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Wolfram was just walking down the corridor when three maids suddenly appeared around the corner, flushed and giggling madly. They hastily stopped when they almost crashed into the blonde Mazoku prince, and quickly bowed their heads in apology.

"Sumimasen, Your Excellency!" they cried, and Wolfram blinked before letting out a surprised noise of affirmation. With that, the maids smiled brightly at him.

"Your Excellency, please excuse our rudeness, but we must go find Gunter-kyo."

"Ehh? What for?" Wolfram questioned suspiciously. It wasn't usual that mere maids were summoning Gunter. The maids glanced at each other briefly before replying,

"Anissina-kyo told us to tell him that his Heika needs him."

"WHAT?" Wolfram almost yelled, and the three maids visibly flinched. Regretting it instantly, he lowered his voice. "Where is he?"

"The k-kitchen…" one of the maids bravely stuttered, and the other two maids bobbed their heads in agreement.
Wolfram frowned and nodded. "Go ahead," he replied, and watched the giggling three run off towards Gunter's room. When the last of their brightly colored skirts vanished around the corner, Wolfram headed towards the kitchen, his pace picked up noticeably.

Yuuri. What on earth are you doing there?

The said Maou was backed into the corner of the kitchen, trying to put as much distance between him and Anissina's blue oven, a horrified expression on his face. The oven had moved, for some unknown reason, and images of a haunted oven floated through Yuuri's mind, causing him to back harder against the wall.

"A—Anissina! Your oven! It moved!" he yelped, and Anissina smiled brightly at his observation.

"Heika! You are indeed very sharp." She chuckled in a knowing way. "This is no ordinary oven indeed!"

Of course, Yuuri thought glumly. What kind of an ordinary oven moves?

"In fact, this is the first oven that does all your cooking for you while you sit and rest!" she exclaimed with pride. Yuuri stared incredulously at her.

"De-Demo…if you're going to cook something special for someone, wouldn't it be better to cook it yourself?" he questioned. Conrad laughed softly.

"You sure know how to treat a lover," he said, and Yuuri's face turned red.

"N-NO! That's not what I meant!" he cried in defense. "It's just…well…you know…more thoughtful if you gave gifts that you made yourself!"

"Mm hmm…" Anissina nodded knowingly, and Yuuri sweatdropped.

"Don't say that…it's against your invention anyways…" he mumbled.

"Heika, you are indeed a thoughtful king then, are you not?" Anissina said, and Yuuri blushed in embarrassment, rubbing his head.

"Ahah, well…"

"That's why this invention was made! It was made to help you with your cooking while you slave to make all your adoring subjects cake and cookies!" she cried, her voice rising in excitement and her blue eyes sparkling. She instantly flew back to her oven and pressed a brightly red colored button, and the machine stopped its weird movements and came to a stop.

"Wha-Whaa?" Yuuri jumped up in objection. "Wait, I never said I wanted to cook…! And how did you know I'll 'need' this invention before you even heard my conversation with Conrad!" he turned to Conrad, a look of Help me! on his horrified face. Conrad smiled back.

"I'm sure everyone will be more than happy to receive cake and cookies from the Maou," he said gently. Yuuri groaned, finally admitting defeat. Anissina's cat like smile seemed to grow larger as she heard Yuuri's groan.

"Perfect!" she said cheerfully, and the door burst open. Gunter rushed in, his eyes wide with fright and fear for his Maou, panting heavily from the rush he made to get to the kitchen at record speed.

"HEIIIIKAAAAA!" he cried, and leapt at Yuuri. Yuuri jumped as Gunter grabbed him and hugged him fiercely, tears of joy running down the older man's face. "I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE ALRIGHT! ARE YOU HURT ANYWHERE? WHAT HAPPENED? WHO ATTACKED YOU!"

"Eheheh…what are you talking about, Gunter? No one attacked me…" Yuuri replied sheepishly, and patted Gunter, trying to comfort the sobbing man. Anissina approached him, a dangerous glint in her eyes.

"I called you, Gunter-kyo." She said, and Gunter reluctantly released Yuuri and straightened, worry creasing his face. "Don't worry," said Anissina, "It's nothing dangerous. I just need you to help me test my latest invention."

Gunter looked even more worried.

"For his majesty," said Anissina instantly, taking advantage of Gunter's obvious obsession over the Maou. Gunter's eyes instantly brightened, and he quickly nodded an agreement.

