Ch. 2 Into the Lion's Den

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He made his way out of the dormitories, slipping on his invisibility cloak as he went. Yes, his invisibility cloak, Harry Potter is not so special that he is the only student in Hogwarts that owns one. 'Though he likes to believe he is.' Draco thought with a mental smirk.

He checked the common room for any one who might notice his absence. Nope, not that he could tell. Greg and Vince had been told not to bother him and wouldn't. Pansy had been admitted to the Hospital Wing for a nasty potions accident, courtesy of Neville Longbottom of course, and wouldn't be released for at least two more days. Nott was already in bed do to waking up at three A.M. when a bucket charmed to hang over his four-poster, dumped icy water all over him. The Gryffindors had all been thoroughly amused when Nott had walked into the Great Hall with blood shot eyes and a running nose. Harry had just shrugged and given Draco an apologetic smile when he had received a 'look'. (A 'look that said 'Why the hell can't you keep your little Gryffindorks in line?') Nott had been pissed, he loves to look his best. Any ways, Nott was in bed with a cold. Blaise was the only person left in the room that he considered a true friend, and he was currently snogging the hell out of a younger,... Hufflepuff (!) boy. 'Heh, Blaise sure does get around.' The boy looked to be about a second year, (A/N: My, my, our Blaisey is a pedophile. Lol.) and seemed incredibly pleased to be sitting on and straddling Blaise's lap. 'Well that takes care of him, whenever he goes to bed he'll be too,... preoccupied to check on me.' Draco really didn't mind his friends sexual escapades, Blaise was after all a Slytherin, and one of the most lusted after boys in school (second only to me Harry). The only time he really minded was when Blaise forgot to put a silencing charm over his four-poster when he had,, 'cause, damn those younger boys were loud. It was most annoying to walk into the dormitory to this racket, and he usually staked out in the common room until he felt that they had satisfied themselves or the younger boy had passed out, Blaise is a machine.

He realized he had stopped to stare during his musings when he was brought to attention by the Hufflepuff's escalating moans. He rolled his eyes and resumed leaving the room.

Once out side he slipped up and down the hallways quietly, pondering if this was such a smart idea. He was pretty sure he was digging his own grave and just waiting to see if he would fall in, but Draco was no coward, oh no, he was going to do this and he was not going to "fall in" no matter the outcome. 'Yeah right.' he thought but kept walking. When he got close to the Fat Lady's portrait, he removed the cloak. Walking up to the woman, he enunciated with a charming smile, "Coffee Toffee."

"I'm sorry, the pass word's been changed." The smile slid off.

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