fingers.

He stood up admiring the charms effect in the mirror, checking for last minute details. Picking up a hair brush he ran it through his short ebony hair. He couldn't find anything out of place, he looked perfect.

The outfit had been expensive, even more so than his usual attire. He had purchased it at on of the more prestigious clothing stores in Diagon Alley. He had had to wear a glamour charm just to enter the store; he could absolutely not have any one see him there.

As he finished his pruning, he started to walk out of the dormitory, stowing his wand in the small, flattering purse he had snatched up off the bedside table.

He was doing this to test his boyfriend.

Harry Potter.

End of Chapter One
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