"If his majesty requests me so," he answered, and gallantly stepped towards the now shuddering oven, humming and whirring. "What am I required to do?"

Wolfram came to a stop in front of the kitchen doors. Remembering how fast the whirring blur of Gunter running past him to beat him to the kitchen, his lips set into a thin line. Taking a deep breath, he touched the doorknob and froze, hearing Yuuri's voice floating out from inside.

"N-Noo! D-Don't!"

A higher pitched voice followed.

"Hohoho, Heika, when are you going to be ready for it if not now!"

"N-Not now! I…I'm not ready!"

Instantly, Wolfram's heart skipped a beat, and white rage seethed into him. Censored images of how Yuuri could be forced into it ran through his head, and this time, without hesitation, he burst the door open.

"YUU---" he cried, and choked. The air was heavy with floating particles of white flour, and the entire place was coated in dustings of white. A blue machine roared in the center, flour spewing out from its oven door. A flour coated, horror-stricken Yuuri stood nearby, holding what looked like eggs and butter, and half of Anissina's body was flung across the oven to keep it from jumping off the floor. Conrad stood near Yuuri, coughing into his hand as he tried to help to keep the oven door open.

"Wha…What's going on here?" Wolfram demanded loudly before erupting into a coughing fit. At his voice, Yuuri looked up, a guilty look on his face that made it look like Wolfram had caught him red-handed at doing something illegal.

"Wolfram…!" he cried, and started to cough. Anissina looked up and waved a hello towards the confused fiancé before returning to holding the oven down.

Wolfram's emerald eyes scanned the scene before coming to a stop on a very exhausted looking Gunter, who seemed to be plugged up to the blue oven of mass destruction. Instantly, Wolfram understood, and he shot a frightened look towards Anissina.

"Why are all of you giving me that look?" she demanded lightly in reply, and gestured to Yuuri to put in the ingredients. Yuuri quickly tossed the eggs and butter into the oven, and she slammed the door shut.

"It's working!" she cried triumphantly, and all three brothers and Yuuri stared at the oven disbelievingly. The oven gave one last shudder and fell silent.

"Hm, there seem to be a problem with Delicious-Meal-kun…" said Anissina thoughtfully.


Gwendal jumped as a huge explosion sounded from the left wing of the castle. He instantly shot to his feet and hurried down to the kitchen, lines and wrinkles multiplying on his face.
Arriving on the scene, he stood still in horror at the sight of a half destroyed kitchen, bits of egg, melted butter and burnt flour on the floor and walls. Black smoke poured out of the room, and a small crowd of sleepy castle inhabitants was slowly growing outside the door, curiously peeking in.

"What is the meaning of this?" he roared, and the four culprits inside the room looked up guiltily.

Yuuri gave one final rub at the clean wall and swiped his forehead, stepping back to admire his handiwork. He had spent hours cleaning up the room with the three maids, insisting to the rest that it was his fault that the mess was caused and it wouldn't be fair to leave the maids alone to clean it up. Wolfram grudgingly agreed, not before arguing that it was undignified of the Maou to clean up dirty kitchens. Gunter has praised Yuuri on his thoughtfulness, and was about to offer his help when Conrad silenced him with a shake of his head, and the two of them left with knowing looks on their faces. Anissina grabbed the machine, promising a 'Delicious-Meal-kun v.2', and hauled the broken blue oven away to her lab, leaving the two fiancés alone with the three maids.

Sighing, Yuuri approached another dirty corner of the kitchen before realizing that the 3 maids had vanished. Slightly confused, he turned to a disgruntled Wolfram, scrubbing at the floor.

"Where are the…?" he started, and Wolfram looked up.

"They went to get more clean water," he muttered, and turned back to the floor. Yuuri paused, and after a moment's pause to make sure that they were really alone, went over to Wolfram.

"This is so undignified…" he heard Wolfram mutter, and he smiled to himself.

"Gomen, Wolfram…" he apologized, and Wolfram sighed, sitting back up.

"What were you up to anyways?" he questioned, and Yuuri guiltily looked away.

Feeling a pang of annoyance and suspicion, Wolfram burned his emerald eyes into the side of Yuuri's head. Yuuri fidgeted, looking more and more uncomfortable. Finally, Wolfram looked away.

