Words Cannot Say


Crossing Jordan


Law and Order:

Special Victims Unit


Summary- There are two women who are more alike than they think.

When the Boston ME and the New York cop are forced together,

will they notice their likeness in time to save two kidnapped women?

Day 1 - Boston Medical Examiner's Office

Jordan Cavanaugh had a bad feeling. Almost a hole in the pit of her stomache. She had only felt that feeling once before.The day her mother was killed. She tried to ignore it. Everything would be perfect today.

She could only hope.

Day 1 - Manhattan Special Victims Unit

Olivia Benson was never one for bad omens. But today was a bad omen. A case that had recently been assigned to Olivia and Elliot had lead to Boston. Olivia could still remember vividly the memory that occured there nearly twenty years ago.

Day 1 - Manhattan Special Victims Unit

Jordan Cavanaugh walked into the Unit, Nigel at her side.

"Can I help you?" a tall black detective asked.

"I'm Jordan Cavanaugh, and this is Nigel Townsend. We're from the Boston Medical Examiners Office." Jordan introduced, nidging Nigel.

"I'm Odafin Tutuola, I work in this unit. The captain's through that door." he told the two.

"Thanks." Jordan said, putting a flirty smile on her face.

"Still have a thing for detectives?" a familiar voice asked Jordan. She spun around.

"Been awhile, Uncle John. You didn't even come to her funeral." Jordan said bluntly.

"Emily died?" John Munch asked, eyes widened. Tutuola and the other man in the squardroom stared.

"She was murdered when I was ten. Over twenty years and no calls, cards, or visits." Jordan said angrily.

"Why didn't anyone tell me?" John Munch asked.

"After you were disowned, only Mom and Dad talked to you. Why'd you think? I need to get files on the Winhill killings. Hoyt couldn't come like we'd planned." Jordan answered.

"Are you a detective, Jordan?" John asked.

"Nigel Townsend,here, and I are medical examiners from the Boston Medical Examiner's office." Jordan answered. Jordan's phone rang. She answered it, glad for the interruption.

"Cavanaugh... What?... I'm here now, Woody...All right... Bye." Jordan conversed with Woody.

"Do you have an Olivia Benson in this unit?" Jordan asked.

"She's my partner." the blue eyed detective spoke up.

"She was kidnapped in Boston by a man thinking she was me."

A/N: Sorry if it feels rough, more will make sense later.