Author's Note: I shouldn't really post this… but I had the sudden urge to do so. A poem based on my one-shot "You'll be safe here." I advise you read it first for this to make sense, but whatever… here goes. Enjoy.

Coz the sun will rise and fall

And when the morrow comes

The day will be no more

When eternity fades forever

I'll be holding your hand

As we touch the raindrops

Shattering against our skin

I'll be holding you close

For the end won't divide us

If ever you might forget

I'll always be waiting

When heaven loses its stars

And when the reign of fire burns

Remember what I said

When we watched the

Eternal colors delve in the sunset

I'll be listening, whispering in your ear

Feeling your heart beat

Against mine

Don't worry

Coz even if the end

Comes too soon

I'll be doing my all

Making sure you're alright

When there is nothing

I will be your everything

Coz nothing will tear us apart

Even as the end comes

I promise…