"Forget it, I don't want to know." He gritted, and scrubbed at the floor harder. Yuuri quickly turned his head back to Wolfram and opened his mouth in objection, only to be interrupted by the sound of the three maids staggering back in with 3 huge metal pails.

"We're back…oh?" the glasses-clad maid looked back and forth between the Maou and his fiancé, and noticed the short distance between them. "Did we interrupt anything!"

With that, a low squeal rose from the maids, and Yuuri's face turned even redder.

"N-No, that's not it…" he cried, and jumped at the loud crack of a brush connecting with the floor. Looking towards Wolfram, his fiancé was making swift exit out of the kitchen, his brush thrown onto the floor and forgotten. Yuuri groaned. The maids looked worried, and one of them was close to tears.

"Heika…I'm so sorry, it was my fault…" she stuttered, and Yuuri quickly shook his head and smiled.

"No, it's not! Wolfram's like that all the time…" he quickly answered, and tried to confirm it with a laugh. The maids seemed to cheer up a little at his kindness, and returned to cleaning the rest of the kitchen up.

Sometimes, Yuuri thought irritably, Wolfram can get jealous so easily.

It was a long time before they were finally done, and the sun was high in the sky when they finished. Hearing his stomach growl, Yuuri remembered that he hadn't had any breakfast, and got up.

"Do you want us to cook something for you?" asked one of the maids gratefully, and he shook his head.

"No, I'm fine," he said with a smile. "I'd like to do something by myself first."

Wolfram rubbed down his horse, a little harder than he intended to, earning himself an indignant whinny. Patting his horse in apology, he gritted his teeth.

That Yuuri always managed to get to him.

"Your Excellency, would you rather have us to attend to your horse…?" asked his escorts, and Wolfram shook his head fiercely.

"Don't bother me," he snapped, and the escort reluctantly obeyed and stepped back. Wolfram then proceeded to attach the straddles onto his horse, muttering under his breath about a certain cheating fiancé.

His second escort stepped up and cleared his throat.

"Your Excellency…" he started, and Wolfram shot a glare at him.

"Don't bother me!" he cried. The escort stepped back and cringed.

"But Your Excellency, it's your daughter Greta."

Wolfram's tight, tense expression instantly relaxed and he sighed and nodded. Releasing his horse and nodding to his escorts to remove the straddles, he exited out of the stable. Greta looked up, a saddened look on her face.

"Wolfram…!" she cried, and ran over and hugged his waist. Wolfram froze for a moment, and stroked her hair.

"What's wrong, Greta?" he asked, and she looked up with a smile.

"I finally found you!" she said excitedly, and grabbed his hand. Wolfram followed her back into the castle, half stooping to make it easier for her to drag him.

"Let's eat breakfast together!" she said cheerfully, and Wolfram stilled, causing his daughter to almost fall over with his abrupt stop.

"I'm not eating with Yuuri," he hissed, and quickly changed his tone when Greta looked at him with a dismayed look. "I'm sorry," he quickly said, trying to sound apologetic. "But I don't really want to talk to him right now."

"Oh…" Greta looked on the floor, and Wolfram cursed himself silently for hurting her. "Can you read me a story?" she finally asked, and Wolfram sighed before agreeing. Her eyes brightened, and she changed their direction towards the bedroom instead, and pulled him inside.

"Read me this book!" she said, and pushed an old, leather covered storybook into his hands. Wolfram nodded and sat down onto the chair, and was a little surprised when Greta tugged at his arm, shaking her head.

"Sit on the bed," she insisted, and Wolfram glanced towards the bed skeptically. "So it'll be more comfortable," she hurriedly added, a little too quickly, and Wolfram raised an eyebrow before complying.

The things I would do for her… he thought with a sigh, and sat down onto the soft mattress. He had barely opened his book and started to read when Greta exclaimed loudly, "I NEED TO PEE!" and ran out of the room.

Wolfram sweatdropped and looked at the now half open door. What is she up to? He wondered, and shook his head. Seconds ticked by, and then a minute, and it was ten minutes later when he got up with an exasperated growl.

The door swung open, and an awkward Yuuri stumbled in, brandishing a cloth-covered tray. Wolfram froze, and shot Yuuri an icy stare. Yuuri grinned back sheepishly in reply and gestured to the tray.

"Surprise!" he said cheerfully, and looked slightly taken aback that Wolfram was out of the bed. "It was meant to be breakfast in bed…"

"What are you talking about?" demanded Wolfram, shocked that Yuuri was here, despite the fact that his insides were slowly glowing with warmth. "It's in the middle of the day!"

Yuuri shot a quick glance towards the window and laughed nervously. "So it is…!"

Wolfram felt his tense body softening against his wishes. Yuuri's sillyness and naivette always managed to make Wolfram give into his whelms. He sat back onto the bed grumpily. "This breakfast better be worth it," he said grudgingly, his emerald eyes slightly cross and expectant. Yuuri's awkward smile grew into a grateful grin, and he walked over and carefully placed the tray onto Wolfram's laps. He pulled the cloth off with pride, and Wolfram looked at the breakfast tray.

A piled plate of eggs and sausages, with a stack of 15 slightly burnt pancakes on the side. A large glass of orange juice wobbled dangerously, and Wolfram shot out a hand to steady it. Yuuri gave a shy smile before sitting next to him.

"I made those," he said softly. "Because…well, after Anissina's invention…"

With that, the two fiancés cringed.

"I didn't exactly want to trust any machine to make breakfast…" Yuuri finally said. "But it was also because in the first place, Anissina suggested me to make something good for you to eat. That's why it was my fault that the machine was in there…"

Wolfram stared at the plate, and the warm feeling in his body threatened tears to come. Yuuri was so kind to him, even after he had walked out and left him to finish the rest of the kitchen without hearing him out. The warmth of Yuuri's kindness burnt Wolfram, and he felt his face grew hot with shame.

"…T-Thank you…" Wolfram finally said, and picked up the fork/spoon/spork. Yuuri's hand suddenly touched Wolfram's, and he froze.

"I made it for the two of us." Yuuri said, and Wolfram felt his face flare up again. Yuuri drew his hand back quickly, swallowing.

"It—It was all that was left in the kitchen," he quickly stammered, and Wolfram stared at the spork for a long time.

Why am I acting like this?

After what I said to him…

And what he did for me,

the least I could do is share the breakfast he made.

With those thoughts in mind, Wolfram handed over the spork to Yuuri. Yuuri stopped his train of excuses and looked at Wolfram gratefully.

"D-Don't get it the wrong way…" muttered Wolfram, and he looked away. "You're hungry too, and there's no food left, right?"

Yuuri nodded. "But I want you to eat the breakfast I made for you first…!" he pleaded, and stopped when Wolfram glared at him.

"Eat it," he said, and looked away. He felt Yuuri pause for a while, before he leaned closer and carefully, slowly, cut a small piece out of the pancake. Feeling no other movement from Yuuri, Wolfram sneaked a peek towards him, and drew backwards in surprise at the piece of pancake offered to him.

"Eat it," insisted Yuuri. "I know it's a little burnt, but I made it myself, so I want you to take the first bite."

Wolfram stared at the piece suspiciously and looked back at Yuuri's face. "I…I can feed myself," he muttered, and reached out for the spork. Yuuri pulled away and grinned.

"How do I know you won't just cram it into my face?" he asked, and Wolfram paused, looking at him incredulously.

I can't believe it…

Does he want to feed me?

Yuuri smiled and held out the spork to Wolfram's mouth. Wolfram felt himself blushing hotly, and he swallowed and looked at Yuuri's determined face.

"You…You idiot." He finally sighed in defeat, and leaned forward. Delicately, he bit the piece of pancake and slid it off the spork, and chewed it slowly. Not bad, he decided, but it needs improvement.

He suddenly noticed Yuuri was holding his breath, and he looked at him questioningly.

Yuuri was watching him, a strange look on his face. It was the same look that night that he had given Wolfram when they both had started to become intimate with each other, and Wolfram felt a blush rising to his face. A distant look was in Yuuri's dark eyes, and he gazed at Wolfram without moderation, making Wolfram feel a little uncomfortable.

"Yuu…Yuuri…?" Wolfram asked, slightly afraid. Yuuri blinked, and he was back to his old self again.

"Ahah, sorry…how did it taste?" he asked with a sheepish smile, and Wolfram looked at him anxiously. Seeing that Yuuri was indeed back to normal, he shook his head.

"It was plain," he stated, and Yuuri's face fell. "But it was good," he added hastily. "I…"

He stopped. Yuuri looked at him curiously. "You?"

Wolfram shot a stare towards the door, and saw Greta, the three maids, and Anissina piled up and peeking in. His face instantly burned red, and he stood up quickly. Yuuri flung himself at the tray and caught it just before it tipped over.

"Wolfram…!" he cried indignantly. "I spent a long time on this…!" He froze when he followed Wolfram's train of vision towards the door, and he too, turned a bright shade of red.

"How long were you guys standing there!" he yelped.

"Long enough!" chortled Anissina. Greta and the 3 maids giggled in unison. "We'll just leave you both to your moment!"

With that, the heads disappeared out of sight before Yuuri could voice his objection. Yuuri turned to Wolfram, grinning sheepishly.

"Ahah…that was embarrassing…" he said with a laugh. Wolfram shot a glare towards him.

"Did you plan this?" he demanded fiercely, and Yuuri backed off a little, slightly intimated.

"No no, I didn't even know they were there…!" he objected. Wolfram gave him a long hard stare before sighing and nodding. Yuuri let out his breath in relief. He had expected his fiancé to start screaming, and in the worst of cases, set the room on fire. Smiling, he patted the mattress beside him.

"Let's finish the breakfast together, shall we?" he said cheerfully.

Greta stood outside the bedroom door, pressing her small had against the smooth wooden surface. A frown was stretched across her face as she debated opening the door on her two fathers, and then decided against it with a sigh. Gisela, who was passing by at the moment, caught sight of the little girl eavesdropping on her parents and hurried over.

"Greta-san, don't do that…!" she said, and gently pulled the girl away from the door. "What if Wolfram-kyo opens the door and hit you?"

Greta sighed in exasperation. "They're spending an awfully long time in there," she pouted. Gisela softened and smiled down at the child.

"They just enjoy being around each other." She replied, and Greta's eyes brightened a little.

"You think so…?" she asked, and Gisela nodded with a smile. "I'm glad…lately, Wolfram's been kind of tense around Yuuri…"

Gisela laughed a little, releasing Greta. "If you're bored, you can come help me out at the sick bay and keep the people there happy." She said gently, and Greta blinked before a smile appeared.

"Can I…?" she asked, and Gisela nodded.

"And when your two dads are…done with each other…" with that, Gisela cast a suspicious look towards the bedroom door. "You can come back and play with them."

Greta nodded agreeably with a smile. "Then lets go visit the patients!" she said cheerfully. "We can play games with them too!"

Smiling, the trained nurse led the child of the Maou and the Prince off towards the sick bay.

"St—Stop, that's enough…" Wolfram gave Yuuri a slight push, breathing heavily. Yuuri obediently leaned away from Wolfram, his breathing also irregular. The two fiancés looked at each other for a long time in silence before Yuuri started to laugh softly.

"How did we start from breakfast to this?" he chuckled, and Wolfram turned slightly red.

"You had syrup on your cheek," he answered, his emerald eyes glowing with laughter as well. Yuuri blushed and nodded with agreement, grinning.

"The syrup's a bit sweet…" he mimicked Wolfram in a silly high-pitched voice, and his fiancé whacked his arm lightly.

"Not funny!" Wolfram insisted, and fell quiet as Yuuri leaned closer.

Carefully, cautiously, Yuuri wrapped his arms around Wolfram's slender waist and pulled closer. Waiting for a while to see if Wolfram would push him away again, he slowly leaned forward and pressed his lips to Wolfram's. A surprised muffled sound came from Wolfram before the prince's eyes fluttered close, and Yuuri relaxed. Their second kiss was a little less awkward than their first, and this time there was no hesitation on Yuuri's part when Wolfram slowly widened his mouth. The room was starting to heat up again, and Yuuri leaned weight onto Wolfram till his fiancé collapsed onto the bed, pulling Yuuri on top of him.
Wolfram sighed with pleasure, the warmth from their bodies heating him comfortably. Yuuri was so gentle in the way he kissed him, not dominating, yet pleasingly gentle and soft, his tongue teasing Wolfram lightly. Wolfram could feel something glowing in him, and soon, it was flaring through his body, and the heat became uncomfortably much.

"H-Hot…!" Wolfram gasped into the kiss, and turned his head away, breaking it. Panting slightly, Yuuri leaned away and waited patiently till Wolfram's breathing became more regular.

"Am I advancing too fast for you…?" He finally asked, the glazed look in his dark eyes lifting, replaced with worry and concern. Wolfram paused, and then slowly shook his head.


How do I explain this to you?

You're so gentle with me.

What if I start to long for more…? …What would I do then?

Wolfram gazed into Yuuri's dark eyes and finally gave him a shaky smile.

"Promise me Yuuri…you won't go further than this."

Yuuri looked stunned for a moment, then swallowed and nodded. Wolfram gently pushed Yuuri off him and sat up, running his slender fingers through his blonde locks.

"I…I'm going to return to my training." Wolfram finally excused himself, and stood up. The sudden feeling of Yuuri's strong fingers grasping his wrist stopped him, and he turned around.

"Wolfram…are you mad?" Yuuri asked, his face worried. Wolfram froze; he was shocked that Yuuri would even consider that. Seeing that Wolfram wasn't replying, Yuuri looked downcast.

"You think I'm a pervert, don't you…?" he finally said slowly, and Wolfram quickly shook his head, his lips twisting into a frown.

What are you saying, Yuuri! That loving me is wrong!

"Hennachoko," he snapped lightly, hiding his desperation. "You're too much of a wimp to do anything like that."

Don't say those things…right when you've finally started to love me.

Yuuri's face brightened and his fingers loosened on Wolfram's wrist. "Ah, sou ka…Gomen." He said with a smile, and stood up, straightening his clothes and picking up the empty tray. Wolfram realized his body was tense, and slowed his breathing, trying to calm himself down. "Wolfram…"

Wolfram looked at Yuuri, his fright slowly wearing off. "What is it?"

"I…uhm…about that promise…"

Wolfram's eyes narrowed in curiosity at Yuuri's reddened face, and after a moment, bursted into soft, incredulous laughter. "Don't tell me you can't control yourself," he said, and Yuuri shot a glare at him.

"Yes I can---! I mean, ah, t-to be s-sure…Conrad said he wouldn't mind staying here to make sure I wouldn't…you know…break the promise." As Yuuri proceeded through the sentence, his voice became smaller and smaller, and his face turned redder and redder in turn. Wolfram stared at him, and then exploded.


Yuuri visibly cringed, but he instantly fired back in defense, "You wanted me to keep the promise, right!"

Wolfram fell back, thoughts whirring through his head. He didn't like Conrad, and everyone plainly saw it, even the said brother. The idea of sharing a bed, nonetheless sharing his Yuuri, was definitely unacceptable, but one look at Yuuri's pleading face caused him to weaken and cave in.

"Fine," Wolfram snapped. "But I'm not sleeping anywhere near him!"

The look that Yuuri gave him looked like as if Wolfram had just told him he had won a million dollars. "Wolfram---!" he started, his eyes shining, and Wolfram shot a glare at him, silencing Yuuri.

"Don't get me wrong…! I just can't trust a hennachoko like you!"

Yuuri opened his mouth in protest, and then closed it with a knowing smile. Wolfram glared at him, half expecting a defensive yell from Yuuri.

"What's with that look?" he demanded hotly, and Yuuri shook his head, laughing a little.

"Thank you…I appreciate it."

Those gentle, understanding words alone set Wolfram's face on fire, and he turned away, shocked at himself.

When did Yuuri's words affect me so much? He wondered, and nodded stiffly to Yuuri before exiting out of the room hurriedly. Yuuri watched after Wolfram, laughing softly to himself.

His fiancé always said such hurtful things, but lately, he had been able to identify the caring tone beneath the painful words. Wolfram had just wanted him to be happy, like every other time, and what he wanted in return was plainly Yuuri's affection. The only reasons that Wolfram was always so jealous and possessive was mainly due to the fact that Yuuri acted so indifferent to Wolfram's feelings, and it must have hurt the blonde prince's pride. Feeling guilty that it had taken him a long time to realize that and return Wolfram's affections, Yuuri shook himself mentally to snap himself out of his daze.

I have to go ask Conrad now, he thought determinedly. This is a promise that I want to keep.

He blushed at the thought of going further with Wolfram, and banged his head against the wall repeatedly, groaning.

"Since when have I started to have thoughts like this!" he cried in frustration. His heart was pounding, and the more he tried not to think about Wolfram, the harder it got. His breathing was becoming ragged, and he started to panic.

"I k-know! At times like this, I just have to take deep breaths to calm down!" he resolved, and closed his eyes, inhaling through his mouth deeply 2 times before releasing it out at once.

"Hff Hff…Huu…Aah, much better…" Yuuri sighed, and thumped his chest determinedly. "Yosh! Here goes nothing!"

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